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The South Pacific has long been a popular destination for those who are looking for an island getaway, but who do not want to deal with the crowds, hassles, and expense of the more popular destinations in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, and South America. The pristine beaches, unspoiled tropical forests, and intact indigenous culture who are always friendly and welcoming to travelers give the islands of the South Pacific a particular charm that cannot be found anywhere else. Among the options for a South Pacific Island vacation, the most popular is without a doubt Samoa.

Samoa is comprised of several islands, the largest of them being Savai’i and Upolu. Of these Savai’i is the larger and more developed, known for its cities, commerce, and tourism according to The smaller of the two Upolu however, is a little-known gem in the tourism world. The island is accessed by the modern Fagali’I modern airport located on the western end of the island about 5 kilometers from the island capital or Apia. Fagali’I airport started out life as a simple grass landing strip, but in recent years has been expanded, modernized, and developed into a full-featured international air hub quality facility scaled down to fit the needs of the islands 135,000 local inhabitants and the thousands of tourists who come each year. Fagali’I is serviced by five airlines who provide flights both inter-island and to international connector service hubs in Pago Pago and American Samoa.


The island of Upolu offers white sand beaches, sea pools, blue lagoons, forest enclaves, and more for you to explore. The rich history of the island includes periods of inhabitation by more than a dozen cultures over the centuries, and a rich cultural history of the indigenous people that has luckily survived almost entirely intact. Among the most popular things to do, besides swim, fish, lay on the beach, and explore the forests looking for amazing waterfalls is to visit the Robert Louis Stevenson home, where the famous author lived out his days in a sprawling mansion and where he is interned today on a hill overlooking his former estate. You can also visit the Palolo Deep Marine Reserve and also make sure that you have time on your agenda to visit the most spectator location you will ever see in your life, the To Sua Ocean Trench according to No matter how long you plan to be on the island, or what you choose to do while there, you can be sure that you will have a great time and that thanks to the comfortable and convenient facilities offered by Fagali’I Airport, you will be able to arrive and depart the island easily and without hassle.

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