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Talos Energy, based in Houston, Texas, was founded shortly over five years ago and has been funded by private equity companies. Since its beginning and even as it expands, its focus continues to be in offshore exploration and drilling in and around the Gulf of Mexico. The year 2017 is a milestone in this company’s short history. In mid May, Talos Energy embarked on a joint venture with Premier Oil of London and Sierra Oil of Mexico to begin offshore drilling and exploration in the Sureste Basin. The site for this is off the state of Tabasco, in the Zama-1 well, which is believed to hold up to 500 million barrels of crude. In 2015 Mexico accepted bids from foreign energy companies and granted rights to this partnership for $16 million paid by Premier.


This too was the beginning of Mexico deregulating its oil market and allowing foreign competition entrance for the first time in nearly eight decades. Accordingly, Talos Energy is the sole operator of the well but has a 35 percent investment, Sierra a 40 percent investment and Premier a 25 percent investment. Industry analysts are expected to watch the impact this deregulation of oil will have on the Mexican market.


The second major news for Talos Energy occurred when in November, it announced it had purchased, and thus, was merging with Stone Energy of Lafayette, LA, for $2 billion. The company had filed bankruptcy status in the recent past, in part due to the oil bust. Talos Energy had delayed its plans to go public on the New York Stock Exchange, but with the merger between itself and Stone Energy, going public could occur perhaps by summer 2018. The company will trade under the “Talos stock ticker.” As to dispensation of shares, it is anticipated that 63 percent will be owned by Talos Energy and 37 percent by Stone Energy. The company will retain offices in New Orleans, Houston and Lafayette.

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Market America is a great money making opportunity not just for workers, but also for shoppers. People do not have to become unfranchise owners in order to make any type of money from Market America. As a matter of fact, this is one of the reasons that this company is one of the most popular sellers. People get more than products that they buy. They also get a chance to make the money they spend back with the cashback shopping program. Therefore, customers have more of a reason to shop from this company and any of the brands they are partnered with.

One thing that can attract shoppers is a company that is seeking to give shopper something. This is one of the main things that make a company successful. When business owners are looking for ways to make money, they often fail at it. It is when they are looking for ways to award their customers that they start profiting. One of the things this encourages them to do is find products or promotions that can encourage customers to shop with them. Market America has thought about what customers would want and have made sure that they get that.

People who want to sign up to be unfranchise owners can learn how to bring forth something that is going to get the attention of the customers. One thing that can help them is if they provide content that is helpful to the customers. For instance, the online marketers can provide blog posts that go into the topics that they are marketing. This is one example of how to earn money with Market America. Another thing that can be done is engage in social media. People can even do a combination of that so that they can bring in a large number of customers.

Jordan Lindsey is a successful Forex trader and the founder of JCL Capital. He grew up in New York and during his childhood greatly enjoyed participating in sports. During his youth he loved competition, and he realized that he had a mind of an entrepreneur. By creating businesses and looking for opportunities in order to improve things he knew that he would change the way the world function from a young age.

Today he is a self-taught programmer and systems architecture designer and has utilized his experience to develop trading algorithms. Recently he has created his own cryptocurrency utilizing an algorithm that will help to generate demand for the token. The algorithm uses the principles of supply and demand to cause an appreciation of the value of the token. The token was launched during the second half of 2017. When asked as to what has helped him be successful Jordan Lindsey has responded that his experience as a leader has led him to improve stability to run a team. In order to be successful, a team requires trust and friction. In order to be an effective leader you must be able to responsibly delegate duties to those that you place in leadership roles, and you must not micromanage them.

As an entrepreneur, Jordan Lindsey has learned that in order to be successful you do not need to be, in fact, you only need to be right once. Through failure, you can be a success. By going outside of your comfort zone, you’re more likely to fail, however at the same time you’re more likely to encounter potential solutions to problems. If you stay within your comfort zone the only thing, you’ll be successful at his being mediocre. During your failures, you are subject to your greatest periods of learning. This is something that he has learned as an entrepreneur from the first-hand experience.

Jordan Lindsey is the founder of bitcoin growth bought a training algorithm that is 100% transparent and is part of a lending program that is accessible by anyone of the general public. It is one of the first trading algorithms that has been implemented on blockchain technology.

