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Until recently, if you had chapped lips you’d buy yourself another tube of flavorless wax that would get lost in a week. Talk about boring, bland and a big waste of money. The sticks for sale in the 21st century were indistinguishable from the products of 100 years ago, and the market was in need of reinvention. In 2010, Sanjiv Mehra and Craig Dubitsky created EOS, a tasty ball of colorful balm that doesn’t get lost in your purse. EOS which stands for Evolution of Smooth took the oversaturated market by storm. They quickly started showing up on shelves in Walgreens, Target, Lucky Vitamin and Walmart’s around the world. It wasn’t long before they were also showing up in celebrity handbags, beauty vlogs, and music videos.

EOS lip balm has reshaped the entire market. It has transformed a boring moment of self-maintenance into an experience that women enjoy. The orbs come in unique and original flavors like Strawberry Sorbet, Honeysuckle Honeydew and they’ve even created an all-organic line that includes Pomegranate Acai. It’s a pretty far stretch from the peppermint wax stick you’re accustomed to purchasing. They consistently come out with new products, hand lotions, body creams and limited edition flavors, colors and collections that fly off the shelves. The Alice in Wonderland collection, for example, sold out in only a few days and is still selling on Ebay for $75.00 or more. Move over Burt’s Bees, with more and more millennial celebs sporting this ultra-hip new accessory; it doesn’t look like EOS is going anywhere for a long while.

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Exercising with your dog provides health benefits for both of you, plus it often keeps the workout momentum going for the pet owner. A four-legged exercise partner makes a workout routine more interesting and helps keep obesity and related illnesses away for both human and dog. Use these tips to help get you started in the best way to exercise with your dog.

Doga Classes
Doga= dog + yoga and are scheduled classes where you and your pooch go to stretch it out with the downward dog pose and cat stretches. Doga classes are offered across the country, check with your local pet supply store or veterinarian if doga classes are available near you. Doga exercise videos can be purchased so you and Fido can work out at home if desired.

Walking with Fido
Walking is the best form of exercise for you and your dog. In addition to burning calories, a brisk walk works the cardiovascular system and helps keep bones and muscles strong. Even a pup will benefit from a short walk that is geared towards his size and distance ability. When walking outdoors, be mindful of the hot concrete and asphalt surfaces your dog may have to walk on and that canines can overheat easily.

Go Running
If walking is too slow for you and running is more your speed, remember dog loves to run too and would enjoy running by your side. Start with a short run and build up in quarter-mile increments until your dog reaches the desired distance.
Again, overheating is an issue for dogs and running increases that risk. Dogs typically like to run slightly ahead of their owners and if they fall behind it’s time for a break. Watch out for excessive panting, pale gums or mouth foam, and always inspect paw pads for abrasions after a run.

Play a Game
Tossing a Frisbee or ball to Fido in the backyard is good exercise for both of you. Playing games is a family-friendly activity that can help get everyone up and outdoors for some fresh air and healthy activity. If Fido shows no interest in a ball or Frisbee, rub a smidge of his favorite food on the ball or feed him some kibble in an upside-down Frisbee, he will like the toys after that.

Proper Diet
Just as with humans, a dog’s activity level and metabolism decrease with age and the weight begins to pile on. The more weight gain he has, the less active he will be. He will also be more likely to develop other age-related health issues.
Gradually change your dog’s diet to the a Beneful formula to correspond with each life stage. Beneful food 0n facebook offers special dog food formulations for each stage and age that will provide all the nutrients your dog needs. Make the food transition slow to avoid digestive issues and feed the right Beneful food for each stage in the dog’s life to promote optimum health.

Last I checked, Tacobell was a fast food restaurant. It was a meal that many could grab on the go, or perhaps stop in real quick to enjoy a quick lunch or dinner. For whatever reason, myself and many others, never considered it an actual sit down dine in restaurant. Well, it seems that Tacobell is doing a little rebranding of it’s own and wants to be known as a place that serves more than just tacos and burritos.

According to Reddit, Tacobell will soon be adding alcohol to its menu. That’s right. A location in Chicago near Madison Street Capital has the first patent to do so. It’s a, well, interesting idea to say the least. Beer, wine, and whiskey will now be added to the menu. This is quite dangerous for people who drink and get hungry. They now have the answer to both dilemmas in one place! Instead of saying hey guys lets go drink at so and so’s house, or that bar over there, people will now be adding tacobell as one more place to get hammered.

