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Living a healthier lifestyle is a goal that is shared by millions of people around the world. There are many ways in which we can strive to achieve this goal. Eating healthier foods and being more active are some of the most common ways to work at this goal. There are also many products on the market that can also help achieve these goals.

One company that is especially dedicated to helping people achieve their goals of living healthier is Juenesse Global. The company began almost a decade ago by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. These individuals are two of the top names in the direct sales industry, with over twenty years in the industry. In fact, Juenesse Global isn’t the first business they have ran together. In 1985, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis started the first automated medical systems consultants’ group, AMSC.

The Juenesse Global company offers its client a variety of herbal supplements,energy drinks, and other products that help individuals achieve their lifestyle goals. These products can be used individually or with each other, depending on the desired results. The company also offers an eight week program to help the user change their eating and exercising habits.

One of the most popular line of products is the Finiti line. The Finiti product line is one of several dietary supplements the company offers. This product line is designed to help to consumer to restore their body’s natural balance. This particular product line is made up entirely from plant extracts such as; Astragalus Root Extract, Fucoidan Extract, Purslane Extract, and Turmeric. There are no fish, eggs, shellfish, dairy, peanuts, wheat, or soy in the Finiti line. This makes it extremely popular with customers who suffer from allergies and from vegetarians.

There are many products on the market to help people achieve their healthy lifestyle goals. One of the most influential companies in the industry is Juenesse Global. Juenesse Global offers its’ customers a direct approach to providing a variety of these products.

The Unicorn Line of hair dye from Lime Crime is a gorgeous array of colors. The original release featured bright colors such as Bunny a bright pink and Dilute a light purple. If you’re a chick with a darker natural hair color you may envy lighter haired girls for the dye choices available to them. If you see a gorgeous blonde with purple tips, that’s understandable. Thanks to Lime Crime and the magic of unicorns you can now have those purple tips.

Formerly the Unicorn Line only had bright colors more suited for girls with lighter hair, but these four new shades are specifically for the dark brunettes. The colors include a green called Sea Witch, a gorgeous gray called Charcoal, a maroon color called Chestnut, and the coveted purple called Squid. These are all semi-permanent vegan hair dyes that are easy to use and look great on anyone willing to be a little adventurous with their hair color.

Their choices of bright highlighters, lips colors, and eyeshadows are sure to help you feel even more magical. The lip colors in the Diamond Crushers collection are sure to match your new hair perfectly. Lime Crime is a well regarded company that creates unique products that are 100% vegan and cruelty free. In a world full of ponies, be a unicorn.