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The primary objective of any given business is to make the maximum profit as much as possible. This is what makes Osi group company successful. More individuals have been able to start a business, but they end up operating it in short run. Having ready market for your products is a critical factor for the long-lasting and successful business. Most entrepreneurs think that having a lot of a capita can lead to the most significant and successful business, but this is not the case. OSI Group Company can prove all these facts as true.

OSI Group, which is currently the most significant business in the United States, started as a small butchery shop owned by Kolschowsky. It initially, it supplied meat to its customers as a retail shop. Through the entrepreneur, hard work in areas such as understanding the customer tastes and preferences at different period created him more market. This transformed the business from retail shop to a wholesale shop. Getting more involved in this business gave him more experience. He, later on, got the main supplier known as MacDonald, the one that owned the most prominent restaurant.

This was just the beginning of success in his business. Having a constant supplier assured him of the ready market for his products. This means that besides the change in market demand and supply, his products were still secured in the market. This was more adventitious to him because he had a steady market which a contract with MacDonald’s business and other retailers. He was now able to sell meat products in bulk, and this provided more economies of scale.

The Osi group company continued to expand by an increase in the number of customers. This meant that the management had become more complex and this led to him introducing his sons to the business. Their skills and experience for an extended period enable them to have rapid growth. Otto and his sons’ industry did not just stop at this point because the business had already made its roots in the market. However, they aimed higher by making their business to stand on their own.

This is depended on ownership opened more branches in the United States as well as other parts of the world such as Brazil and Europe. They introduced more activities such as innovation and research in their business. Research helped them to study the world market, and change enabled them to use the new system of technology in their operation. Having a value chain technique helped them develop their products. Supplying quality custom products has made them win several Awards such as California Green Business Award, the award in Globe Honour among others

Most often, companies that have a gender balance are more likely to be ahead of those that don’t. Therefore, the diversity brings more input as the company is flexible to new ideas. In this case, Susan McGalla has been one of the women leaders who has risen through the ranks to become influential people. Aged 53, she is the current Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development at Pittsburgh Steelers.

Equal Treatment

How did she become the leader she is today? Susan McGalla was raised in a family of boys. She had two brothers, and they were all treated equally with no preference on her side. Susan worked for everything she has achieved so far.

Employment History

After graduating in Mount Union College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Marketing, she started off at Joseph Horne Company. Here, she was involved in marketing and managerial positions. Susan worked here from 1986-1994.

Later on, she took up a job at American Eagle Outfitters as a divisional merchandise buyer. Her competence paid off when she finally became the chief merchandising officer and the overall president. She was later on welcomed on the board of directors of HFF Inc. in 2009.

McGalla even opened her own company by the name P3 Executive Consulting. She then found her way to Pittsburgh Steelers holding the Vice President position. Despite being an industry mainly for men, she has still found her way to the top. She has been on the forefront in marketing the company’s brand.

Susan McGalla’s success is attributed to her sheer hard work from the very beginning. One of the biggest contributors is that she never let her gender come in the way of her success. She never felt privileged not even for a second which explains her go-getter persuasive self.

McGalla is married to Stephen McGalla who is a wealth manager. Her impressive work has helped her beat all odds to become one of the most remarkable women in leadership. McGalla’s passion towards her work was one of the contributing factors to her success. Her strong personality led her to push on towards a higher cause which is what has made her a great leader.