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Founded in 1994 by Richard Dwayne Blair, Wealth Solutions offers expert financial planning. Blair, a registered investment advisor, attained his Bachelor’s degree in finance and financial management from the University of Houston, and he has developed a three-stage plan to achieve his clients’ financial goals. He takes many steps in his process of developing financial plans and achieves success through investment opportunities.

Through Wealth Solutions, Richard Dwayne Blair is able to help his clients plan for their financial needs. He specifically plans for his clients’ retirement requirements and develops strategies around their retirement desires. He also strives to completely understand the needs of his clients, so that he is more equipped to develop an appropriate financial strategy.

Mr. Blair’s first pillar in his three pillar process is the development of a financial roadmap. Each map is unique to the individual client. Blair takes several aspects into consideration at this stage. First, he determines the client’s investment strengths, as well as their risk tolerance in terms of investing. A higher tolerance for risk may result in bigger financial gains for the client, but could also lead to financial losses.

Richard Dwayne Blair then moves to the second pillar of his process, during which he works with his clients to form a long-term investment strategy. It is at this stage that Blair invests his clients’ assets into different markets. Blair also takes time to compare the performance of these investments to his clients’ goals.

The third and final pillar revolves around insurance. Because the market is never completely predictable, Blair ensures that his clients have the proper coverage.

Brian Spencer
March 21, 2018

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