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Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are creative geniuses at what it is they execute inside of the circle of musical vocabulary and language. They speak volumes upon volumes of clear and distinct messages which penetrate the diffusion of social responsibility that permeate throughout the subject matter of social media and it’s hideous devices it plants inside of the human mind when it cones down to what their social profile pages look like and how many likes they will receive for their sense of personal self respect and worth. It’s importance is inflated much like a narcissist does to one’s sense of self. Like a narccisist constantly seeks the attention, approval, hatred, fear, adulation, and recognition of others around them in the real world, such is more than a parallel to those who seek much of the same resources from the masses who also misrepresent themselves with facades and false identifies, usually by only showing their best side possible or by eliciting fear from others through direct messenging like internet bullies do so often. This is the reservoir that fed Sick Boy. Sick boy did take a darker turn, but only because that is the identity of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. They teach in their music that even though the sickness in the online social community is discernibly bad, it is an ugly reality we must tolerate when wanting to use the online community sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The Chainsmokers are against the idea and it is something they encounter everyday inside the confines of the musical industry. Even when their music deviated from the normal and intimate music that they alchemized in Closer and Roses, the fans were taken aback in wonder and awe as they let the lyrical compositions sink in deeply into their spirits. Music is powerful, and Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart waste no efforts in injecting the emotions that rarely get broadcasted to the people through hip hop and electronic genres like theirs. The fact that they incorporate an aspect of humanness that other sounds are mostly void of is perhaps the one quality that makes Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart of The Chainsmokers truly unique and beautiful afterall.



Stream Energy is one of the fastest growing energy providers in the country today. The company was founded in 2004, and in just a short amount of time, they managed to expand beyond their home state of Texas. Illinois and Delaware are just two of the most recent states that were added into the company’s list of areas where they are currently operating, and locals are satisfied and contented with the service that the company provides. Stream Energy has more extravagant plans for future expansions, and they are excited to announce this information to their clients and investors who are positively thinking of their future.

Aside from their expansion plans, Stream Energy also revealed their newest company department that would handle all philanthropic activities of the company, called the Stream Cares Foundation. One of the first activities that the group did was to offer assistance to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. The hurricane destroyed much of coastal Texas, and scientists are stating that it dumped 56 inches of rain, causing massive floods even in big cities. Many Texans have lost their properties and pets, and Stream Cares aims to provide these people with assistance and relief that would help them get through the disaster.

The leaders of the company  believe that helping the people is already embedded in their DNAs. Stream Cares Foundation is the result of their objective of assisting those who are in need, as a form of gratitude for all of the profits and the support that they received since 2004. The Stream Cares Foundation has launched programs all across the state of Texas that would help the victims of the hurricane to receive necessities that they need to survive. They will also receive financial assistance from the company, and according to Stream Energy, they will also mobilize their teams to fix the energy flow in areas that are greatly affected.

After the hurricane, a lot of electric posts have given up and were lifted above the ground. What Stream Energy will do is to restore power in the areas that have been damaged significantly, and they wanted to finish the project as soon as possible.



Dr. Mark Mofid is a plastic surgeon who is recognized as an innovator in his field. He received his training at Harvard and Johns Hopkins University. He has establishments in the San Diego, La Jolla, Chula Vista, and Del Mar areas. He is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Always putting safety first, Dr. Mark Mofid considers each patient request with seriousness. He recognizes that each person has their own reason for wanting to have surgery. He carefully evaluates each one of them, taking the time to consider their concerns, making sure he understands what each of their goals is before performing surgery.

He wants his clients to be satisfied from the first meeting in his office all the way through to the end of their recovery. Dr. Mark Mofid is well known for his safety practices and is always researching and looking for ways to improve his surgical procedures.

When Dr. Mark Mofid first started performing surgeries eight years ago, he immediately recognized that there was room for improvement. He noticed that the implants used were a one size fits all design. He took the time to research and create a better gluteal implant. The new improved design works and looks much better.

