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Dr. Dov Johanan Rand is Healthy Aging Medical Centers’ President since the year 2010 (Twitter). Dr. Dov Rand’s expertise is the administration of regenerative and integrative methods to help remedy the patient’s medical problems, which are associated to aging. In his profession he formulated customized treatments that refurbish the vitality and overall wellbeing of his clients along with the objective of preventing their respective ailments to escalate further.

Various age related diseases treated at the Healthy Aging Medical Centers are anxiety, depression, mood swings, insomnia, night sweats, menopause, andropause, hot flashes, low libido, weight gain, muscle atrophy, mental fogginess fatigue, erectile dysfunction, high blood pressure, memory loss and vaginal dryness.

According to Dr. Dov Rand, each individual is naturally endowed with bad and good hormones. However, as people get older the bad hormones increase and the good hormones decrease simultaneously. The stress hormone cortisol and the insulin that accumulates fat in the body are considered bad hormones. Whereas, the human growth hormone, thyroid, progesterone, estrogen, DHEA and testosterone are some of the good hormones.

In the administration of the remedies created by Dr. Dov Rand, he reconditions the body to be able to maintain the previous balance between the good and bad hormones, and after doing the treatments his patients claim to have more vigor and stamina. The added advantage of the treatments is that patients who are suffering from depression report to have reduce episodes of the disorder. Other health improvements likewise occur such as decrease in the vulnerability to heart ailments, lower prevalence of cancer, and the lowering of cholesterol levels.

To address the complains of elderly patients, Dr. Dov Rand recommends the administration of bioidentical hormones that are equally effective and safe. But prior to the implementation of any health programs he mandatorily requires that patients need to undergo several tests including blood tests so he can view the comprehensive health of the patients and come up with a personalized health program per case.

To make Dr. Rand’s medical remedies more effective, he and his staff likewise recommends a regular exercise and a modified diet program to further enhance the patient’s overall health.





Customs Company Transportation in Chicago Illinois opened in 1986 when Perry Mandera was a fresh entrepreneur. Today, Mandera who was also a former Marine Corp, is also a veteran in the field of transportation. His multi-million dollar company has grossed over 200 million and he has been recognized as an industry leader. Perry Mandera built a mega successful career in transportation as a savvy businessman and has instilled impeccable core values for his company to servicing communities in Chicago and the US. Customs Company growth has seen over 33 distribution centers in the state of Illinois and more than 300 employees (Twitter). The company’s offers a logistical range of products and services from truckload services to international air freight and a LTL division that services thousands of shipments daily.

What is additionally important to know about Perry Mandera is a family oriented man, a church goer, and is passionate about the youth of Chicago. Perry Mandera got married in 1989 and since started a family of two kids. That is more than 29 years of a happy family life. Meanwhile he maintains his commitments to his extended family with the youth of Illinois which he has purposefully done for equal amount of time.

The former marine and republican ward committeeman heart is rooted in organizations that nurture Chicago youth and allows motivation and development. His efforts have gone as far as partnering with the Illinois Crime Commission whose interests are to widen the gap between where Chicago youth and police meet. Perry has exceeded expectations in his contributions with these organizations by receiving numerous awards during his service. With two kids of his own, Perry Mandera advocates for a safer community with lower juvenile delinquency rates, and support from organization that shapes the youth academic and athletic potential. He has coach several youth sports teams in basketball, baseball and football and donated to over 100 youth sports organizations in his commitments.

His passion for sponsoring sports organizations, especial in boxing, has led to contenders in the 1992 and 2004 Olympics. As Perry Mandera continues to incorporate charity into the core values of Customs Companies you will see more youth efforts and successes on the rise.




Jorge Moll graduated from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro obtaining his medical degree. He then completed both his medical residence and PhD in Experimental Pathophysiology in Neurology at the same university São Paulo University. Jorge Moll is the founder and current head of the D’Or Institute of Research and Education (IDOR), Rio de Janeiro, and of the Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unit (CBNU).


