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Ronald Fowlkes has always worked hard to make sure he is doing the best job possible for law enforcement. He used to be a law enforcement professional and that’s what led him to the business he is in now. While he is no longer an officer, he continues to support them so he can help make their lives better. Everything he does with Eagle Products, his company that he started, goes back to helping officers and making sure they get all the options they need. He has even worked to make sure the officers are going to be able to benefit from the way the products are sold. It helps him to feel more confident about the way he runs his business. It also shows him there are things he can do to make a positive impact on the community he has grown to become a big part of.


By looking at everything he is doing and understanding the opportunities he has provided to different people, Ronald Fowlkes knows there are many other opportunities he can take advantage of. He believes only positive things can come from helping law enforcement because they are the ones that look out for people in different communities around the country. He also believes there are many things he can do to have a big impact on those officers. He has always wanted to make sure he is giving them things they need and it goes back to the way he was treated as an officer.


While Ronald Fowlkes enjoyed being a police officer, he also knew there were other businesses that he could work in. He wanted to make sure there were things he could do in different industries and that led to him making sure he could provide people with resources they needed. There were many instances where police officers just didn’t have the resources they needed, but Ronald Fowlkes was going to change that with the Eagle Products options he had. It was his way of making sure people had what they needed and people could do more with the things they were getting out of the business.


Everything Ronald Fowlkes does goes back to the hard work he originally put into the business. He wanted to make sure people understood what he was doing and that he was doing it to make sure he could continue helping people. He had always wanted to provide others with the things they needed and there were many options that were available to him. He even worked with several wholesalers to give them the chance to see what they were offering to him no matter what they were charging or what they were doing with the products.


George Soros is a famous hedge fund manager recognized for philanthropic initiatives all over the world. He has also played critical role of funding Democratic Party in the United States. Most recently, Soros donated $18 billion to Open Society Foundations, an organization he established in his Native country, Hungary back in 1984. This transfer is among the largest ever made to a single organization by a private donor as reported on New York Times. The report further indicates that Open Society is now the second largest philanthropic institution in the U.S.

About Open Society Foundations

The organization was founded by George Soros more than three decades ago. Open Society has presence in over 100 nations and its main areas of focus is human rights and democracy. In the United States, the organization has invested in programs that reduce police brutality and also protecting the rights of gays and lesbians. In 2014, Open Society played vital role of funding treatment centers during the outbreak of Ebola. Furthermore, after the 2016 in the U.S., the organization protected people against hate crimes that rocked some parts of the country. Mr. Soros personally pledged $10 million to prevent such incidents.Under the leadership of Mr. Soros, Open Society Foundations has helped several organizations and individuals in different parts of the world. They have focused on ensuring that governments are accountable, the freedom of expression is upheld, and that there is equality and justice in the society. The organization has also been sponsoring the education of thousands of young people by paying their school and college fees. These young people would have otherwise missed the opportunity to access the education because of lack of fees. Some of the groups that have been funded consistently by Open Society are Europe’s Roma people, sex workers, drug addicts and LGBTI people.

George Soros’ History

According to information found on Open Society Foundations website, George Soros was born in 1930 in Hungary. Between 1944 and 1945, Soros survived the Nazi occupation which resulted in the killing of more than half a million Hungarian Jews. He left Hungary in 1947 for the United Kingdom, where he worked at a night-club and also as a railway porter in order to fund his education at the London School of Economics. Mr. Soros moved to the United States in 1956 and ventured into finance and investment industries.In 1970, Soros Fund Management was launched. The hedge fund later became very successful, enabling Mr. Soros to make his fortune in the world of investment. He used his fortune to launch Open Society Foundations, a group of partners, foundations and projects present in many countries globally. He started by providing scholarships to South Africans students during the apartheid rule. Through his philanthropic initiatives, George Soros has funded organizations like the International Crisis Group, Institute for New Economic Thinking, Global Witness and others. He has taken keen interest in the work of Open Society Foundations. The aim of Mr. Soros is to fight and eradicate intractable problems facing the world today.

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Everybody loves an inspirational story about how a company is built by someone who turns it into more than just a money-making machine into something bigger that touches the community and cares for people. That’s what the Global Vision Academy is about and why they awarded the Global Visionary recognition to Sheldon Lavin, the longtime CEO of OSI Industries. Lavin has certainly worked hard to build OSI Group into one of the world’s top-ranked meat companies, but he’s also upheld the values of family and putting people above profits at the company. What’s even more impressive is that Lavin hasn’t slowed down his work even though he’s now past 80 years old.

Sheldon Lavin began in investment banking and then opened his own financial advisory company. He had planned to stay with this company for the foreseeable future, but he had an encounter with a family-owned meat wholesale company that changed his direction. That company was Otto & Sons which had been founded by Otto Kolschowsky and was now a big supplier for the growing popular McDonald’s fast food restaurant. Lavin had been asked to help the company invest in more production plants and raise funds, but McDonald’s and its bank also wanted Lavin to become a partner in the company. After much consideration and even turning down the offer at first, Lavin consented and became CEO and eventually fully owned the company. About more for Sheldon Lavin, Chairman And CEO Of OSI Group, LLC.

Lavin decided to make international sales a huge part of the company’s objectives, and in the 1980s OSI Industries started opening some plants in Europe and Asia. Today the company has 55 facilities in 16 countries, though some companies have been bought and still hold their original brand names since Lavin believes in maintaining recognition for already established companies. But Lavin also has made retaining jobs a priority at each company OSI has bought, and he’s helped foster a culture within OSI that’s led to many employees staying with the company for the long-term. Lavin was also once recognized at the North American Meat Institute with the Edward Jones Community Service award for his involvement in philanthropy which includes supporting the Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago, the Chicago Inner City Foundation and Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Sheldon Lavin @

The interview recap

David kicks off the conversation by asking some basic questions about retirement. He notes that is better to retire later but more prepared. So many people want an early retirement but do not want to plan early. He notes that the fundamental reality of any retirement is that you will spend more than you earn. You have to bear this in mind since people who are used to lavish lifestyles will probably lower their standards if they do not plan properly.

It is not easy to determine how much money you will need at this stage of your life. For starters, try to save as much money as you can. David warns that it is likely that whatever amount you save will not be enough for the whole retirement period. That is why you should also consider investing your money. Conventionally, you should have saved about six times the amount of money that you earn yearly by the time you hit 50. If you have not done this, you might want to reconsider your early retirement decision.

About David

David is a leading expert when it comes to matters related to personal and business financial management. His resume is impressive, and so are the insights that he presents in the interview. At the moment, David works for the Nationwide Financial Distribution Inc. He is also a top adviser to the NISC. Before this, he worked at Citigroup for a decade where he received the highest possible level of promotion.

David Giertz has worked with many financial and management companies in top leadership positions. In the past, he has assisted in leading the growth of businesses involved in insurance, specialty markets, annuities, dealership, Wirehouses, regional firms, RIAs, IMO, and banks. He participated in these companies in the capacity of an external consultant as opposed to a senior employee.