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Eric Pulier is a venture capitalist and he provides startup capital to entrepreneurs with an idea, who are looking for funding to start their own companies or other small companies who are looking to expand but do not have the capital to do so. He has been on the front line, in the transformation of some of the best technology used today. As the founder of vAtomic he has helped many entrepreneurs to attain their dreams because he believes that without passion and capital, even the best ideas in the world can fail to be realized.

Eric Pulier is always searching for new ideas to invest in and with his experience, he has become skilled in recognizing which ideas are worth investing in and which entrepreneurs are passionate enough to fully invest their time and energy into growing their businesses. As an optimistic person in nature, he never doubted once, that he would be able to succeed, instead, puller has chosen to learn from his struggles in the management of the business and develop the tough skin needed to navigate the highs and lows of the technology industry. He credits much of his current outlook to the running of this first company The Digital Evolution which he founded at a very young age. The company also taught him the importance of quality customer service and delivering as promised, the two which are still a priority in all of his business affairs today. Other than referrals

Eric Pulier points out that pay per click type of advertising has been the most effective for his business. He advises entrepreneurs to always keep track of returns on their investments with each marketing method, to avoid being caught up in the excitement of new strategies without considering whether they are profitable to the business or not. He points out that his strength lies in the thoroughness of his business process, he completely invests time energy and resources into new ventures and in the development of new ideas.

Eric Pulier is from New Jersey. From a young age, it was evident that he was already a genius and that education was only going to play the role of sharpening him right from a young age he was able to handle programming tasks that were way above his education level. By the time Eric Pulier was finishing high school, he had started his own a database company.

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Global Rights

The organisation has changed the lives of many people across the continent. The group only focuses on helping the marginalized people by capacity building. The marginalized find it hard to cope in a competitive environment.

The main beneficiaries of the organization are the Africans, Asians and the Latin Americans. The organization deals with different agents worldwide. In each continent, the organization has popular activists who can echo the needs of the people to the government.

Currently, the organization is based in countries where there is a hard stance on certain emerging laws. The laws against gays, lesbians and the other minority groups are affecting the normal lives of the people.

The Human Rights Watch

The main focus of the human rights watch is fair treatment of every individual in the whole world. One major thing that led to the formation of the organization is discrimination against humanity. In the United States, there are certain states where racism is almost legal. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

The people who should be protecting the minority are the same ones who are oppressing them. Secondly, capital punishment had become the order of the day. People of different races can receive completely different punishments for the same crime. Usually, one punishment surpasses the other by far. Such are the injustices which the groups sought to correct.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey influence

People who had suffered human rights discrimination in the past preferred to be silent about it. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey could not stand the impunity of the influential people in the state. After being compensated for the case they won against Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the two journalists used the entire funds from compensation to fund different human rights activities.

Other than just the financial support the move by the duo was received with excitement from other people who had experienced such injustices came out to support the works of human rights organizations.

The Red Cross international committee

The operation of the Red Cross International Committee works differently from all the other organizations. First, the Red Cross is impartial and neutral. It does not seek to solve the cause of the calamities but focuses on the victims.

The services are humanitarian. Red Cross gets most of its support from the public. Most of the work that the organization does is supported by volunteers who are pained with the consequences of these calamities. The organization is majorly funded by the Soldiers organizations of the United States.

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Julia Jackson was born in 1988 in San Francisco, California to the family of Mr. Jess Jackson and Mrs. Barbara Banke. The Jackson family has a long history of winemaking business. Julia was brought up in her family’s wine fields where she slowly started developing an interest in the wine business.

She attended Scripps College where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art and then proceeded to pursue an executive certificate in General Management from Stanford Graduate School. After graduation, she had the opportunity to work in the Jackson family wineries where she developed a strong bond with a French-speaking daughter of one of the Jackson Family Wines employees. This relationship enabled her to travel to Bordeaux in one of her summer holidays where she learned her French.

As the spokesperson of the Jackson Family Wines, she has proven herself to be a very successful person in the family business level as well as her personal level. She is a strong and resilient woman who has sailed through the odds to become the best wine proprietor, a business greatly deemed as a men’s affair and learn more about Jackson.

