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One of the common divides in life is between business and spirituality. As a matter of fact, business and spirituality seem to be treated as if they are mutually exclusive and yet they don’t have to be. There are people who build their finances while being spiritual. The people that try to separate the two often stifle their growth considering that they are interested in growing spiritually in the first place. Fortunately, the people who have grown spiritually with their business can offer advice to people who are willing to do the same. Among the people that have managed this is Vijay Eswaran, the owner of QI Group.

Vijay has plenty of methods for growing spiritually while growing professionally. One way that he has done it was by looking for a way to make money doing what he enjoys. Given that he has taken an interest in spiritual activities, this has become the one method for spiritual growth to him. He has taken the time to start his company and handle the marketing in a way that is best suited to his spirituality. He has promoted concepts like service, mindfulness and fulfillment as a part of his business. He has promoted them in a way to bring about growth in his company.

Vijay Eswaran has run plenty of promotions in his business that is geared towards improving the lives of others. Among the promotions he has run was getting people to help with the distribution of clean water to different communities that are struggling. He has also reached out to women entrepreneurs with an opportunity that they can take part in. One thing that has inspired him about women who became entrepreneurs is that they have taken it upon themselves in order to try to improve their own lives and not wait on someone to rescue them.

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Bitcoin became a hot investment in 2017 and many analysts told people to get in on it as it took off. One investor, Paul Mampilly the author of the “Profits Unlimited” newsletter has other thoughts. Mampilly has been investing in stocks for many years without even going through a wealth manager, and now he’s instructing middle class people who are generally new to investing on how they can start their own portfolio and buy inexpensive stocks. Mampilly has been paying particular attention to Internet of Things stocks, and he did say that he would have recommended buying Bitcoin stocks early in 2017 prior to its surge, but he has a reason for avoiding it right now. The reason is because its price has gone much higher than it should due to demand that shouldn’t be as high as it is, and as a result it’s formed a bubble just like the dot-com industry did in the late 1990s. While Mampilly doesn’t recommend Bitcoin, he does say there are other stocks to look at.

Paul Mampilly spent many years in professional financial advisory services with big banks and alternative investment firms, and he earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance from Montclair State University and an MBA from Fordham. He entered investment banking as a young assistant in the research department of Deutsche Bank, and his acumen move him up the ladder quickly to fund management positions, and he continued in high management positions when he joined ING and Banker’s Trust. Mampilly took a brief hiatus from banking in 2003 when he did consulting for a boutique firm, but he returned to Wall Street in 2006 when he became a director at Kinetics International Fund, the most prominent new hedge fund declared by Barron’s. Many new investors came to Kinetics International when word spread that the firm was managing as much as 40% annual returns, and their AUM grew from $6 billion to $25 billion in just a year. To see more, visit here.

Paul Mampilly had a lot of accomplishments on Wall Street including winning the investment competition at the Templeton Foundation in which he succeeded while the markets were down in 2008. But he became much happier when he left that life behind because he now had more time to spend with his family, and he could share financial insights with people who genuinely needed them. Mampilly’s newsletters were taken with skepticism at first, but as people started taking his advice they saw that it truly did work, and thus far hundreds of thousands have subscribed to his newsletters.

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As part of his continuing research into megatrends that will make early investors wealthy while they disrupt businesses and change our world, Paul Mampilly has identified 3-D printing as a technology that will dramatically reduce the cost of building a new house.

In 2017, Hurricanes Maria, Harvey and Irma did enormous damage. Maria destroyed $30 billion of property across the Caribbean Ocean, including an estimated 100% of the homes in Dominica. Irma trashed 25% of all the houses in the Florida Keys. Harvey wrecked 12,700 houses. The ordinary home construction industry is just not up to repairing and rebuilding so many houses the conventional way. On an island such as Dominica, people just don’t have enough money to rebuild the old-fashioned way.

Therefore, they may all turn to the 3-D printing company Cazza. Cazza has an X-1 3-D printer that can put up houses, warehouses, villas and commercial buildings in just a week. And, Cazza estimates, the total cost will be 40% cheaper than using conventional building methods. Evidently, Cazza uses a lot less labor than regular construction crews. Paul Mampilly estimates using Cazza could save $40.8 billion for the reconstruction of just the damage caused by those hurricanes. That’s huge for the home owners, insurance companies and government agencies involved.

