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David Zalik is the official owner and founder of GreenSky Credit  with a position at the company as the CEO of the organization, so his business entails making sure that things are running smoothly inside of his business venture which he has capable control of. He is the boss, so what he says goes. David Zalik was not always the successful entrepreneur who got rocketed to the moon with his business plan and massive action steps towards greatness. He lived inside of the country where the communist movement was the most prevalent which feigned tyranny in the citizens of the country of Argentina. He and his family witnessed and experienced much hardship at the hands of a corrupt governmental system which obviously does not promote or endorse the action of starting a business for money in a free marketplace like the United States does. David Zalik was always fascinated by the subject of allocating an income through the means of starting a business even as his family and he moved to different parts of the world searching for the freedom that they were so desperate to discover. David Zalik and his family finally happened upon the fertile land of the United States Of America which is where he began constructing his master plan in building a business that allowed its customers to proved the goods and services of credit to customers who came to them. Thank his determination and hard work ethic that remained consistent a steady, he accomplished his goals and is now a billionaire listed on Forbes and the newest member of the billionaires club. His business system currently makes an average of about two hundred and fifty million dollars per annual cycle and company has about three billion and five hundred million dollars so far in assets derived from the loans they gave to the individuals and companies who needed financial assistance in some way, shape, or form. David Zalik never gave up on his goals and thanks to his vision and his ever continuing efforts, credit and loan services are now available to all who need to provide credit to their clientele base. sky-billionaire-David-zalik-built-a-tech-empire-from-age-14.html

People all across the nation, and abroad, are busy trying to fit a number of task into their daily routine. Sometimes things get done, sometimes they do not. Searching for a system to the madness has become a task in itself. Doing more than one task at a time is a sure way of not getting anything completed. The focus is too wide spread, and the energy runs out before all tasks can be properly finished. There are tip that are designed to get multiple tasks done efficiently. Upwork is one of the most lucrative freelance websites in the world. With this website, people can find hundreds of jobs posted annually.

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Upwork helps individuals get tasks done effectively, and teaches how to be time wise when it comes to structuring a schedule for doing tasks. The first thing that they recommend is that you do not try to remember all of the tasks in your head. Instead, they suggest that you write everything down. By not trying to remember them, you get to put all of the focus on the task that is at hand. The next step is to prepare your to do list in advance, like the night before. Then you can start the next day with a task. This will set the standard for the rest of the day.

Keep all of the things on your to do list in one place, like a software platform especially for keeping notes. For each task, give a time attribute, such as when it will be started, how much time will be devoted to it, and when will it be completed. Assign a priority to your tasks. Unforeseen things happen every day, so you want to make sure that you know if you will be able to take time from the task to handle other matters. Keep reevaluating your tasks. Affix a high value to it. Delegate duties to others that are stress free for you.

The largest prison technology company in North America released some exciting news in recent weeks. Securus Technologies of Dallas, a holding company with over 20 subsidiaries that provide technology-based solutions to law enforcement agencies and corrections facilities, completed an 18-month trial of its drone detection technology. The trial was an intensive testing period that wrapped up in early March of 2018. The technology is similar to the company’s cellular device detection that uses digital antennae structures, or DAS, to triangulate contraband cellular devices inside of prisons. Due to the increased security concerns of prison officials who have seen an increase in drone activity bring contraband into their facilities, the technology has been in the works for a number of years.


Securus also announced in late February 2018 that the company was the recipient of three Stevie awards at the 11th Annual Stevie Awards banquet held in Las Vegas at the historic Caesars Palace. They won the Gold Stevie Award for the Team Customer Service Complaints category. Two individuals won Stevie awards for their work in customer service, both a silver and a bronze. The company operates a U.S.-based customer service call center in Atlanta, Georgia. Securus Technologies was formed in 1986 and provides a host of services that are technology-based to over 1 million inmates and 3,500 government agencies in North America. These agencies include local and state municipalities, law enforcement agencies, and corrections facilities.


ClassDojo is an app that improves the efficiency and availability of communication in school classrooms. It forges a stronger bond between the parents, students, and teachers by allowing them to communicate more and in an easy and fun way. The app is available for use on smartphones, computers and tablets so it can be used anywhere conveniently. It is a way for parents to keep up with how their student is performing socially, academically, and behaviorally. The teacher has the ability to assign behaviors to the students based on various activities throughout the day. These activities are attached to points, and this point system makes the students more eager to perform well. Many teachers give out rewards when the class has accumulated enough points. The students are also able to customize the avatar that is inside the ClassDojo app, which they love doing.

The instant messaging feature in ClassDojo allows the teachers to contact the parents during the day about something that is urgent and needs attention. The parents also have the ability to contact the teacher, which comes in handy when they are running late or otherwise need to notify the teacher about something. This is much easier than email communication. ClassDojo has also been a great way in which teachers are able to save time. They no longer have to record class activities on the board or write them down. They can easily be recorded in the ClassDojo app with just a couple taps. Since the app is available or smartphones, this can be done at any time while they are on the go. ClassDojo has also found a way to encourage parents to become more involved with their students schooling. They are able to observe how they are performing and make sure everything is going okay for them.