She is passionate about empowering women in the society. In relation to this, Julia founded a non-profit organization, the Cambria Seeds Empowerment which honors resilient women who have withstood all the adversities of life to make it through life and inspire other women in the society.

As a believer of quality wines, Julie and her family work hard in investing in quality wines. The Jackson Family Wines owns more than 44 wineries worldwide which produce around five million cases per year and Julia’s lacrosse camp.

Julia’s mastery of French has been a big plus to the success of the business. She uses her French for creating new markets and distribution channels for the Jackson Family Wines across many French-speaking regions. According to Julia, their Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wine brands are not only the sweetest and affordable brands but are also the best in the whole of Sonoma.

In the past, many people believed that aging was a functional decline resulting from molecular damage that could not be prevented. The recent hyper function theory has described aging as a continuation of growth, controlled by signaling pathways like TOR (Target of Rapamycin). According to Mikhail Blagoklonny’s the TOR centric model, rapamycin, alongside other rapalogs, can be used for the treatment of aging and the prevention of diseases. When used in proper schedules and doses, rapamycin can extend the human life span. Although this theory was formerly ridiculed by anonymous peer reviewers and opponents, it is slowly being accepted.

A Critical Review Of Rapamycin

According to the hyperfunctional theory, rapalogs have calorie restriction side effects. For example, the drug has been seen to increase lipolysis and thus imitates fasting. In some cases, rapamycin can lead to starvation diabetes and in other cases; it can lead to starvation like symptoms.

How Will People Die If Aging is Abolished?

Currently, animals and humans die due to age-related diseases manifested by aging. By slowing down aging, rapamycin delays age-related diseases such as cancer. Michael Hall discovered TOR and gave it the name rapamycin. Hall envisioned that the inhibitors of mammalian TOR were useful in treating autoimmunity, metabolic disorders, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. However, the fact that rapamycin delays the aging process does not mean humanity would be immortal. There will always be new unknown causes of mortality. This is known as post-aging syndrome. One of the main causes of post-aging syndrome is the progress of molecular damage.Aging does not happen by accident. The rate of aging varies depending on an individual and the chances of outliving aging and dying from post-aging syndrome are very low. Post aging syndrome may be identified when a person dies from an unknown disease, unusual variant of a common disease, or rare diseases.

What is Aging?

Aging is the continuation of growth. It is a quasi program: a purposeless and unintended continuation of developmental programs that are not switched off after completion causing diseases. For example, from birth up to adulthood, your blood pressure keeps increasing and the continuation of this trend causes hypertension. Likewise, menopause is the continuation of a reproductive program. Aging pathologies are the continuation of the normal functions of a youthful organism. Therefore, rapamycin affects the same processes in old and young animals because it is a continuation of normal functions.

How Does Rapamycin Work?

Rapamycin prevents geroconversion: this is a conversion from cellular quiescence to senescence. Rapamycin promotes calorie restriction which extends one’s life span. Furthermore, MTOR is involved in aging diseases and rapamycin prevents these diseases in animals. Rapamycin is also involved in genetic manipulations. These manipulations inhibit the TOR pathway and extend the life-span of diverse species.While rapamycin might help address anti-aging, it has not yet addressed the issue of post-aging syndrome. Since aging is an unintended developmental program, scientists cannot claim that with the discovery of rapamycin, humans can be immortal. Rapamycin may only be able to delay aging but mankind will still die for one reason or the other.

The Internet of Things is an innovation that has taken the world by a new wave. It works by syncing various technologies together, for instance, the streetlight, kitchen appliances and electronic device enabling it to increase the efficiency and cut on waste. The system can change the manner in which the business operate and stands, and it can be one of the supreme advances in the tech industry for many years to come. Since most of the biggest firms have started to embrace the technology, it will reach a point that all other businesses have to keep up if they are to remain significant. According to those who believe in this system, this will enable the devices to be able to connect with each other and read full article.


The system is going to improve many areas of life. In fact, it is already used in the public transportation. Thus, this has seen people enjoy the convenience of being able to plan how they are going to move around as they get real life mapping of the public bus routes and how to avoid any dangerous situation on the road. In the feature, people will be able to control almost everything that they have in the house using this system and reliable application. All one need to do so has a smartphone and useful applications. This will bring competition among many companies as they try to make the most reliable application and learn more about Jason.