Alexandre Gama is firm believer in one paying their dues and working hard. The Brazilian has done both during the last 40 years and it has paid off in spades. Gama chase his dreams as a teenager when he attended the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. He graduated from the university in 1981 with a degree in Communications and Advertising.

Gama went right to work, obtaining a job with the firm Standard Ogilvy & Mather where he worked until 1990. During this time he became recognized for his ability and creativity, becoming known as one of Brazil’s top copywriters. He was able to turn this success into a position at DM9 as their Creative Director.

Gama did not stop there. He worked his way into being the CEO and COO of Young & Rubicam in 1996, leaving the firm to start his own agency in 1999. The agency has a name that should be familiar: Neogama.

Finding the right health solutions can be the difference between life and death for millions of people. Now, one of the health industry’s most innovative entrepreneurs is fighting to find new ways to heal people. That person, Ara Chackerian, has helped change the way people get treatment for serious health issues.

So who exactly is Ara Chackerian? Mr. Chackerian is an entrepreneur who works almost exclusively in the healthcare field. As the Managing Partner of ASC Capital Holdings, LLC, Mr. Ara Chackerian is ultimately best known as one of the co-founders of TMS Health Solutions. This innovative company has changed the way people with drug-resistant depression are treated and eventually healed of their depression issues.

In a recent interview for ideamench, Mr. Chackerian talked about his life as an entrepreneur in the healthcare field and revealed his process for finding new companies and ideas to help treat millions of people. When asked about his idea for TMS Healthcare Solutions, Mr. Chackerian talked about how he was looking for a new niche in the healthcare field. During his search, an associate of Mr. Ara Chackerian recommended that he look into the outpatient psychiatry space.

After doing some research, Mr. Chackerian realized that there was no real solution for people with serious depression other than drugs and talk therapy. So, Mr. Chackerian decided to open a network of clinics that offered a wide range of services to treat serious depression. The result is an outpatient experience unlike any other in the healthcare industry. You can search on Google for more info.

Each TMS Health Solutions clinic is designed to treat every patient visit as an experiential one. From the welcoming reception area to the friendly atmosphere, Mr. Chackerian is able to create a space where patients with depression are better able to receive treatment. Today, TMS Health Solutions is the premier depression outpatient specialist in Northern California.

With several decades of experience, Ara Chackerian has been able to find creative new ways to treat people. TMS Health Solutions is just one example of the entrepreneur’s successful strategy. As more people look for new ways to get treatment, Mr. Chackerian will be prepared to execute innovative healthcare solutions for the future.

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Bitcoin became a hot investment in 2017 and many analysts told people to get in on it as it took off. One investor, Paul Mampilly the author of the “Profits Unlimited” newsletter has other thoughts. Mampilly has been investing in stocks for many years without even going through a wealth manager, and now he’s instructing middle class people who are generally new to investing on how they can start their own portfolio and buy inexpensive stocks. Mampilly has been paying particular attention to Internet of Things stocks, and he did say that he would have recommended buying Bitcoin stocks early in 2017 prior to its surge, but he has a reason for avoiding it right now. The reason is because its price has gone much higher than it should due to demand that shouldn’t be as high as it is, and as a result it’s formed a bubble just like the dot-com industry did in the late 1990s. While Mampilly doesn’t recommend Bitcoin, he does say there are other stocks to look at.

Paul Mampilly spent many years in professional financial advisory services with big banks and alternative investment firms, and he earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance from Montclair State University and an MBA from Fordham. He entered investment banking as a young assistant in the research department of Deutsche Bank, and his acumen move him up the ladder quickly to fund management positions, and he continued in high management positions when he joined ING and Banker’s Trust. Mampilly took a brief hiatus from banking in 2003 when he did consulting for a boutique firm, but he returned to Wall Street in 2006 when he became a director at Kinetics International Fund, the most prominent new hedge fund declared by Barron’s. Many new investors came to Kinetics International when word spread that the firm was managing as much as 40% annual returns, and their AUM grew from $6 billion to $25 billion in just a year. To see more, visit here.