Eventually, Cazza or another 3-D printer company will build ordinary new houses, and they’ll save the young people building homes a lot of money. This will affect the real estate markets and banks.

Paul Mampilly writes the investment newsletter Profits Unlimited, published by Banyan Hill. He tracks many advances in technology because he knows investing in undervalued companies on the verge of huge breakthroughs is a great way for ordinary people to get wealthy. Therefore, he specializes in telling his subscribers about them.

Paul Mampilly is a legend on Wall Street. With his MBA from Fordham University in hand, he started out in 1991 as an analyst for Bankers Trust. Soon the professional investment community discovered his superior talent for finding terrific stocks, and he began managing money for the Royal Bank of Scotland, ING, Sears, Swiss private banks and Deutsche Bank. He saw the dramatic effect the dot com boom had on the stock market from 1995 through 1999, as well as the even more dramatic impact the Tech Wreck of 2000-2001 had on high tech stocks. He learned buying the stock of a small company while its technology is trending up is the way to massive wealth.

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When Dr. Mark McKenna was a youth, it made sense to follow his father’s footsteps and practice medicine. Through the years, however, things began to shift. The rewards of a medical career are not what they once were. When he graduated from Tulane University’s medical school his love of medicine led him to join his family’s medical practice.

The newly minted doctor wanted more from life though. Thus began his foray into his first business venture – New Orleans real estate. Back then Dr. Mark McKenna started working a side job as a prison doctor so that he could invest more money in his new venture. His tenacity paid off. By 2005 things were looking very rosy for Dr. Mark McKenna. His properties were worth $5 million, and he had managed to grow his income to $500 thousand a year. Unfortunately, that was when Hurricane Katrina happened.

In the wake of Katrina, the good doctor like so many residents of New Orleans had to rebuild. They say every cloud has a silver lining after all, and that was true for the city of New Orleans in the wake of Katrina. As the city struggled to get back on its feet, federal government resources were made available. Dr. McKenna participated in these assistance programs and helped rebuild the city by buying flood-damaged properties, repairing them and flipping them. To see more, visit here.

What Hurricane Katrina could not do, the sub-prime mortgage crisis nearly accomplished in 2010. It was his instinct that spared the doctor. When he noticed people with hardly any income to speak of were buying huge homes he sensed that something was wrong. That was when he got out of the real estate business. A decision which allowed him to dodge a bullet which many real estate investors never saw coming.

Longing to return to the medical field Dr. McKenna began Shape Med in Atlanta. It was a practice which focused on physical aesthetics, health, and fitness. In 2016 he sold Shape Med to Life Time Fitness, a publicly held company. The doctor remained on with Life Time Fitness in the position of National Fitness Director.

His new venture is OVME, which is pronounced “of me.” Dr. Mark McKenna started OVME with a $4 million infusion from an Atlanta venture capital firm which loved his business plan. OVME offers minimally invasive cosmetic services on demand. OVME’s focus is to maintain the client’s health and physical appearance. The doctor plans to expand the business to several other U.S. cities in coming years.

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Throughout his career, Tony Petrello has tried to make sure he is helping other people. He knows there is a lot to be done in different areas and that’s how he can go back to making sure he is providing people with the things they need. He also knows there are positive parts of his future he’ll be able to deal with if he’s going to make sure people understand how hard he is working with the customers and with others who he has helped in the past. It is his way of making sure many people are able to get the most positive environment for living a successful life.

In his company, Nabors, Tony Petrello tries to make sure he is doing everything right. He is the CEO and things like how he handles geothermal processing and oil drilling all fall back on him. He has to make sure he is providing people with all the right options and everything that will enable them to feel confident about what they are doing. He also tries to make sure the company knows what they are doing and what they can do to cater to the public they are serving.

Even though Tony Petrello knows this is part of the company and part of what he has done for the company, he also knows there will be other things that he can do to help people. He has tried to make sure others know there are positive influences in his life and there are things he can do to try and calm every storm that has happened in the past. He wants people to realize they can get a more positive experience from their own lives if they are doing everything the right way for themselves and for others.

Even working at the Texas Children’s Hospital has helped Tony Petrello make sure he is giving the community what they need. As the Director, he is confident in what he can do to help and he tries to always provide people with the assistance they need at the hospital. Basing everything he does off of how he can make an impact has helped Tony Petrello make sure he knows what he can do and he knows how people will have a better life as a result of everything he has put into the industry he works with and into the opportunities he has.