The Internet of Things is exciting, but the thought that one day everything will be in sync is unbelievable to the ordinary people. However, Jason Hope is among the biggest believer of Internet of Things. He says that it is the greatest wave of advertisement to hit the tech industry. He has played a huge role in making people understand the technology and how it works. In fact, his writings are not only about the technology but also predict the direction that it is going to take. Jason Hope is known as an entrepreneur, investor, futurist, and philanthropist, who has a passion for technology. He has a degree in finance that he was awarded from the University of Arizona, he also studied at ASU’s W.P Carey School of business and was awarded an MBA. His passion for Business and trying to create the best for his clients is what has driven him to technology and Jason’s Facebook.


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We are a society obsessed with personalities. To be famous is be to recognized and this recognition makes one rich. For those with energy, charm and good looks and sometimes even talent, there are opportunities to achieve the envious success of celebrity. Celebrity status is difficult to achieve alone often an agency or an “unagency” is necessary to achieve success and make your dreams reality.One such “unagency” is Nine9. they offer a fast-track method to success that is appealing to young wannabe celebrities. Nine9 uses the proliferation of social media to achieve success for its “unclients.”

Whether an aspirant is an “unclient” or investigating becoming a celebrity there are many caveats to consider. Each candidate should take a good look in their mirror. List the positives and the negatives that are there. Determine your level of being photogenic. Have a friend or a professional take many photos of the candidate and determine your strengths and weaknesses. After the total photographic experience is concluded and analyzed, the candidate can write a short resume to accompany the photos and then personally shop this portfolio to agencies and the “unagency”.

While it is important to think globally, first examine your local area. Celebrity status can not be achieved overnight. But volunteer work and any public relations position will be a step, a small step, in your quest for celebrity.Look at two past examples of successful celebrities: Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. Both were extremely wealthy due to the successes of their families and they had the time and the money to attend galas and society affairs and could very easily achieve a celebrity status.For those who want to achieve this celebrity status, it is not easy and requires the efforts of an agency or an “unagency” like Nine9.


In the life of an investor, nothing brings them more joy than gaining a return on their investment. Whether saving for retirement or their child’s college fund, investors have numerous areas to allocate their investment returns. Although investing does not require formal education or someone to read above an 8th-grade level, it remains very difficult. Moreover, investing remains instinctive skill rather than a trained skill. To name a few investors, these include Warren Buffet and Tim Armour. Aside from a career dating back more than half a century, Warren Buffet remains one of the most successful investors in the world.

Because of his expertise, Buffet has a net worth well into the billions. Although not the most formally educated investor around, Buffet has consistently outperformed most of today’s leading investors. Recently, Buffet wagered $1 million dollars to charity if he failed to acquire a better investment return than a group of hedge fund managers. Without any hesitation, Buffet won the bet. Just like Buffet, Tim Armour remains an investor endowed with a wealth of resources. Moreover, Tim Armour has over 32 years of experience under his belt and learn more about Tim.

Currently, Timothy Armour remains the chairman of Capital Group. Under his watch, Capital Group has ballooned into a premier investment company. In addition, Armour progressed into the upper echelon of his company. Since his youth, he always knew what he wanted to do with his life. Therefore, he went to college to study economics. Moreover, he received his bachelor’s degree from Middlebury College and more information click here.

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Equities First Holdings is one of the best solutions to financial needs during an economic crisis. For this reason, the company has received numerous awards as the best financial option during the harsh economic crisis. During a financial crisis, the market fluctuation is always inevitable. However, the stock-based loans always work to provide a hedge between the loan and the problem to meet your needs in a prominent manner in the industry. For the stock-based loans, you are required to use the loan for three years. Al Christy, the Founder and CEO of Equities First Holdings, always looks as six screens in his office to monitor the performance of the stocks used as collateral in the company to secure fast working capital.

Equities First Holdings has always worked to determine better business bureau. If you are in need of fast working capital during the financial crisis, never hesitate to look for help from Equities First Holdings. Because the company has been voted as one of the most prominent business entities in a fast-moving environment, you might consider testing their services. During a harsh economic crisis, banks and other credit companies have their loan qualification criteria tightened. As a matter of fact, the company always endeavors to get better results through the issuance of fast working capital. Equities First Holdings always keeps a close eye on the performance of stocks. For this reason, you will be given qualification criteria to develop fast working capabilities in a manner that is unprecedented in the industry and more information click here.

