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The year 2017 is just beginning, so it’s important to mention that 2016 was a very successful year for Magnises because it brought in a whole lot of new members. Hopefully, 2017 will see even more members joining. Many people are learning more about Magnises, especially if they live in New York City, but with Magnises being available in other cities as well, it’s all starting to catch on. Some may have heard about the Magnises membership, others may have only heard snippets about the benefits and may want to know some more information.

Well, here’s some of the best information about Magnises. If you’re one who lives to have a membership to any type of fun, then a Magnises membership is for you. Your membership will give you fun trips to restaurants, stores, bars, events, movies and more. You may be wondering to yourself how can you possibly have fun at the movies, well, what about if you went to a movie premiere, instead of going to a standard movie? Wouldn’t you like to meet the stars of the movie and get to ask questions? shows some visual delights for you.

Even going to concerts has its perks when you’re a Magnises member because there are may also be special meet and greets with private concerts. Many love Magnises because of everything that the membership offers, especially when it comes to partying. Magnises is known for being such a party lifestyle that they’ve even added a lifestyle perk called a ClubPass to their membership, which can be purchased by anyone who wants to frequent any nightclub.

The purpose of the ClubPass is to allow Magnises members to gain entrance to a club of their choice, without being told that they can’t get in for one reason or another. Getting a ClubPass on the Magnises membership is no problem, and it’s paid for on a monthly basis, separate from the $250 annual fee that’s charged for the membership. You will pay a reasonable price for the ClubPass, but you’ll have surety whenever you go to a club and will know that you’re always going to get through the doors as long as you have your Magnises card and your ID.

Philip Diehl is someone whose opinions about currency counts for a lot. As a former director of the U.S. Mint, he has spent a lot of time overseeing the production of legal coins and tender. Currently, he serves as the president of U.S. Money Reserve, a top provider of precious metal coins to investors and collectors. Based on his experience and expertise, CNBC interviewed Diehl about a very interesting topic. He was asked to give his formal opinion on the future of the penny. Diehl’s outlook for the age-old coin is bleak.

Diehl pointed out a fact that traditionalists may not want to hear. Basically, there really is no need for the penny in the current economy. There really isn’t much out there that can be purchased for a penny. The prices on products are not likely to cost $1.32 or $5.47, and this cuts down on the need for keeping a few pennies in a wallet. The overall uses for currency are decreasing as well. People buy online in tremendous numbers. Person-to-person sales frequently rely on the use of debit cards. Even very minor purchases are paid for with plastic, and this further reduces the need for currency. The penny, in particular, serves less of a purpose.

The end of the penny is not exactly going to occur without warning. Likely, the coin will be phased out over time. Again, Diehl does not see why the government would continue to mint a coin no one needs.

Diehl definitely understands coins. He is, after all, in charge of one of the top precious metal coin sellers in the United States. Headquartered in Austin, TX, U.S. Money Reserve acquires only the best gold, silver, and platinum coins for resale. These coins are all legitimate currency per the U.S. Mint. In the current global economic landscape, demand for precious metal coins seems to be increasing. U.S. Money Reserve is available to meet the demand.

Kevin Seawright has made a life that exemplifies hard work and perseverance. He has had solid examples fro his parents on how to do the right thing in both personal and private sectors of his life. He was taught a solid respect for money and others and is able to work through difficult situations utilizing both personal experience and education.

Mr. Seawright strongly supports the formal education process he told World Class Magazines. He has further pursued his education through not only conventional campus situations, but also through the newer online formats. He continues to enhance his education by finishing a three part course at Notre Dame in executive management.

His illustrious career began in Baltimore when he served as a finance expert for their government. After 11 years of dedicated service, he then sought opportunities in the private sector. His present post has him serving as the CFO of Newark’s CEDC.

He always holds a positive attitude and works hard to change the lives of the individuals he comes into contact with. One of his main objectives is to aid urban centers in growth. If the economic situation of the city grows and flourishes, it will offer jobs and opportunities for the people of that area and help their lives change for the better.

Seawright measures success through a whole different level. He seeks out meaningful exchanges that aid others in doing better and advancing self. He definitely values the relationships that he developed with both his immediate and close family members. He views these close relationships as the sounding base for his success in business and his personal success.

If asked, Seawright considers these family relationships as simply an extension of those that are formed in the community. He seeks ways to help others advance their agendas and make the community and themselves stronger and more vital. He believes that this helps the community grow and make the people who are a part of the community stronger.

When asked, Kevin did not pinpoint any one thing above another as to the key factor that made him successful. He feels that the culmination of all his experiences and his educational attainment has made him what he is. He feels that if any one factor motivates the most, that would be his daughter, who he is truly close.

His passion away from the office is basketball and he’s a huge lover of music. He loves to coach and aid local children with improving their game, but is sad because he cannot watch as many games as he would like because of his schedule. He also has a passion for Redskin football, but also finds it a challenge to get the time to watch the games. A centered individual who cares about community is who Kevin Seawright is.  Follow Kevin on his Twitter account.

