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Superfood for the skin. That’s what some skin specialist call shea butter. Made from the seeds from the fruit off a Karite tree, shea butter is rich in vitamins A,E and F. It is loaded with fatty acid and other nutrients that encourage and stimulate collagen production. Shea butter has many benefits such as moisturizing skin, reducing inflammation, and skin smoothing to name a few. Shea butter can be used in a variety of ways. From reducing under eye wrinkles in lotion form to a lotion bar to use for body moisturizer. It can even help reduce stretch marks. Lip balms and cuticle creams can also be made from shea butter. Raw, unrefined shea butter with a grade A classification is the most beneficial to the skin.

EuGenia is a family run company that speicializes in skin care products made from shea butter founded by Naa-Sakle Akuete. After graduating from Harvard School of Business, she launched her own business. She wanted to empower women in developing countries because of her own family’s personal struggles. EuGenia stands out from other skin care products because it uses 95% shea butter where most products us only 20% shea butter. Naa-Sakle worked with her mother to form EuGenia which works with over 700 women in Ghana which form operatives there. These ladies receive salaries and other benefits for working with EuGenia.

The EuGenia company produces the best shea butter that can be used in a variety of ways to help care for skin. This company is dedicated to rising above oppressive poverty and providing women with the means to make a living while also providing training, counseling, and mentoring programs to ensure their success. While most companies are focused on profits, EuGenia is focused on helping women and families support themselves in a way that enables them to rise above poverty and succeed in life.  Visit their website at

(BUSINESS WIRE) Francisco Guerra, also known as Frank and a partner to Mikal Watt was assigned the role of co-lead lawyer for the case file number 27-CV-15-3785. He is to serve as a member of the litigants’ Executive group. The committee is to work and cooperate with the lawsuit brought before the Minnesota courts with the judge handling the case being John W. Lungstrum. The case is taking place at US District Courts in Kansas.

The reason for Guerra’s’ appointment was to handle a lawsuit that involved the defendant Syngenta, whose GMO corn was had impacted negatively on the pricing of other farmer’s corns. This is because the SyngentaCompany that deals with GMOs exported its corn which caused China to cancel all imports involving corn from America. This led to a drop in the price of the corn which caused many farmers irreparable loses.

SuperLawyers tells us that Mikal Watts was born and raised up in Corpus Christi. He attained his undergraduate degree at the University of Texas in the year 1987. In 1989, he graduated from the Texas School of Law. He worked at David L. Perry and Associates and rose to the rank of a partner in 1991. Mr. Mikal built his own firm in 1997 naming it Harris and Watts. In 2009, he joined Guerra resulting in a partnership that has brought a lot of success.

21, 000 people hold complaints against the Syngenta Company. Watt’s company; Watts Guerra LLP, has taken these people as its clients. This came into being after the court gave orders that the group was to represent 92% of the cases involved in the lawsuit.

Mr. Frank Guerra was delighted to represent the citizens as he stated that he understood the impact of the drop of price of corn as he himself had worked on the farm. He pledged to give justice and monetary help to all the people who were affected by Syngenta.

It is not the first time Watts have undertaken such a lawsuit. Mikal Watts who is the partner of Francisco filed an injury and death lawsuit that warranted a $650 million in compensation for all those who were involved. The firm had also represented majority of the plaintiffs. Mikal watts is urging the farmers to file lawsuits against Syngenta.

Needless to say, Mikal Watts and his team have made notable marks in their career because of the many cases they have won. Serving in high positions have always come as a second nature to the group of lawyers.

One of the cases handled which was notable was problematic implants in a case of the plaintiff Helen Rupp against the defendant Sulzer who worked for the Orthopedics, Rezulin drugs and a case of injuries against Firestone.

Organo Gold is gourmet coffee company on the move. Already available in six different continents, the company has announced another country where they now have a branch. According to the press release on the PR News wire, Organo Gold has now opened a branch in the country of Turkey. This branch marks the 39th country that Organo Gold has branches in.

EmpowerNetwork says they are opening a branch of Organo Gold in Turkey seems like a natural fit, considering Turkey was home to the first known coffee shops in civilization. Organo Gold coffee is known for its health benefits. The coffee comes from Ganoderma, which is an ancient Chinese mushroom. Ganoderma has been found to help people have a strong constitution and live a long, healthy life. Not only will Organo Gold offer their signature coffee in Turkey, but they will also offer their line of Gourmet Latte, Gourmet Mocha, King of Coffee, Gourmet Hot Chocolate, and several other beverages.

Bernardo Chua is the founder and current Chief Executive Officer of Organo Gold. When Chua began Organo Gold, he was already a success as a businessman. However, when he discovered the health benefits of Ganoderma he knew that he had to share it with the world. Being of Chinese decent, Chua first learned of the mushroom through his family. He began selling Ganoderma-infused products in the Philippines and branched out to other countries. He has been wildly successful in his global market as well as to the multi-level marketing industry.