Jorge Moll conducts most of his daily operation as President-director and member of the governing board of the D’Or Institute for Research and Education. In Rio de Janeiro, Jorge Moll acts as a Brazil Senior Researcher developing theory to the operations of the human brain. His work as Head of the Cognitive Neuroscience Unit and Neuroinformatics Workgroup, landed Jorge with an award in Research & Education Awards & distinctions Research Fellow NIH award from 2004 to 2007. Brazilian Academy of Sciences has also positioned Jorge Moll as an affiliate member. Other groups Jorge Moll has been invited and accepted joining include Elected governors board member of the International Neuroethics Society and Stanford Neuroscience Institute, at Stanford University (2015).


Jorge Moll work with a new study reveals new brain function data. Belonging to a group of similar like-minded soccer fans show an increase in positive social behavior. It seems that the more a human is involved in social environments that they feel accepted and the greater sense of self-awareness they tend to have. The goal of Jorge Moll study was to recognize the motivation within the members of specific group of people. The study chose soccer fans.


A method that was used to represent the involvement of a fan was giving them a device in which they would squeeze during an experimental trial. They were given an opportunity to give a form of a donation to individuals that were apart of three different groups. The same group as themselves, different group, or their own person. They saw that the subjects had a greater desire to want to give to individuals of the same group even if they were Anonymous and did not know them. This work has helped us see a greater view of the human mind. The more we can see eye to eye on a subject matter the more we want for one another.

Since coming into office, President Donald Trump has been making rumblings about the North American Free Trade Agreement, commonly known as NAFTA. The President has suggested everything from getting rid of NAFTA completely to renegotiating key terms of the pact.It has industry leaders in various sectors of the economy on edge, including those in the gas, oil and exploration industries. That includes Talos Energy officials. Talos is based in Houston, Texas, and explores for oil in the Gulf of Mexico. Talos experts believe energy production will be the key that will keep NAFTA trading partners together.

The bottom line is this: Talos Energy and most energy companies think it’s in the best interests of all NAFTA parties to simply make no changes at all. Since NAFTA was enacted in 1994, the flow of energy between the three signatories – Canada, Mexico and the United States – has created a condition of maximum success for all. Especially in terms of energy, NAFTA has clearly been a win-win-win situation.That’s not to say the energy landscape hasn’t changed dramatically in the past decade. Energy production in the U.S. has soared, thanks to advances in hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling. America is now the world’s second largest producer of oil. It is among the top producers of natural gas.

While American energy booms, Mexico’s energy sector has been struggling. Even though Mexico is an oil-rich country, its output has actually gone down in recent years. Canada has been dealing with similar production problems. All this means that the U.S. enjoys a position of strength in the NAFTA arrangement as it is.The prospects for Mexico are looking up, however. In fact, Talos Energy recently partnered with Mexico and a British energy company to become the first foreign entity to drill for oil in Mexican territory in more than 80 years. Mexico nationalized its oil industry in 1938, but allowed Talos and it British partner in to explore for oil for the first time in 2017.If Mexico starts producing more oil, NAFTA – in its current form – becomes more important than ever.

A good entrepreneur has to think big. Jose Hawilla is someone that can attest for that. In the 80s he started what has become Brazil’s largest sports marketing company. In order to do something like this he would have to think big. He would have to think outside the box and really put yourself in a position to grow as an entrepreneur.


One big thing that Jose Hawilla believes is that entrepreneurs reach for the sky and make an attempt to do something that has not been done before. This is where he found his success. He went against the grain and did something that had not been done previously, and that is what allowed him to build up one of the world’s largest sports marketing companies. To see more you can visit



Jose Hawilla also believed that there are great strides in humble beginnings. People that start small have the ability to move to the top, but there are obstacles that are bound to be in their way. What good entrepreneurs do is continue to learn from their mistakes. Even if they start small and have a hard time in the beginning they still know that they have the ability to grow. A lot of what an entrepreneur can accomplish depends heavily on their attitude. If they start small and continue to think small they will not get very far. If they start small, however, and have dreams to grow they will usually find a way to make this happen. It simply takes time and effort to build a better business over time. People that are serious about the concept of entrepreneurship are going to look at every opportunity, even if it is an obstacle, as a chance to get better. Some people may not realize it, but even negative feedback is something that can serve as a reminder to put the customers first.