Dr. Mark Mofid has an ongoing desire to improve the work he does. He works closely with Dr. Raul Gonzalez. Dr. Gonzalez, located in Brazil, is known as the most experienced in gluteal augmentation around the world. He has case studies dating back to 1984.

Gluteal augmentation will continue to advance as time goes on and Dr. Mark Mofid wants to make sure that he is a participant in the improvements that will be made. He continues to take careful consideration of his patients by listening and understanding what their goals and concerns are. He puts in time and money to continually improve the procedures he performs.


Lawrence Bender is in the midst of an impressive career as a Hollywood producer. Bender, a Bronx native and University of Maine Civil Engineering graduate, kicked off his highlight reel career with a string of critical and commercial hits, including Reservoir Dogs, Jackie Brown, Kill Bill: Vol. 1, Kill Bill: Vol. 2, Inglourious Basterds, Good Will Hunting and Pulp Fiction. However, An Inconvenient Truth may be Lawrence Bender’s best work to date.

An Inconvenient Truth is a documentary about the present and future consequences of global warming. The film shows in no uncertain terms what our society has done to cause global warming, how we are failing to correct our mistakes and what we must do to reverse our irresponsible and reprehensible treatment of this planet before it is too late. The film is headlined by former Vice President Al Gore. For Vice President Gore, who is featured heavily throughout the film, which follows him on a environmental issues lecture tour, the film is clearly a passion project.

An Inconvenient Truth is engrossing from start to finish and does an outstanding job of clearly informing the audience about the dire circumstances the planet Earth and its inhabitants are facing. It is my favorite Lawrence Bender film, because it is more than just a film.

An Inconvenient Truth won Academy Awards for Best Original Song and Best Documentary Feature. It is not the only Oscar-winning film Lawrence Bender has brought to the big screen. Lawrence Bender also produced Academy Award-winning films Good Will Hunting, Pulp Fiction and Inglourious Basterds.


Being awarded the 2017 Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics has solidified Aloha Construction’s reputation as a company that is ethical and fair to its employees. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) recently recognized Aloha Construction for its service to the Zurich, Illinois community and those living in the surrounding areas. The CEO & President of BBB, Steve J. Bernas remarked that Aloha Construction recognizes the importance of its employees, stakeholders, community members, and customers. BBB’s 2017 Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics concentrates on companies, which do their best and always believe in treating their customers with respect.

The company also won the 2017 Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics based on their charity work and by creating a work culture that emphasizes a forward-thinking mentality. In 2017, the Zurich, Illinois, based construction company reached the goal of creating 20 thousand plus roofing opportunities in their home state of Illinois. The company is also intent on providing their customers and stakeholders with quality service so that they can feel more at ease. Part of the attraction with hiring a company like Aloha Construction is that they provide a 10-Year Craftmanship Warranty as a part of their contract with the customer. A 10-year Craftmanship Warranty guarantees that a company like Aloha Construction believes in its quality of work and its determination to live up to its good name. Plus the BBB has given them an A+ rating.

Dave Farbaky, the CEO of Aloha Construction, has led by example over the years with his fair treatment of employees, and his generosity to those that strive to do their best. By treating some of his top company employees to an excursion to Maui, Hawaii, he has solidified himself as a CEO that truly recognizes the value of his employees.

Mr. Farbacky also believes in doing good works as a philanthropist. Over the years, Farbacky and his company have supported their community with a Chicago Bulls Vip Ticket Giveaway. In 2018, Farbacky’s company doled out 12 box seats to a child who had a congenital heart condition. This child and his friends experienced fun and unique event.

David Giertz is concerned with the insufficient retirement plans by most Americans who do not save enough money for life after retirement. A good number of people begin withdrawing social security disbursements very early in life cutting down on the amount they will be paid out. It also implies to low monthly payments as people are not patient enough to wait for retirement age. The mistakes come about as people do not start saving money early enough in their lives. Saving money six years to retirement can be difficult unlike when you start saving in your 20’s making it a disciplined culture early in life.

