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David Zalik is the official owner and founder of GreenSky Credit  with a position at the company as the CEO of the organization, so his business entails making sure that things are running smoothly inside of his business venture which he has capable control of. He is the boss, so what he says goes. David Zalik was not always the successful entrepreneur who got rocketed to the moon with his business plan and massive action steps towards greatness. He lived inside of the country where the communist movement was the most prevalent which feigned tyranny in the citizens of the country of Argentina. He and his family witnessed and experienced much hardship at the hands of a corrupt governmental system which obviously does not promote or endorse the action of starting a business for money in a free marketplace like the United States does. David Zalik was always fascinated by the subject of allocating an income through the means of starting a business even as his family and he moved to different parts of the world searching for the freedom that they were so desperate to discover. David Zalik and his family finally happened upon the fertile land of the United States Of America which is where he began constructing his master plan in building a business that allowed its customers to proved the goods and services of credit to customers who came to them. Thank his determination and hard work ethic that remained consistent a steady, he accomplished his goals and is now a billionaire listed on Forbes and the newest member of the billionaires club. His business system currently makes an average of about two hundred and fifty million dollars per annual cycle and company has about three billion and five hundred million dollars so far in assets derived from the loans they gave to the individuals and companies who needed financial assistance in some way, shape, or form. David Zalik never gave up on his goals and thanks to his vision and his ever continuing efforts, credit and loan services are now available to all who need to provide credit to their clientele base. sky-billionaire-David-zalik-built-a-tech-empire-from-age-14.html

White Shark Media is one of the fastest growing and leading North American Digital Marketing Agencies that currently provides online marketing solutions that are tailor-made to meet the needs of small to medium-sized businesses. The growth of White Shark Media can be attributed to their reputation of designing Search Marketing campaigns that are not only cost-effective but which gives the client a world-class experience.

A thought-leading company, White Shark Media is known for setting high standards and also educating the markets through their digital marketing blog. The Agency has, since 2014 been a Bing Ads Elite SMB and Google AdWords™ Premier Partner. The Agency provides digital consulting and technology services to several major brands. Some of the White Shark Media clients include Platinum Pro Painters Canada, iMarine Inc., and A Star Movers Texas.

White Shark Media Services

A one-time boutique digital marketing agency, White Shark media has now been instrumental in helping thousands of North American small businesses grow by providing online marketing tactics together with a comprehensive suite of marketing tools.

The primary services on offer at White Shark Media include Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Management, and Mobile Marketing. Secondary services cover Digital Marketing, Pay Per Click Engines, Conversion Optimization, and Landing Page Optimization.

Some of the specific services provided by White Shark Media include:

  • PPC Performance Evaluation (Free)
  • Specialized Solutions for PPC Management
  • E-commerce SEM management solutions
  • Local listings management

White Shark Media Certifications & Accreditations

White Shark Media is certified in the usage of both Yahoo/Bing ads and Google AdWords platforms in the PPC industry. All their employees engaged in operating PPC accounts undergo tests at least once annually.

Strategic Collaboration

The close Google collaboration resulted in the Atlanta, Georgia based Agency being awarded in July 2014 the prestigious Google AdWords™ Premier SMB Partnership. Similarly, Microsoft has recognized White Shark Media’s success and proven track record with small businesses marketing campaigns. Because of that, the Agency is engaged in an alliance that will make them part of Microsoft’s Bing Ads Authorized Reseller program.

The Future

White Shark Media has shown its commitment to the continued success of their clients. Towards this goal, they intend to remain innovative in terms of offering marketing solutions that are cost-effective. Besides expecting growth over the coming years, the Agency intends to continue bringing on-board other successful partnerships in line with their campaign approach that is results-driven.

Recently, White Shark Media joined the highly respected Inc. 5000 list that includes some of the fastest-growing US companies. It is currently building its own state-of-the-art 6,000 square meter facility to accommodate the current explosive growth.