Ruminations of a Taco-Obsessed Philly Native

Nick Vertucci believes that everyone can become wealthy. By following his tried and true program offered through the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, it is possible to gain the necessary knowledge needed in order to pursue a lucrative career in the real estate market.

The Academy was founded in 2013 has only grown in popularity and success. The NVREA system is very structured and through and covers all the important topics such as asset protection, leveraging your 401K and IRA into fund investments, commercial investments, and wholesaling and flipping contracts. It also covers rehabbing and flipping properties, and buying and holding properties for cash flow over a long period of time.

Nick Vertucci has not always been known as the well-known and successful man that he is today. He has had numerous and difficult struggles in order to rise to the top. He lost his father early on, lived out of his van at the age of 18 and even lost all of his wealth with the crash of the dot com crash of 2000. He struggled with virtually no income and debt and lost nearly everything he owned.

When a friend of his first introduced him to a real estate training seminar, he was fairly reluctant to go initially, but since he really had nothing to lose, he attended. That was a vital turning point in his life, and he learned enough to get him going again. He drew on his new found inspiration and went on to create a system that most people can follow that covers what is important to work in the real estate market.

Nick Vertucci offers a free workshop that is ideal for anyone even if they do not have experience in the real estate market. It is also perfect for anyone who has little or no formal training and cash reserves are not necessary to get started. There are countless success stories by students who have attended NVREA and people are taking control of their lives. Nick Vertucci wants to give power back to people so they can live on their own terms.


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