Ruminations of a Taco-Obsessed Philly Native

Glen Wakeman is known all throughout the corporate industry as a businessman and an entrepreneur who encourages those who are new to the industry. He would always inspire other people to do business, and he is considered as someone who has revolutionized the corporate sector. He mentors newcomers by boosting their entrepreneurial spirit, and he is also active personnel in developing people for leadership positions. Most startup companies are looking for his services because they knew that he would be able to help them out with being successful in their chosen field (Ideamensch). Glen Wakeman founded the LaunchPad Holdings LLC in 2015, and today, it is transforming the lives of entrepreneurs all across the United States. His company is giving them guidance and advice on what they would have to do to advance their business careers.


Glen Wakeman graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and an MBA in Finance. He used the knowledge that he learned from school to get through some of the best financial institutions in the United States, including the GE Capital. Later on, after he acquired new knowledge and experiences in the financial industry, he founded the Nova Four. He would serve different positions throughout the company, and he would be in different departments including the executive department and the business development department. He enjoyed serving the people and encouraging them by providing them some points that they would have to remember to become successful. Glen Wakeman is the author of the five-step performance method that would surely help an individual to face all of the challenges in the industry and end up victorious.



According to Glen Wakeman’s five steps, one should focus heavily on leadership, human capital, execution, risk management, and governance. He has also written books and other publications which discussions his take on how to become successful. He advised younger entrepreneurs that they should not surrender easily when forging a career in the business industry, but they would have to focus on how they could make their business thrive and to expand their contacts in the industry. After they successfully followed the steps, they would see themselves high above the pedestal of success.




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