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The Oxford Club is one of the most prestigious investing clubs in the world. The Oxford Club is comprised of wealthy members from various industries. Most of the Oxford Club members own their own business. Some of the members inherited their wealth.


In the coming years, the Oxford Club wants to invest in new asset classes. Some of the members want to invest in developing nations. Although developing countries have more financial risks than developed nations, they offer higher financial returns. Many countries in Africa and South America are tempting to consider.





Over the past decade, the best sector to invest in has been technology. Technology is a driving force of change for people around the world. More people than ever before can utilize fundamental technology. The internet is making information available to people all over the world.


Some members of the Oxford Club believe that the club should continue to invest money into new technology companies.



Real Estate


Many members of the Oxford Club own real estate. Real estate is an excellent way for investors to generate monthly income. Some members of the Oxford Club own vast real estate empires.


There are diverse places around the world where the real estate market is developing. In places like Brazil, the real estate market is rapidly increasing in value. The Oxford Club plans to invest in raw land in various nations. Over time, the property will be developed and sold for a massive profit.





The Oxford Club also owns some land where natural resources are available. The most common resource is oil. The Oxford Club has made a ton of money recently by selling land that has oil available on it. With the rapid population growth around the world, natural resources will become even more valuable.

Coraline Jessie
May 20, 2018

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