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Recent news making the headlines is the appointment of Mike Bagguley as the Chief Operating Officer of Barclay’s investment. The move came as a means to reshape the Company’s investment options and ultimately return it to its former glory where it belongs. This new appointment only makes Mr Bagguley only answerable to Tom King who is the Chief Executive.

The former head of Macro Market was appointed the COO of Barclay’s Investment in November 2015. Mike who has served the Company for 14 years graduated in 1998 from the University of Warwick with a Bachelor for Science in Mathematics. The Bank believes that only Mike Bagguley best qualifies for the position, and his incredible skills would help propel Barclays investments. One of Mike Bagguley’s duties will be to align various infrastructure functions and ensure the coordination of all major projects in Barclay’s Bank. His skills should also help cut costs and at the same time improve profits.

Mike Bagguley while talking to the Wall Street Journal said that “the old FICC models no longer work” this is evident as the trading volumes for European Fixed-Income have dropped by 24% compared to the previous year. Much pressure has been imposed on Banks including stringent regulations which is limiting client activity. Barclays is one of those Banks affected by these tough, and for this reason, they are laying off workers and cutting off investments to adapt to the increased pressure. Mike Bagguley is in charge of several positions in the Company. He has been the head f commodities Foreign Exchange since 2013. He is the Managing Director and also the head of FX Trading. Other previously held positions include Head of Interest Rate Swaps as well as the head of FX Cash Trading.

Mike Bagguley is realistic, determined and a risk taker just like the former Chief Executive Bob Diamond. Analysts claim that this new change is a definite mark as all Banks are striving to strengthen their investment banking options. Bagguley takes the Chief Operation Officer position at a very tough time but also an incredible opportunity for him to showcase his brilliant skills.

In the world of business today there is a need for a global perspective on worldwide affairs involving monetary investments. With such aspirations at large, a few figures stand out on the international stage. One such figure that stands out is Mr Anil Chaturvedi, a seasoned banker with over 40 years of experience in all areas of banking. Allow me to introduce you to this man of business, this man of innovation.

To start with, Mr Anil Chaturvedi has a rather foundational background in all things finance and industry. From graduating from Delhi University with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics with honours, he also graduated with an MBA in Financial Management from Delhi University. This is what started his vision, his quest for global renown in the world of business and finance. In 1993 he became a managing director of Merrill Lynch International, a position that allows him to lead global Indians located in the United States, Europe, Asia, and India. Most of the clients during such tenure was ultra high net worth individuals. He sat amongst the world’s top advisors and models of wealth management. Nothing short of amazing. Until this day he is the managing director of the Hinduja bank where he started in November 2011, located in the Geneva area, Switzerland. With this position, he is responsible for developing cross the border alliances between corporates in the United States, Asia, Europe, and India.

Be it known that with such a spectacular background spanning 40 years. This is a man that has a vision for the financial markets. To have such a global vision, this allows Mr Anil Chaturvedi the chance to speak before the world’s financial operators and those with the ingenuity to manufacturer strategic investment decisions. In 2016, he spoke at a very illustrious business seminar in Munich wherein the overall theme was investment opportunities for European businesses in India. While no small position, Mr Anil Chaturvedi was very strategic in describing his vision for the markets in relation to European and India arrangements. When he speaks of financial matters, most listen because he has a background of success, a track record of exceptional accomplishments. But his most striking quality is his ability to foresee coming change, patterns, and investment opportunities. Having a global mindset allows Mr Anil Chaturvedi such advantages.

Nothing short of impressive as this is a man of vision and a man of business. 

Equities First is a company that specializes in helping people get the money they need for the business dream they want to create. This company is known worldwide, but it has some deep roots in South Africa. There are many financial institutions that would deny people lending in South Africa. This could be due to income, not enough credit, or a number of other reasons.Equities First actually talks to people and looks into their personality. The first thing Equities First does is connect the borrower with a business lending partner that understands the type of business in question. Equities First has people from all areas of the business world. This can be in the food industry, clothing industry, or even religious industry.

The Equities First professional will sit down with the borrower and create a business plan. This plan will be formed through the use of graphs and charts. However, the borrower will understand everything in the simplest terms. This plan will show how the borrower plans to pay back the money and in what time period. If the plan looks like it will fail, the Equities First professional will not hesitate to cancel the plan. The borrower and the professional will brainstorm a number of ways to attack the business plan so that a sure profit will be made in the quickest amount of time.

Throughout South Africa, thousands of people have left reviews all over the web regarding Equities First. All of these reviews are positive, and they keep coming by the day. There were many people in South Africa that had no money and no life. Equities First gave these people a chance. Today, many of these individuals are successful business owners. They credit their success to the generosity and hope that Equities First displays on a daily basis.


Equities First US, formally known as Equities First Holdings, LLC is a financial services business. The company, founded back in 2002, has its headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana and a domestic satellite office located in New York City, New York. The company has a staff of under 50 employees headed up by an experienced team of business professionals.

The People

In over 15 years of operation, the people at Equities First believe they have been lucky to garner a noteworthy team of veterans of the financial industry. They are headed up by the official U.S. team including (but not necessarily limited to) Al Christy Junior, president, Jeff Smith, managing director, Julie LaPoint, operations manager and Joe McCarthy, head trader. Equities First conducts business on a global scale via international offices in Bangkok, Hong Kong, London, Perth, Singapore, and Sydney.

The Business

This privately held company has numerous clients around the world including both businesses and high net-worth individuals desiring non-purpose capital. Equities First Holdings works to provide their numerous clients with efficient solutions to their concerns and to provide personalized financing arrangements custom made for their particular individual borrower needs. The company offers what is known in the industry as “securities based lending services.” The business provides customers with loans based on an evaluation of both the future performance and the risk involved with bonds, stocks and treasuries.

The Specialties

Equities First Holdings’ specialties include alternative finance solutions, capital allocation, and other individualized financial services. They are driven to provide a specific product designed to efficiently supply financial liquidity at acceptable terms through the utilization of a transparent, secure and proven method. On their official website, they add that their team has thus far completed several hundred transactions and they say their particular approach results in their customers receiving better financial terms as well as a lower cost of capital than they would ever get from any of the standard financing options.


Texas banks are growing every day on the strength of their customer service, and they are providing their customers with service that is difficult to match. There are quite a few people who are coming to local banks for their services, and this article explains how the banks are offering a service that every customer will benefit from. Someone who is searching for a finer bank will find what they need when they come to Nexbank.


#1: Nexbank Was Started In Dallas


Nexbank was started to ensure the local services offered in Dallas would be open to all. The bank is a part of Highland Capital Management, and the company has ensured Nexbank is offering local services where needed. They allow their customers to come through the door for the most-basic services, and they may deposit or take withdrawals where needed.


#2: How Does Nexbank Expand Their Services?


The Nexbank staff allows loans and financial services through their bank, and they are providing customers with services that feel personalized. Someone who wishes to use the bank for local loans or financial services will find what they need in the bank, and they make speak with someone who knows how to manage a new account. Customers may invest if they like, and there are many who will derive all their banking services from the same place.


#3: The Branches Are Open To The Public


There are quite a few people who may walk into branches at any time, and they may make choices for banking that are informed by the staff. There are several services that may be found in the branches.


Each customer who comes to Nexbank will find what they need, and they will enjoy the services that have been created for the local customer. Dallas is a richer city for hosting Nexbank.