Paul Mampilly had a lot of accomplishments on Wall Street including winning the investment competition at the Templeton Foundation in which he succeeded while the markets were down in 2008. But he became much happier when he left that life behind because he now had more time to spend with his family, and he could share financial insights with people who genuinely needed them. Mampilly’s newsletters were taken with skepticism at first, but as people started taking his advice they saw that it truly did work, and thus far hundreds of thousands have subscribed to his newsletters.

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When Dr. Mark McKenna was a youth, it made sense to follow his father’s footsteps and practice medicine. Through the years, however, things began to shift. The rewards of a medical career are not what they once were. When he graduated from Tulane University’s medical school his love of medicine led him to join his family’s medical practice.

The newly minted doctor wanted more from life though. Thus began his foray into his first business venture – New Orleans real estate. Back then Dr. Mark McKenna started working a side job as a prison doctor so that he could invest more money in his new venture. His tenacity paid off. By 2005 things were looking very rosy for Dr. Mark McKenna. His properties were worth $5 million, and he had managed to grow his income to $500 thousand a year. Unfortunately, that was when Hurricane Katrina happened.

In the wake of Katrina, the good doctor like so many residents of New Orleans had to rebuild. They say every cloud has a silver lining after all, and that was true for the city of New Orleans in the wake of Katrina. As the city struggled to get back on its feet, federal government resources were made available. Dr. McKenna participated in these assistance programs and helped rebuild the city by buying flood-damaged properties, repairing them and flipping them. To see more, visit here.

What Hurricane Katrina could not do, the sub-prime mortgage crisis nearly accomplished in 2010. It was his instinct that spared the doctor. When he noticed people with hardly any income to speak of were buying huge homes he sensed that something was wrong. That was when he got out of the real estate business. A decision which allowed him to dodge a bullet which many real estate investors never saw coming.

Longing to return to the medical field Dr. McKenna began Shape Med in Atlanta. It was a practice which focused on physical aesthetics, health, and fitness. In 2016 he sold Shape Med to Life Time Fitness, a publicly held company. The doctor remained on with Life Time Fitness in the position of National Fitness Director.

His new venture is OVME, which is pronounced “of me.” Dr. Mark McKenna started OVME with a $4 million infusion from an Atlanta venture capital firm which loved his business plan. OVME offers minimally invasive cosmetic services on demand. OVME’s focus is to maintain the client’s health and physical appearance. The doctor plans to expand the business to several other U.S. cities in coming years.

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Ronald Fowlkes has always worked hard to make sure he is doing the best job possible for law enforcement. He used to be a law enforcement professional and that’s what led him to the business he is in now. While he is no longer an officer, he continues to support them so he can help make their lives better. Everything he does with Eagle Products, his company that he started, goes back to helping officers and making sure they get all the options they need. He has even worked to make sure the officers are going to be able to benefit from the way the products are sold. It helps him to feel more confident about the way he runs his business. It also shows him there are things he can do to make a positive impact on the community he has grown to become a big part of.


By looking at everything he is doing and understanding the opportunities he has provided to different people, Ronald Fowlkes knows there are many other opportunities he can take advantage of. He believes only positive things can come from helping law enforcement because they are the ones that look out for people in different communities around the country. He also believes there are many things he can do to have a big impact on those officers. He has always wanted to make sure he is giving them things they need and it goes back to the way he was treated as an officer.


While Ronald Fowlkes enjoyed being a police officer, he also knew there were other businesses that he could work in. He wanted to make sure there were things he could do in different industries and that led to him making sure he could provide people with resources they needed. There were many instances where police officers just didn’t have the resources they needed, but Ronald Fowlkes was going to change that with the Eagle Products options he had. It was his way of making sure people had what they needed and people could do more with the things they were getting out of the business.


Everything Ronald Fowlkes does goes back to the hard work he originally put into the business. He wanted to make sure people understood what he was doing and that he was doing it to make sure he could continue helping people. He had always wanted to provide others with the things they needed and there were many options that were available to him. He even worked with several wholesalers to give them the chance to see what they were offering to him no matter what they were charging or what they were doing with the products.


