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Ara Chackerian has been at the heart of numerous philanthropic causes in San Franscisco, California. Much of this work has revolved around the healthcare sector, youth development as well as the environment. They are all geared towards empowering his community. His career has also given him an opportunity to use technology in the delivery of healthcare services.

The Limonapa Teak is one of his environmental enterprises. Other than providing a source of livelihood for locals, the teak farm has helped to enhance the environment. The TMS Health Solution on the other hand is built around the outpatient psychiatry space. Chackerian worked with one of his colleagues for close to ten years to set it up. Patients in California with depression currently receive better services.

Talk therapy as well as medication were the traditional methods of helping to deal with depression. The new technology was set up to complement the two methods. Ara Chackerian hoped that TMS would take psychiatric care to a whole new level. Dr. Richard Bermudas who had considerable experience with TMS, helped to propel their plans further. He helped them see the great gains of the technology as well as the challenges that lied ahead of them. For more details visit Crunchbase.

They brought together their different levels of expertise and in the end made TMS accessible to a good number of clients. Medication-resistant depression would soon become a thing of the past. It was only going to be a matter of time. Ara Chackerian’s model was centered around the patient ensuring that their needs and desires were put above everything else. Seven new facilities are already up and running courtesy of the partnership that is now two years old. You can visit


Many of his ideas have seen the light of day courtesy of some life lessons from his parents. From an early age, Ara Chackerian learned the value of actively engaging life and this has paid dividends over the years. He believes that there is still more to come regarding digital healthcare. Telemedicine will inevitably leave its mark on the healthcare system.

Prior to the establishment of TMS Health Solutions he had enjoyed a largely successful career. Chackerian attended the Florida State University where he studied Marketing and Business Management. His career has involved stints at Health Diagnostics LLC, BMC Diagnostics as well as PSS/World Medical.



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