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Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are the Co-CEO of TechStyle, the company doing things the uncommon way.

The path of these serial entrepreneurs crossed when they sold their companies to Intermix Media. Don Ressler is one of the pioneers of the e-commerce space; he sold his firm to Intermix Media in 1997. At almost the same age of 17, Adam Goldberg was selling his company Gamer’s Alliance to the same Intermix Media. Before starting TechStyle, the two highly motivated serial entrepreneurs founded Intelligent Beauty, which went on to inspire the now blossoming TechStyle.

Don Ressler is an established entrepreneur on the web with start-ups that have not only been profitable, but have also become major hits amongst the global online population. He started out with the healthy living website, He later co-founded the online performance advertising firm, Alena Media, alongside Adam Goldenberg, the COO of Intermix Media.

The successful platform was eventually purchased by News Corp in 2005, after which the two started Brand Ideas (now known as Intelligent Beauty), a firm focused on building other people’s brands. Under Intelligent Beauty, Ressler was able to successfully launch the weight loss program, Sensa, alongside the one-stop online shop for all things skincare, Dermstore. The third company Intelligent Beauty aided with its brand-building expertise was JustFab, a fashion retailer that runs via customer subscription, which has turned out to be one of Ressler’s greatest successes thus far.

TechStyle Fashion Group is not like other companies. The company has a creative and innovative edge with membership-based clothing, beauty and accessory companies under it. The first company under TechStyle was JustFab. JustFab is a clothing company that enables its members to get athletic clothing and accessories personalized for each member every month. It was JustFab that eventually became TechStyle reflecting the way the co-founders tend to blend technology and fashion. Its headquarters typically depicts the Silicon Valley style with modern, colorful and playful workspaces.

However, the company is not just committed to seamlessly combine fashion and technology they show a consistent commitment to social responsibility as well. As much as the company cares about its members (with clothing that make people feel happy about themselves and their looks), it shows almost equal care for improving lives in the community. The company has hosted some charity projects and events, and have been involved in community gardens and other projects that improve lives. The Cinderella Project is an example of an event that they hosted for a charity group. The group donates accessories and gowns to students who want to attend prom but are handicapped because of finances.

Adam Goldberg as Co-CEO specializes in data, margins, internal systems, and marketing for the company while the other Co-CEO Don Ressler specializes in grooming the company’s talents, the vision, and the customer experience. Their roles are pivotal as TechStyle claims more ground in the future.

The creative industry of fashion has a lot of room for new ways of designing clothes. It also explores some different business models to profit from. The reason that Don Ressler’s TechStyle company has been such a hit with people is because of all of the creativity that has gone into bringing the company to life. While the products are more than worth bragging about, the bigger selling feature is the method of marketing and selling. One of the ways that it reaches out to customers is by having them sign up and pay for membership while it collects all of the information it needs to give the customer the type of items they want.

The marketing is probably one of the best aspects of the company. The way they approach marketing does not involve leaving it in the hands of the ad agency. As a matter of fact, they take the time to do all of the marketing on their own so that they can personally reach out to the customers and connect with them. They take on many different platforms for marketing. There is the television commercial marketing. They also upload videos to Linkedin and other social media platforms.

The best way to market a company these days is by actually connecting with the audience. One thing a fashion designer and business owner like Don Ressler can do is get involved in discussions on topics related to the industry that they are getting involved in. For instance, Don Ressler can talk about the different aspects of fashion. He can share his insights on style with others who have taken an interest in style. For one thing, people are going to be asking a lot of questions about what they should wear.

Given that Don Ressler and his company TechStyle believe in freedom of fashion, he is going to encourage people of all sizes and shapes to dress in the way they want. The only thing he encourages is that they wear something that will help them feel confident and valuable so that they will be able to take on their lives in a much better fashion.

Anthony G. Petrello is the President, CEO and Board Executive Chairman of Nabors Industries Ltd based in Hamilton, Bermuda. Nabors is one of the world’s leading geothermal, oil and natural gas drilling contractors. Nabors operations are in the United States, Middle East, Far East and Africa. Nabors provides several onshore and offshore oil drilling support services, as well as well-servicing operations. Nabors Industries started off as Anglo Energy, Ltd. in the year 1968.

Anthony Petrello graduate of two Ivy League universities that is Harvard and Yale University. In Harvard University Tony was awarded a Juris Doctor Degree, and from Yale University he graduated with a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science Degree in Mathematics. After graduating from Harvard Tony began his career at Baker & McKenzie law firm in 1979 and rose through the ranks to become the firm’s New York office managing partner, a position he held for five years that is from the year 1986 to 1991.