Jose started small with his sports marketing agency, but he knew one thing for sure in the early beginning. He knew that he had to put his clients first. He had to listen to the voices of the people that he was serving.



Louis Chênevert is a learned person with a degree in Bachelor of Commerce Production management, and also a Doctorate from the University of Montreal which he was honored in 2011. Louis Chênevert was the previous Chief Executive Officer at United Technologies Corporation (UTC) a position he held from April 2008. Louis had served this company for quite some time holding different positions during different time periods. In 2010, he was the Chairman a position he held till his retirement in November 2014. Before joining UTC, Louis had served as the president at Pratt and Whitney from 1999 to 2006. Louis Chênevert skills had also been manifested at General Motors where he served as the production General Manager for 14 years. During his interview, Chênevert acknowledged that the idea for UTC was born from the combination of minds of executives and people from small teams. He added that this idea became a success because these people had a good understanding of Customer preferences. Chênevert success was attributed to his passion, focus and being positive.

He added that to improve his productivity, he ignores all internal politics and makes sure that the key executives involved in the execution of ideas do not lack anything they would require for them to deliver required results. Ideas are not helpful if they are not actualized, and for Chênevert, to actualize the idea of bringing UTC to life, he made sure that talent was taken into consideration. He ensured that the ideas taken were those that would benefit the company; delivering more than customers expected and enabling the company makes good profits. Louis acknowledged that the way technology is rapidly changing enables the company to grow at a faster rate towards achieving their future goals. Louis also advised aspiring entrepreneurs by giving his life secrets to success. He said that he had gained much from having the right people to work with, and making sure that whatever risk he is engaged in is profitable. He never forgot to mention that for the growth of his business, he maintained an open mind and maintained a close association with winners.

Have you ever wondered how CEO’s made it to where they are? What kind of lifestyle did they live prior to becoming a successful CEO or President of a company or establishment? What kind of parents raised such an individual to become the most successful? Well, I believe it does take quite a bit to raise an individual to become most successful. It takes parents who are dedicated to their children and parents who want nothing more than the best for their children. When children grow up, they are highly influenced by the adults around them, specifically their parents or people who have raised them. The positive influence that the children gains is then instilled in them and makes them who they are; the outcome is success.

Milan Kordestani is a clear example of an individual who started his journey of success and a very young age. In fact, he is still considered to be very young for the responsibilities that he currently carries. Milan Kordestani is the CEO and Founder of Milan Farms. Milan is also known for his well known accomplishments as a journalists, equestrian competition winnings, and article publishing with Huffington Post.

Milan was born in the year of 1999, which today, makes him only nineteen years old. Milan has started his journey as young as ten years old riding horses, which was one of his true passions at that age, and still continues to be one of his greatest passions. This time frame in his life was where he began to develop a true passion and appreciation for animals and their well-being. Milan also experienced some incidents that occurred when he was very young with riding horses that made him stronger mentally and physically. Milan actually fell off a horse at the age of ten years old, but immediately got back on the horse and decided to continue riding. In addition to his ambition for animals, Milan became a well known journalist and an excellent equestrian. Milan has also accepted many different awards and recognition for his accomplishments over the years; world’s champion with Supreme Kiss, Junior Exhibitor Three-Gated Park Winner, etc. Milan is definitely one of the most successful young CEO today that has accomplished a significant amount in such a short time period.


Talos Energy is a well-established independent oil and gas company based in Houston, Texas. It is a privately owned firm founded in 2012. Among its founders is John A. Parker, John L. Harrison, Stephen E. Heitzman, and Timothy S. Duncan. It is an active IPO with a number of 101 to 250 efficient and skilled employees.

The company thrives under the leadership of an experienced management team in offshore exploration and production of oil and gas. It operates on the basis of asset acquisition in and around Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico regions. Talos main emphasis is on optimizing, exploring and exploiting assets.