For those who do not qualify for the credit-based loans, you might consider the services offered by Equities First Holdings as one of the most trusted companies offering these services. For this reason, people will endeavor to get better results through their fast working capital. Stock-based loans are non-recourse featured.

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Mr. Troy McQuagge, the chief executive officer of USHEALTH Group, is this year’s chief executive officer of the year Gold winner in the prestigious One Planet Award. One Planet Award is an award program that honors business and professional excellence in all industries around the world. All organizations around the world are eligible to submit nominations. One Planet confers awards in categories sections that include; new products and services, Corporate Communications, Marketing, PR, teams, and executives.

Mr. McQuagge has been in the insurance industry for 33 years. Today he is the CEO of USHEALTH Group which is an insurance holding company that focuses on providing health coverage for small business owners and self-employed individuals. Its goal is to combine its employee talents and agents to market profitable and competitive insurance products while providing its customers with superior services in all departments of the company.

Mr. McQuagge started his career at the Allstate insurance company in 1983. He later joined the student insurance division of United Insurance Companies Inc. in 1995. In 1997 he became the president of UICI insurance agency (UGA), where it set numerous single year sales records. In 2006 UICI was acquired by private equity investors, and its corporate name changed to HealthMarkets where Mr. McQuagge got the responsibility of leading all the sales and marketing efforts in the company’s self-employed group. In 2007 HealthMarkets’ Agency Marketing Group (AMG) annual premium sales volume exceeded $1billiion and was the insurance sales organization of the year recognized by Stevie Awards and Selling Power Magazine.

In July of 2010, Mr. Troy McQuagge joined USHEALTH Group captive/career insurance agency, USHEALTH Advisors, LLC, as its president and CEO. He turned the company around by rebuilding its captive distribution agency. His success with restoring its advisors eventually led him in November 2013, to be elected the executive chief marketing officer and vice president of USHEALTH Group, Inc. USHEALTH Group has registered unprecedented success in the competitive individual health insurance market. He also serves as president and CEO in subsidiaries of USHEALTH and freedom life insurance Company of America. Mr. Troy McQuagge earned his a B.A. degree in 1983 from the University of Central Florida.

Hussain Sajwani, chairman, CEO and founder of the DAMAC Group is an entrepreneurial visionary and a businessman who has accomplished what few have in their lifetime. DAMAC properties; a luxury residential real estate developer was created in 2002 by Hussain and provides unparalleled living accommodations in Dubai, UAE. As one of the top luxury developers it has projects in the GCC, the Middle East at large, and even the United Kingdom. DAMAC Properties currently develops multi-million square foot golf course communities that include high-rise private apartment towers and unique one-of-a-kind living experiences and operates as well as manages hotel apartments that are serviced and five star hotels.

Hussain Sajwani has partnered with Paramount Hotels & Resorts and Donald Trump to complete some of his projects. Donald Trump referred to Hussain as, “a very, very, very amazing man,” and praised the deals they’ve worked on together. DAMAC and Hussain have also joined up with fashion and lifestyle brands to bring fresh and innovative living ideas to the market. One of his featured partnerships is a Tiger Woods designed golf course which will ultimately be managed by The Trump Organization and includes luxury apartments with Italian fashioned interiors designed by Verdace and Fendi. DAMAC Properties has close to 2,000 employees and has one of the best track records for a luxury property development company. It has unbelievably completed over 16,800 homes by developing over 44,000 units.

As a man of high moral standards and ethics, Hussain Sajwani participates in philanthropic endeavors and has donated millions of dollars to various charitable foundations and organizations. The #UAECompassion campaign, which supports thousands of refugees in Jordan and Lebanon who were hit by the snowstorm Huda, received AED one million from Hussain and DAMAC. Hussain stated, “It is our humanitarian duty to do whatever we can for our brothers facing an unthinkable freezing cold winter away from their homes.” The ‘Tarahamu’ campaign also received help with a donation to the UAE Red Crescent, who helps those most severely affected by weather.

Hussain Sajwani graduated from the University of Washington, Seattle with a Bachelor’s degree in engineering and economics and lives with his wife and 4 children to this day.