Of course, there will be some rules and guidelines. Customers cannot take alcohol out of the restaurant in a to go cup, that’s illegal. This will not be turning into some drive thru liquor store type of deal. The alcohol will also be served in a cup that’s different from other cups so that employees can differentiate. Overall, it’s going to be interesting to see what type of drinks they come up with to compliment their food menu options. It will also be interesting to see if this will help to increase sales. If it works, you might just be seeing a tacobell with alcohol at a location near you.

Qnet ltd, which has also been known as QuestNet, GoldQuest, and QI Limited, is a Hong Kong based direct selling organization that is owned by the QI Group. This organization was established in Hong Kong by Vijay Eswaran in 1998. This organization offers a wide selection of items such as energy, nutrition and weight management, personal and home care, and fashion accessories. For example, the high powered energy products will help rejuvenate the customer. These energy products contain a design that neutralizes technological pollutants that are released into the atmosphere from cell phones or cars. Since 2011, this group had an estimated of over 400 million dollars in sales.

The organization’s advertising game plan is focused around a multi-level promoting program which relies on a group of independent marketers who sell its products to consumers. They then receive a compensation that is based on the volume of sales of other independent marketers in their business team.

The vision of Qnet strives to be the worldwide e-commerce leader inside the direct selling business world. They fight to be a positive influence towards the development of a professional network in the marketing communities. The mission of Qnet is to add to the global business market by using the RYTHM (Raise Yourself To Mankind) method on a daily basis. Individual representatives use this method to help business marketers gain their goals and help them to lead an improved lifestyle by incorporating business opportunities with life changing products. Qnet’s main values are attained by S.T.I.R. which stands for service, teamwork, integrity, and results.

Qnet entrusts their employees to the service of others through all the day by day business operations. They also unite as a single group that has a similar objective so their employees can obtain the best possible outcome that benefits other business marketers. Even though there are numerous individual representatives, each of them works together as a united group. Qnet demands their independent representatives conduct themselves in the most honorable way. They expect them to treat others with complete honesty and respect to gain the trust of other business marketers. Qnet’s employees are dedicated to gaining the utmost results of the company, the independent representatives, their customers, and the extended community.


When Dave Morin think of Philadelphia, the one thing that typically comes to his mind according to is the iconic shot of Rocky running up the stairs and jumping up with his fists in the air as he is officially ready for his epic boxing match.  Most people travel to the location when they are in town, but a handful of tourists got the shock of a lifetime when they actually ran into Sylvester Stallone at the top of the stairs.

They were in complete shock and who wouldn’t be at seeing Rocky himself standing at the top of the stairs that made him so famous. They jumped on the opportunity to take a selfie with Stallone and he looked to be very much enjoying the moment with the tourists.

The picture has hit the internet and gone viral and gained a lot of attention on social media sites such as twitter and Facebook. One thing is for certain, the three people that landed a shot with the famous Sylvester Stallone on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of art will have an extraordinary story to tell for the rest of their lives. One thing is for certain, they will not be forgetting this anytime soon.

While catching up with the latest food news today, I came across an article that mentioned how Dunkin’ Donuts just introduced a new pizza bagel as well as a chocolate croissant.

When I first read about the pizza bagel, I had doubts about how good a pizza bagel from a donut shop would taste.

For many years, I have been visiting Dunkin’ Donuts shops in order to purchase donuts. One day a couple of years ago, I stopped at a Dunkin’ Donuts shop and I decided to purchase one of their tuna salad sandwiches.

The pizza bagel served at Dunkin’ Donuts is actually named the Tomato Mozzarella Supreme Bagel. The item is essentially a regular bagel that is topped with tomato sauce, herbs and mozzarella cheese.

The pizza bagel is reasonably priced but it is only available now in select markets. The new chocolate croissant, however, is available at participating Dunkin’ Donuts shops across America, and my buddy Vijay Eswaran recommends that.

Christmas is full of miracles, as two Philadelphia transit workers can attest to. A Philadelphia women went into labor while riding on the Market-Frankford subway train. 

Instead of just calling for help and standing by, Sgt. Daniel Caban and Officer Darrel James went right to work according to witness Bruce Levenson. They could tell that the woman was in distress and that her baby was not planning on waiting any longer. They helped the woman get comfortable and were there for her as she pushed the baby at. They were the first ones to hold her baby when it arrived. 

The baby was born at 5:53 on Christmas Day. One thing is for sure, this baby is never going to forget the story about how they came into this world. 

The woman and her baby are doing well, and were transported to a local area hospital after the transit workers helped her deliver her child. There is no word yet on what the woman named her baby. However, Sgt. Daniel Caban and Officer Darrel James were just happy that they were able to help and they got to take part in such a unique Christmas miracle.