Article Recap: How the Tech Firms Fairing Today in Stocks

With the return of volatility in the stock market industry, the value of public companies is slowly diminishing. The jitter is all over the headlines as people seek to find answers to this bubble. As we speak, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is significantly going down from 150, 300, 500 and 600 points and later acquiring 424.5 points at the close of the day which translates to 1.74%. NASDAQ also dropped with 1.70 percent while the S&P 500 accumulated a whole 1.34 percent. Clearly, this was a really bad day for the stock markets. Consequently, technology got the better part of the whole issue and a preceding report on partial damage to get investors on the right track once again.

According to Google Finance API and Google Sheets’ math, most American-based technology firms lost greatly in the stock markets. The “Big Five” (Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, and Alphabet) lost $ 104.39 Billion in just a single session. Moreover, the new companies that recently made their great wins public such as Zscaler were also on the losing edge. No one gave the insights on the current state of the stock market today. The market status today reveals that both the stable tech companies in the industry and SaaS companies are in a total mess. On the other hand, the newest IPOs in the market are doing fairy better today. 2018 seems to be the year where overall points earned by the specific companies do not matter anymore but rather when the operating rules are formulated. The stock markets are not clear on the tech companies’ future.

Glen Wakeman is known all throughout the corporate industry as a businessman and an entrepreneur who encourages those who are new to the industry. He would always inspire other people to do business, and he is considered as someone who has revolutionized the corporate sector. He mentors newcomers by boosting their entrepreneurial spirit, and he is also active personnel in developing people for leadership positions. Most startup companies are looking for his services because they knew that he would be able to help them out with being successful in their chosen field (Ideamensch). Glen Wakeman founded the LaunchPad Holdings LLC in 2015, and today, it is transforming the lives of entrepreneurs all across the United States. His company is giving them guidance and advice on what they would have to do to advance their business careers.


Glen Wakeman graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and an MBA in Finance. He used the knowledge that he learned from school to get through some of the best financial institutions in the United States, including the GE Capital. Later on, after he acquired new knowledge and experiences in the financial industry, he founded the Nova Four. He would serve different positions throughout the company, and he would be in different departments including the executive department and the business development department. He enjoyed serving the people and encouraging them by providing them some points that they would have to remember to become successful. Glen Wakeman is the author of the five-step performance method that would surely help an individual to face all of the challenges in the industry and end up victorious.



According to Glen Wakeman’s five steps, one should focus heavily on leadership, human capital, execution, risk management, and governance. He has also written books and other publications which discussions his take on how to become successful. He advised younger entrepreneurs that they should not surrender easily when forging a career in the business industry, but they would have to focus on how they could make their business thrive and to expand their contacts in the industry. After they successfully followed the steps, they would see themselves high above the pedestal of success.



David Zalik is the official owner and founder of GreenSky Credit  with a position at the company as the CEO of the organization, so his business entails making sure that things are running smoothly inside of his business venture which he has capable control of. He is the boss, so what he says goes. David Zalik was not always the successful entrepreneur who got rocketed to the moon with his business plan and massive action steps towards greatness. He lived inside of the country where the communist movement was the most prevalent which feigned tyranny in the citizens of the country of Argentina. He and his family witnessed and experienced much hardship at the hands of a corrupt governmental system which obviously does not promote or endorse the action of starting a business for money in a free marketplace like the United States does. David Zalik was always fascinated by the subject of allocating an income through the means of starting a business even as his family and he moved to different parts of the world searching for the freedom that they were so desperate to discover. David Zalik and his family finally happened upon the fertile land of the United States Of America which is where he began constructing his master plan in building a business that allowed its customers to proved the goods and services of credit to customers who came to them. Thank his determination and hard work ethic that remained consistent a steady, he accomplished his goals and is now a billionaire listed on Forbes and the newest member of the billionaires club. His business system currently makes an average of about two hundred and fifty million dollars per annual cycle and company has about three billion and five hundred million dollars so far in assets derived from the loans they gave to the individuals and companies who needed financial assistance in some way, shape, or form. David Zalik never gave up on his goals and thanks to his vision and his ever continuing efforts, credit and loan services are now available to all who need to provide credit to their clientele base. sky-billionaire-David-zalik-built-a-tech-empire-from-age-14.html