Coffee is a well known product that is consumed by billions of individuals each year. Coffee is a tasty beverage that can be consumed hot or cold that has a bitter taste that is enjoyed by the population around the world. What also makes coffee so unique is that it comes from all around the world and has so many variations and niches that there are constantly new ways to consume coffee. Organo Gold is a multilevel marketing company that specializes in selling coffee with a special ingredient that enables consumers of this beverage to both enjoy coffee as well as receive several health benefits to consuming it.

Organo Gold is a company that was created in 2008 for the purpose of offering a special ingredient inside a delicious cup of coffee. This entire concept was started by Bernardo Chua who has extensive experience in the multilevel marketing industry who has also been able to develop this company even further. Bernardo often talks health on Twitter, as it’s a huge interest for him, and one of the biggest reasons for the formation of Organo Gold.

The secret ingredient that is used that makes Organo Gold products special to consume is the secret ingredient of Ganoderma which is known as a health agent. Ganoderma is a fungus that has been deemed by Eastern medicine to be the “king of all herbs”. This ingredient is special due to the fact that this ingredient both energizes as well as relaxes the body to be ready for the day to come.

Ganoderma is combined with the Organo Gold products through a natural process that turns both the coffee as well as the hard and wood like mushroom cap into a fine and consumable powder. This powder is added to a number of Organo Gold products such as Organo Gold’s coffee, tea, mocha, hot chocolate, and much more. Organo Gold is a healthy and delicious option that is consumed by millions around the world. This company in just seven years as been make headlines and is steadily approaching output such as that of Starbucks or Panera.

Organo Gold’s success and recent expansion into Turkey can be attributed to the product and also the expert team members that are dedicated to demonstrate leadership, integrity, and excellence when selling this product. Organo Gold’s leadership team allows anyone to join despite experience. All anyone truly needs to join is a love for hot beverages as well as the desire to earn extra cash. Organo Gold is perfect for those who are looking to work for themselves and for those who want to earn extra cash.

There is a saying “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Well in this case, Organo Gold was given coffee beans and decided to make coffee. A smart move by their company’s founder, Bernardo Chua, considering that coffee is the second most consumed beverage in the world after water according to the National Coffee Association. The significant rise of brick and mortar coffee stores and the focus on niche coffee products further confirm the fact that coffee is a product that won’t disappear even in tough economic times.

Organo Gold is a Canadian based company that offers a multilevel marketing structure in which individual representatives potentially earn income by selling the company’s product and recruiting others to work as distributors. The structure is the unique aspect to Organo Gold because the product is only offered through individual distributors of Organo Gold who must purchase the product wholesale from the company website. This makes the product a desired commodity since it cannot be found in brick and mortar stores.

The product distinguishes itself from others on the market by the inclusion of an ancient traditional Asian herb known as ganoderma. The inclusion of the mushroom mixed with the gourmet coffee beans offers purchasers of the coffee a unique and flavorful taste that can’t be found anywhere else in mass production. Organo Gold claims that the herb helps control cholesterol levels, has antiviral qualities and ultimately makes their coffee healthier than the average coffee made. The company further extended their product base with the ganoderma herb by infusing it into their green tea, hot chocolate, latte blend, and supplements as well.

The founder of Organo Gold, Bernardo Chua, was inspired with the idea of bringing the ancient Asian herb to the rest of the world in 2008 after already being a successful businessman. Using what he learned at the University of the East Manila and his past experience as a businessman, Chua sought to bring his idea today to life. He partnered with Shane Morand who is known for his ability to motivate and develop leaders into some of Organo Gold’s top distributors ultimately supporting the structure of the company. The co-founders complement each other nicely in their business acumen to help Organo Gold because the company it is today.

Since its humble beginnings in Canada, Organo Gold has grown into an international company that offers its products and sales system in the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, the Philippines, Jamaica and Peru along with Canada. The company has been estimated to produce revenues that are approximately $35 million worldwide with its top producers earning anywhere from $350,000 to $4 million per year according to Business for Home.

Any waiter or waitress can attest to the fact that working at a restaurant, though sometimes can be rewarding, can be quite unstable. Low wages often bring an unstable lifestyle especially to those that have a family to think about or need to pay bills. What people working in this industry rely on the most are the tips. One girl in particular, working 5 years since she was 17 knows the struggle of making ends meet. That is until she met a couple that gave her a $1000 tip for a $29 meal.

A 22-year old waitress working in a restaurant in Florida encountered a couple who requested two sodas along with bottomless wings and blue cheese. Nothing seemed odd about this couple except for the fact that they did seem very curious about her personal life. This couple even hinted to the waitress that they have left large tips as much as $500 before. Sure enough, when the waitress went back to collect the bill, there was not a $500 tip but instead there was a $1,000 tip.

What the waitress told the couple was that she has a 2-year old son and they live in a studio apartment with her boyfriend. LinkedIn says that thanks to this generous tip, the family will now be using the money to move into a larger and more suitable apartment that will be perfect for the 22-year old and her family.