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There are two categories of people in the world; the first one is of those who perceive life as a beautiful bed of roses that’s worth spending every moment on while the second category is of those who take life as a bad and long stormy night full of tosses and turns. One of the main reasons why people in the second category perceive life that way is depression. The problem has always been subject to scrutiny and a whole lot of misconceptions. Whenever there is mention, the society tends to think that it’s a problem which exists in fiction only, but the truth is that it’s real and millions of people across the world struggle it. According to a recent report by ADAA, 6.7 % of the total population in the US is of people who go through depression. However, it’s not that obvious to everyone as some people tend to create and hide behind masks of happy people. Therefore, it is a disease and not a disability which means if people change their attitude towards it; it’s possible for people with depression to get well. Another condition which is commonly misunderstood is borderline personality disorder. Victims of the disease tend to inflict pain on themselves to deal with emotional pain. They also think that everyone wants to hurt them. It commonly comes as a result of past traumatic experiences. Instead of judging them, the best way to help them cope is to accept that it is a sickness and offer them support during therapies. There are many platforms which provide support for people with depression, BPD and other mental conditions such as Talk Space.

About Talk space

When it comes to mental and emotional therapies, most people preferred traditional methods over online platforms until Talk space came. It is a virtual messaging app which links individuals to certified therapists. It comes in handy especially for people going through tough times in their marriages or general life but are afraid to seek help because they want privacy. Through Talk Space, such people can let it all out at the touch of a button without feeling restrained, and the therapists are always available to respond to their texts. Users are asked a few personal questions and are invited to fill a form which is then used to link them with therapists who suits them best. Hence they can get help from wherever they are through texts, video and voice calls at very affordable rates.