Young people should take advantage of the various retirement plans available in the US as advised by David. Roth individual retirement accounts (IRAs) provide one of the best retirement plans in the US because they are run by the government and area employer-supported. Individuals can contribute no more than $5,500 for those below 50 years and $6,500 for those over. Since most single people cannot contribute fully to their Roth IRAs unless they earn $120,000-135,000, it is crucial for them to start saving when they are still young.

410 (k)s are another type of savings account. Starting this year, yearly contributions for 401(k)accounts will rise to $18,500. David recommends that young people take the Savers’ Credit known as the Retirement Savings Contribution Credit seriously. They can make annual contributions of up to $31,500 when they file as singles before they enter into a marriage where couples reporting filing status as married contributes $63,000 annually.

For health savings account, young people should start saving the $3,450 for singles, and when they hit 65 years, they can spend their share anything without penalties. David Giertz says that the earlier one plans for retirement, the more comfortable they will manage to contribute towards the plan avoiding panic when retirement nears. David Giertz has over 30 years experience working in financial services, developing his skills and knowledge as a financial adviser in retirement and other areas.

People all across the nation, and abroad, are busy trying to fit a number of task into their daily routine. Sometimes things get done, sometimes they do not. Searching for a system to the madness has become a task in itself. Doing more than one task at a time is a sure way of not getting anything completed. The focus is too wide spread, and the energy runs out before all tasks can be properly finished. There are tip that are designed to get multiple tasks done efficiently. Upwork is one of the most lucrative freelance websites in the world. With this website, people can find hundreds of jobs posted annually.

Upwork has been providing services for businesses for over a decade. Businesses get so much more done by connecting through Upwork for freelancers to work on projects.

Upwork helps individuals get tasks done effectively, and teaches how to be time wise when it comes to structuring a schedule for doing tasks. The first thing that they recommend is that you do not try to remember all of the tasks in your head. Instead, they suggest that you write everything down. By not trying to remember them, you get to put all of the focus on the task that is at hand. The next step is to prepare your to do list in advance, like the night before. Then you can start the next day with a task. This will set the standard for the rest of the day.

Keep all of the things on your to do list in one place, like a software platform especially for keeping notes. For each task, give a time attribute, such as when it will be started, how much time will be devoted to it, and when will it be completed. Assign a priority to your tasks. Unforeseen things happen every day, so you want to make sure that you know if you will be able to take time from the task to handle other matters. Keep reevaluating your tasks. Affix a high value to it. Delegate duties to others that are stress free for you.

Robert Deignan is the chief executive officer and co-founder at the ICE, LLC since August 2011. He studied at Purdue University in line with his experience, Robert was the executive vice president at iS3, Inc. from June 2002 to June 2011. Before then, he worked at Fanlink Inc. as a cofounder from July 1998 to March 2001. Robert Deignan has a B.S in Business Management from Purdue University. Before joining the university, he was at St. Thomas Aquinas High School.

Inbound Call Experts is currently known as ATS Digital Services, Advanced Tech Support. The company announced a great milestone in the industry for their first call center certified under the AppEsteem Corporation to avail premium support services to all consumer software applications. A team of veterans in Microsoft cybersecurity that certify apps and any related services founded AppEsteem. Following the process of certifications, ATS Digital Services has adhered to all the 39 compliance parameters that were needed by the AppEsteem call center. Following their growth, ATS has been able to provide various technical support services to many customers both via telephone and in remote access of screen sharing kind of technologies. Robert Deignan, the chief executive officer at ATS Digital Services said that the compliance was a major backbone of the organization. He added that they had met the obligations and requirements by AppEsteem beginning the year in January 2017. This made the company devote themselves to be certified and begin to operate at a high level in meeting consumer needs.

