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What does a cardiologist do?

A cardiologist is a doctor that is an expert in anything having to do with the heart and the cardiovascular system. They are highly trained due to their four years in medical school and the three years they spend training in the medical field. Cardiologists treat conditions such as heart murmurs, heart attacks, heart disease, and hypertension. Cardiologists are trained to practice preventative medicine as well as diagnosing/treating heart disease.

Services that a Cardiologist Provides

Cardiologists provide a variety of services that have to do with the health of their patient’s heart. Patients normally call a cardiologist if they are experiencing symptoms like dizziness, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, or pain in the chest. The cardiologist is then able to help them through these symptoms. Cardiologists provide specialized tests of the heart to figure out why patients are experiencing symptoms. There are even cases where a cardiologist may perform smaller surgeries to the heart. Overall, cardiologists make important diagnosis and decisions to enable patients to move forward with their health.

Visits to the Cardiologist

It is important that you make it a point to visit a cardiologist at least once a year. The cardiologist will look at your medical history and then give you a physical. During your physical, your weight, heart health, blood vessels, and blood pressure will be assessed. If you are having symptoms they can be discussed during this appointment. Sometimes patients need other tests such as an x-ray, ECG, or blood test. Sometimes cardiologists will give patients additional advice about how they should change their diet, lifestyle choices, or medicine to improve their heart health.

Edward Honig

Dr. Edward Honig, MD is a cardiologist who has practiced for 66 years. He is now 90 years old and continues to practice, and is still licensed, in the city of Glen Cove, NY. Honig studied medicine at the Duke University school of medicine. He then received his license from the NY State Medical License program. Dr. Honig has specialized in assisting his past patients with the information and guidance they needed in order to overcome their health problems.

Honig has been highly rated for his professionalism in the field. He has been rated on Rate MDs all “fives” in the categories of his work with staff, punctuality, helpfulness with patients, and his knowledge of the heart. The Glen Cove hospital is also highly rated amongst the other hospitals in the area.