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Burger Kings across the United States are fairly plain and expected. In the grand scheme of fast food choices, the average American has a lot of options. So why is it Burger King is making headlines?

Japanese Burger Kings have been in the spotlight since the black everything Kuro burger. FreedomPop wrote that with a black bun and black cheese, citizens flocked to try one of the unique burgers generating a ton of revenue for the fast food behemoth. Not only is Japan bringing those burgers back, but they are also including a new unique product for people to try.

Introducing the Aka Samurai. This all red burger contains a red bun, red cheese, and red seasonings. Surprisingly, this Burger King product strayed away from Red No. 40 food coloring. Instead, the sandwich gets its signature red color from tomato powder. A customer can choose between a chicken patty or a beef patty atop this vibrant sandwich. It’s topped with a spicy hot sauce, but this shouldn’t come as a surprise since the color is reminiscent of fire.

An Aka Samurai will cost consumers 4.40 dollars. Alongside the Kuro Burger, one can only wonder what color is next on Burger King’s menu.