Ruminations of a Taco-Obsessed Philly Native

E-Cigarettes are a huge craze in the U.S. right now. With cigarette prices increasing and a small selection of flavors, people are starting to make the switch to an alternative form of smoking. E-Cigarettes have some features that win consumers over. With a vast array of flavors and a smoother drag, E-Cigarettes are starting to take over the market.

With variables in the amount of nicotine they contain, E-Cigarettes are a more customizable form of smoking. It’s a completely customizable smoking experience. Whether you are a seasoned smoker or an occasional smoker there are nicotine levels to fit your smoking experience.

Flavors are another huge selling point. Do you want to taste tobacco when you smoke? Great, there are thousands of tobacco flavored options. Or maybe you want to taste Skittles? No problem. With over one hundred thousand flavors E-Cigarettes have a flavor for every taste pallet. With that in mind, did you know that there is a bacon-flavored vapor? Even nachos, hamburgers, and Red Bull make the list of vapor flavors.

There are hundreds of companies that have popped up in the E-Cigarette craze. O2Pur is one of the most recognizable. The Utah-based company is one of many that have popped up recently and is also one of the most reliable. O2Pur has tons of different products, lots of flavors, and a great price point. This seems like it would be standard among E-Cigarette companies, but with so many startups and newer companies, this is actually becoming a bit of a rarity in the E-Cigarette company.

O2Pur may be new to the game, but they are certainly turning some heads. With an active twitter account and tons of social media giveaways, the Utah-based E-Cigarette company is building a solid user base for its newer brand. Make sure to give O2Pur a look when you are shopping around for E-Cigarette companies, they may be new, but they are certainly cheap and reliable.


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