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Wikipedia is and always will be a great resource for those seeking information. Opportunity is created on the site for those looking to boost their online marketing potential. In business, steps have to be taken to maximize all public relations, publicity, and marketing tools. Biographical and informational content published on the site when you create a Wikipedia page helps serve these purposes.

Wikipedia, however, does not have a definitive screening process in place for contributors and others. Sometimes, unhelpful or malicious contributions find their way into the online encyclopedia and remain in place until other Wikipedia editors detect the problem.

Author Eric Hill and his fans learned about the hard way.

During his career, Eric Hill wrote a number of engaging children’s books about Spot the Dog. The Wikipedia page creation that is dedicated to the series, like other Wikipedia pages, is allowed to be edited by members of the Wikipedia community. Someone with a prankish sense of humor has taken things a bit too far. The prankster has edited the page to credit Ernest Hemingway as the author.

On the surface, this type of prank seems harmless. The prank should be taken as a serious issue on the part of those who do not want to see any disastrously false content be written into a Wikipedia entry. Fans of Eric Hill quickly picked up on the silliness of putting Hemingway’s name into the text. Those who are not as well known as Hill are not going to have the benefit of fans making helpful Wikipedia revisions to correct content.

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