Ruminations of a Taco-Obsessed Philly Native

Have you ever wondered how CEO’s made it to where they are? What kind of lifestyle did they live prior to becoming a successful CEO or President of a company or establishment? What kind of parents raised such an individual to become the most successful? Well, I believe it does take quite a bit to raise an individual to become most successful. It takes parents who are dedicated to their children and parents who want nothing more than the best for their children. When children grow up, they are highly influenced by the adults around them, specifically their parents or people who have raised them. The positive influence that the children gains is then instilled in them and makes them who they are; the outcome is success.

Milan Kordestani is a clear example of an individual who started his journey of success and a very young age. In fact, he is still considered to be very young for the responsibilities that he currently carries. Milan Kordestani is the CEO and Founder of Milan Farms. Milan is also known for his well known accomplishments as a journalists, equestrian competition winnings, and article publishing with Huffington Post.

Milan was born in the year of 1999, which today, makes him only nineteen years old. Milan has started his journey as young as ten years old riding horses, which was one of his true passions at that age, and still continues to be one of his greatest passions. This time frame in his life was where he began to develop a true passion and appreciation for animals and their well-being. Milan also experienced some incidents that occurred when he was very young with riding horses that made him stronger mentally and physically. Milan actually fell off a horse at the age of ten years old, but immediately got back on the horse and decided to continue riding. In addition to his ambition for animals, Milan became a well known journalist and an excellent equestrian. Milan has also accepted many different awards and recognition for his accomplishments over the years; world’s champion with Supreme Kiss, Junior Exhibitor Three-Gated Park Winner, etc. Milan is definitely one of the most successful young CEO today that has accomplished a significant amount in such a short time period.



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