For a company to be certified by AppEsteem call center, it needs to have a great input from governmental regulators, security companies, law enforcement, call centers, software industry, and consumer grow ups. These requirements are aimed at protecting the consumers and help build more healthy software and more sustainable downloading industry. ATS is the first call center to be certified and is a proud member of the AppEsteem Better World Network. ATS Digital Services is a key provider of premium digital services that support all consumers in the world. It was founded in 2011 and is based in Boca Raton, Florida. The company is dedicated to ensuring that all their customers get quality services and products while keeping their satisfaction key.



Dr. Mark McKenna is a doctor and entrepreneur from New Orleans, Louisiana and earned his degree at Tulane Medical School, graduating in 1999. He established his real estate business after graduation Medical School, hurricane Katrina affected his hard work and devotion and costed him millions of dollars in damages. It was before long he decided to relocate to Atlanta in 2007 with aspirations to one day be able to help the people of New Orleans.

Dr. Mark McKenna and his most recent endeavor he is working on is called OVME, pronounced “of me” to signify attention towards yourself. This company is similar to Uber but makes house calls to patients wanting Botox, while also having cosmetic medical offices nationally. There is not any national competitors so Dr. Mark McKenna us projecting to grow 25 million dollars over the next five years.

Since Botox is so popular, yet there are no major brands or outlets, Dr. Mark McKenna wants to provide the service across the country with a brand that people can recognize and trust. In his offices, the patients will get their forms via email to bring into the office that way when they come in they are able to go right out back with much less hassle. OVME also offers membership pricing and packages to clients who will receive discounts, special event access and early news, free monthly treatment, and even same day Botox appointments.

With OVME’s first successful location in Buckhead, Atlanta, Dr. Mark McKenna has many aspirations to give back to his patients and communities that have helped him grow. Being raised in New Orleans and seeing so many homes, families, and businesses tragically taken by storm, he takes part in the construction of low and middle class income housing to help relocate families. OVME is also now partnered with Make-a-Wish Foundation, and foundation that grants children’s wishes who have life-threatening illnesses. A ration of the sales from products and procedures at OVME will be donated to Make-a-Wish Foundation. He is always staying true to his core in helping people in every way that he can.

Lime Crime is a popular beauty product company that has a unique take on make-up. Instead of drab and darker colors, this company uses bright and vibrant colors that you might not necessarily think of. Launched in 2008 by Doe Deere, Lime Crime has quickly grown into one of the most recognized beauty companies in the world.

The company has a very large product line filled full of various palettes, lip colors and even hair care. You can find their products online and in various stores like Ulta. All their products are vegan-friendly and animal cruelty-free. With so many products available, it can be hard to choose which one you should use.

Here are some of their more popular items that you should try:

  •  Venus XL Palette. This palette boasts of 18 distinct colors, so you are sure to find the color that you want. There are four different finishes with this palette.
  • Plushies. This gloss for lips helps to enhance your natural lip color while giving your lips that plush teddy bear look. The lipstick offers all-day wear and you will only have to use one coat. These are scented with blackberry candy.
  • Unicorn Hair. This hair dye offers full coverage and can allow you to dye your hair a broad variety of colors. These colors are damage free and are DIY friendly. The color gradually fades over time with washing. This hair dye is best for those with platinum to medium blonde hair. The hair dye is cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.
  • Diamond Dew. For those that want to add a little sparkle in their lives, Diamond Dew is the best. This product allows you to give your eyelid that pop of glitter that everyone will talk about. Adding sparkle to your eyeshadow will not make it run or make you have any other problems.
  • Velvetines. This is the liquid matte lip color that launched Lime Crime. The CEO, Doe Deere was in love with red roses when she was a child and was inspired to create a liquid matte that brought forth great color and lasted for hours. This matte is kiss proof and touch proof.

If you are looking for quality beauty products that will help you to be the best you, look at Lime Crime and their many products.