Straight from Baker & McKenzie law firm, Tony joined Nabors Industries as the Chief Operating Officer in 1991, and by the year 1992, Tony was already the president of the company. From 2003 to June 2012 Tony served Nabors industries as the Deputy Chairman, and in 2011 he became the company CEO. Tony became the Chairman of Nabors Industries Board in 2012. Tony is also the director of Stewart & Stevenson LLC and Hilcorp Energy Company.

Tony is also a philanthropist together with his wife Cynthia and has made a generous donation of $5 million to help in the Neurological research for children, a first of a kind initiative that will help children with neurological condition reach their full potential.

Tony was ranked as America highest paid CEO according to the Associated Press and Equilar’s list of the nation’s 50 top-paid CEOs in the year 2013.

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With the benefits of organizational restructuring ranging from new talent acquisition to additional modern skills in management, Securus Technologies was excited to announce the addition of an executive staff member in the sales department. Mr. John Bell joined the high-tech team in late 2015. He was appointed the senior vice president of the sales team.

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Mr. Bell is an alumnus of Holy Cross, Wharton School of Business as well as the Kellogg School of Management. Throughout his professional career, he worked at IBM, AT&T, Time Warner Cable as well as Verizon companies. Following his extensive experience in the mentioned companies, Bell was put in charge of 100 people in the sales team. This number includes sixty individuals in the field as well as sales associates.


Rick Smith is the chief executive officer of Securus Technologies. He was elected in July 2008. Most individuals believed that he was the right person for the job following his vast experience in technological companies. Throughout his career, Smith has executed focus and drive to achieve great career objectives. This is what has enabled him to drive Securus technologies to a level of receiving massive positive customer reviews over the years. With his unique talent and leadership skills, Smith has always chaired the development of new technological gadgets to aid in communication in correctional facilities. From working in the finance sector, operations, business development, information technology and telecommunications, Smith understands the importance of technology in business. He has always exuded excellent leadership skills while handling employees.


Smith’s expertise in the technological industry began in 1972 to1998 where he worked in several companies across North America. At Global Crossing, he was the chief information officer as well as the controller. He later joined Frontier Information Technologies where he was the president. From Frontier, he joined Midwest Telephone Operations as the vice president. His great corporation in those companies landed him in Network Plant Operations where he was appointed the director of business development. He was also the president in the sector of finance.


Smith is a career executive and scholar with strong academic credentials. He is a holder of an associate’s degree having majored in information technology from the Institute of Rochester. Being visionary, he advanced his studies at the University of New York State. He also attended the Simon School of Rochester University for an MBA. Visit for more info.

Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is one of the leading correctional facilities service providers of communications gadgets. The organization has its headquarter in Dallas. Since its establishment, Securus Technologies has developed at least one safe communication device for inmates in a month. A testament to its ability to serve diligently, Rick Smith Securus bagged the Stevie Gold Awards for best customer service in 2016.

Equities First Holdings is one of the best solutions to financial needs during an economic crisis. For this reason, the company has received numerous awards as the best financial option during the harsh economic crisis. During a financial crisis, the market fluctuation is always inevitable. However, the stock-based loans always work to provide a hedge between the loan and the problem to meet your needs in a prominent manner in the industry. For the stock-based loans, you are required to use the loan for three years. Al Christy, the Founder and CEO of Equities First Holdings, always looks as six screens in his office to monitor the performance of the stocks used as collateral in the company to secure fast working capital.

Equities First Holdings has always worked to determine better business bureau. If you are in need of fast working capital during the financial crisis, never hesitate to look for help from Equities First Holdings. Because the company has been voted as one of the most prominent business entities in a fast-moving environment, you might consider testing their services. During a harsh economic crisis, banks and other credit companies have their loan qualification criteria tightened. As a matter of fact, the company always endeavors to get better results through the issuance of fast working capital. Equities First Holdings always keeps a close eye on the performance of stocks. For this reason, you will be given qualification criteria to develop fast working capabilities in a manner that is unprecedented in the industry and more information click here.

For those who do not qualify for the credit-based loans, you might consider the services offered by Equities First Holdings as one of the most trusted companies offering these services. For this reason, people will endeavor to get better results through their fast working capital. Stock-based loans are non-recourse featured.

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