George Soros is a famous hedge fund manager recognized for philanthropic initiatives all over the world. He has also played critical role of funding Democratic Party in the United States. Most recently, Soros donated $18 billion to Open Society Foundations, an organization he established in his Native country, Hungary back in 1984. This transfer is among the largest ever made to a single organization by a private donor as reported on New York Times. The report further indicates that Open Society is now the second largest philanthropic institution in the U.S.

About Open Society Foundations

The organization was founded by George Soros more than three decades ago. Open Society has presence in over 100 nations and its main areas of focus is human rights and democracy. In the United States, the organization has invested in programs that reduce police brutality and also protecting the rights of gays and lesbians. In 2014, Open Society played vital role of funding treatment centers during the outbreak of Ebola. Furthermore, after the 2016 in the U.S., the organization protected people against hate crimes that rocked some parts of the country. Mr. Soros personally pledged $10 million to prevent such incidents.Under the leadership of Mr. Soros, Open Society Foundations has helped several organizations and individuals in different parts of the world. They have focused on ensuring that governments are accountable, the freedom of expression is upheld, and that there is equality and justice in the society. The organization has also been sponsoring the education of thousands of young people by paying their school and college fees.  Some of the groups that have been funded consistently by Open Society are Europe’s Roma people, sex workers, drug addicts and LGBTI people.

George Soros’ History

According to information found on Open Society Foundations website, George Soros was born in 1930 in Hungary. Between 1944 and 1945, Soros survived the Nazi occupation which resulted in the killing of more than half a million Hungarian Jews. He left Hungary in 1947 for the United Kingdom, where he worked at a night-club and also as a railway porter in order to fund his education at the London School of Economics. Mr. Soros moved to the United States in 1956 and ventured into finance and investment industries.In 1970, Soros Fund Management was launched. The hedge fund later became very successful, enabling Mr. Soros to make his fortune in the world of investment. He used his fortune to launch Open Society Foundations, a group of partners, foundations and projects present in many countries globally. He started by providing scholarships to South Africans students during the apartheid rule. Through his philanthropic initiatives, George Soros has funded organizations like the International Crisis Group, Institute for New Economic Thinking, Global Witness and others. He has taken keen interest in the work of Open Society Foundations.

Nick Vertucci created NV Real Estate Academy (NVREA). It is based on a system created for the success of every student who applies the principles he teaches. His proven system has allowed him to make millions in real estate. As a participant in the academy, you will learn everything needed to face the day-to-day challenges of managing a real estate investment business. You’ll be taught every detail you need to know to find homes, renovate and repair the property and prepare it for resale on the market.

Nick Vertucci insures you’ll learn how to make wholesale purchases and flip the properties. You’ll grasp how to rehab and flip properties. You’ll master the concept of making profitable commercial investments. You’ll be taught how to leverage your IRA’s and 401K’s for investment capital. You’ll also be taught the nuances of asset protection so you can shelter your earnings.

The primary goal of Nick Vertucci at NVREA is to teach you how to create enormous wealth and develop a plan for long term freedom that you can enjoy well into you old age. To learn more, attend one of Nick’s free live workshops. To attend, you won’t need any real estate experience, nor any cash reserves nor any formal training. Call at 1-800-328-6418 or go to and find out when he’ll be at a city near you, then register and don’t forget to attend. It will be well worth your time. It could be the beginning of the rest of your very wealthy life.

After attending the two hour free event, Nick Vertucci hopes you’ll sign up to attend the 3 day class, which cost approximately $1700 as of 2017. Prices may vary going forward. In the 3 day course you will be exposed to much more comprehensive real estate investment information. You’ll be taught the finer steps in wholesaling properties, rehabbing properties and flipping them. You’ll discover the in’s and out’s of obtaining properties for reduced prices, so you can make an enormous profit in any market. After you’ve made your fortune, how do you grow your assets? Nick’s team will walk you through the steps to protect your wealth and to grow it even larger quantities by renting or holding the property and flipping it.

You’ll leave the three day class ready for your first excursion into the real estate investing world. Enjoy your first real estate conquest via the education and personal guidance you receive from the telephone support of the staff at NVREA.