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The Cannes Film Festival has many different ways of honoring those who are seen to be at the very pinnacle of their profession, one of those who has developed his career in such a way that he has become a Cannes favorite is Brazilian advertising executive Alexandre Gama. Not only has Alexandre Gama been awarded a number of impressive awards at Cannes over the course of his career from 1999 onward he has also been given the prestigious honor of giving one of the Cannes Magna Lectures that are only awarded to those seen as able to provide a master class in a chosen specialty.

Both at home in Brazil and abroad Alexandre Gama has achieved an amazing level of success that has seen him offered seats of various boards and industrial groups, such as the Brazilian Association of Advertising Agencies; Gama has taken a major role in this association and has dedicated himself to protecting the communications and advertising industry in the country and promoting Brazilian talent abroad. Alexandre Gama has spent much of his career seeking to further the cause of the Brazilian advertising industry through his major roles with his own Neogama ad agency and during its partnership with BBH.

The awards and recognition provided for Alexandre Gama by a number of different global bodies have extended to his position on a number of jury’s and boards, such as the British D & AD International Film Jury in 2004 that reflected his global success at Cannes and other film festivals. After much of his recent career was spent exploring a number of partnerships for his Neogama group, Alexandre Gama was invited to become the first and only Brazilian advertising professional to join the Global Creative Board of Publicis Groupe that forms the direction of the holding companies six agencies for the future.