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Dr. Joseph Dove recently talked to a Nashville news reporter about MB2 Dental Solutions and his charity work with other affiliated dentists. Dr. Dove and several other dental professionals returned from a trip to Jamaica earlier this year. While they were there, they provided dental services and oral hygiene education to residents who could not afford care or did not have access to it. In the interview, Dr. Dove said that his wife was from Jamaica. Dr. Dove traveled there and performed dental services several times on his own before the recent trip. He first realized the need for improved dental care in Jamaica when he visited while he was still in college. After he completed several mission trips on his own, he wanted to team up with other like-minded professionals. That was when Dr. Dove discovered MB2 Dental Solutions and its unique culture of support and encouragement.

What Is MB2 Dental Solutions?

MB2 Dental Solutions is a business management and support organization for independent dentists and dental practice owners. It was founded with the idea that dentists should help one another work toward individual goals. By working together and supporting each other, participating dentists have encouragement and the opportunity to help others succeed. Dentists can invest in other dentists and their practices with money or physical help. MB2 Dental Solutions has a network of more than 75 affiliates throughout the United States. The company gives dentists the tools for success by offering access to leadership training, financial resources and much more. The participating dentists have many networking opportunities with an ever-growing base of supportive affiliates. Since it has a powerful autonomous business model, MB2 Dental Solutions is especially beneficial for dentists who are entrepreneurs. One of the company’s goals is to attract more students. A spokesperson from MB2 Dental Solutions said that the company wants to give students more choices than serving in either private practices or corporate locations after school. MB2 Dental Solutions representatives visited college campuses last year to spread the word about the company. However, the representatives focused more on educating students about the outcomes of different career paths. The spokesperson said that the main goal of campus visits was to ensure that students learned how to make informed career decisions.

MB2 Dental Solutions Encourages Charity

In 2017, Dr. Dove and 14 other MB2 Dental Solutions affiliates provided care to more than 400 individuals in Jamaica. The dentists did not just travel there to perform services with existing supplies. Participants spent their own money to pay for travel expenses, and they brought supplies with them. Also, some dentists brought valuable equipment to donate to facilities in Jamaica. While dental clinics are scarce in the country, the equipment in many areas is outdated. Some places lack both equipment and supplies. Also, dental care is expensive, and many people live in poverty. Although there were travel advisories issued for several regions of Jamaica, the doctors traveled there anyway. Dr. Dove said that he did not experience any crime-related problems there. He and several other participating doctors were interviewed, and they agreed that the smiles and appreciation from patients were more rewarding than money. In addition to encouraging dentists to support and help each other, MB2 Dental Solutions encourages them to help needy people. The recent collaborative trip to Jamaica is an example of how businesses and individuals can work together to help people in other parts of the world in multiple ways. MB2 Dental Solutions also encourages its affiliates to help people in their communities. In 2017, Hurricane Harvey hit Texas and left devastating effects. In a display of the company’s supportive culture, the affiliate offices in non-affected areas worked together to raise more than $83,000 for affected affiliates and MB2 Dental Solutions employees. The hurricane affected about 25 affiliate locations and approximately 200 employees. In a statement that was published on a news site, CEO Chris Villanueva said that the company’s top priority at that time was promoting the well-being of employees and affiliates.

Becoming A Leader For Change

Improving the world happens one person at a time for MB2 Dental Solutions affiliates. When they adopt the network’s culture of support, dentists develop a desire to help the people around them as well. MB2 Dental Solutions and its affiliates plan to continue outreach programs in Jamaica and in other needy countries in the future. The CEO said that he was excited to see the company’s rapid affiliate growth rate. In the interview with the Nashville news station, Dr. Dove encouraged other dentists and dental students to consider MB2 Dental Solutions and to join foreign outreach efforts. Dr. Dove pointed out that some dentists who traveled to Jamaica for the first time experienced a culture shock. However, their uneasiness quickly faded after they felt the warmth and gratitude from the Jamaicans who received their help. Dental care is an essential part of overall health, and certain dental problems can lead to serious health conditions. In addition to providing care while they were in Jamaica, the dentists educated people about maintaining oral health. MB2 Dental Solutions welcomes readers to keep up with the company’s latest outreach and development news on its site.

OSI Group is one of the leading producers of chicken in the world. They are responsible for delivering a large percentage of poultry products to South America, Asia, and Europe. These regions are large consumers of chicken, beef, and pork products. Across Spain, the demand for poultry has been increasing. OSI Group has been at the lead in increasing production. According to reports from the Aurora area, they are currently increasing their production capacity by investing in their operations centers. These factories were previously able to produce a massive amount of chicken, now they will be able to produce more. They have improved their facilities in Spain so much that the actual capacity of chicken used to be a mere 12,000 tons, and now it is doubled at 24,000 tons.

Thanks to the doubled production capacity, OSI Group in Spain is now able to produce more than 45,000 tons of food. That is, they can produce more than 45,000 tons of beef, pork, and poultry for the area. The entire expansion project has created 20 new jobs within the factory and has increased the overall workforce to more than 140 people. This improvement is massive and has created a substantial amount of economic improvement. The improvements were made in response to the demand for meat in Spain, Portugal, and Brazil. These areas are wanting more meat so OSI has taken the initiative to provide it. It is a great strategy with many rewards.

OSI Group is a private company with many public partners. They represent suppliers within the food industry and the health industry. Their many clients are all thankful for the quality food they produce and eager to continue business in the future. The 22,600 square foot building addition was added to the facility in Spain and has benefited multiple countries since it has been introduced. This cannot be ignored and it will continue to prove its worth as demand for chicken continues to grow. The demand for chicken has increased at a steady rate over the past 10 years and shows no signs of slowing down so OSI is predicted to be the main supplier for many years to come.

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In this day and age, we are offered many different types of products from many different companies, organizations, and entrepreneurs. We are offered so many, in fact that it can become hard to distinguish quality from poor craftmanship. Enter Newswatch tv, an award-winning television show and website dedicated to reviewing and promoting the latest in technological, health, and travel products. Hosted by Andrew Tropeano and Michelle Ison, the show has been airing since 1990 and is still dedicated to this day to providing valuable feedback to consumers. These reviews are praised by customers and creators alike.
A prime example of one of these reviews is for the SteelSeries. The SteelSeries headed by Tori Pugliese recently produced a line of headphones and video game controllers that Newswatch reviewed and promoted. The reception of their review was overwhelmingly positive. According to Pugliese Newswatch contains teams that “understand how PR really works” and that they also “deliver a message that you want delivered to your audience, where consumers can understand it in their own language.” These and many other high praises have been spoken about Newswatch and companies trust them to help spread the word about their great products. The reputation and reach of this tv program is immense as it actually got the SteelSeries products represented in over 95 million homes and has drastically increased the sales numbers of their products through their promotion. Not only that, but it did this with only two product reviews in all. Its safe to say that this mainstay of product promotion television can definitely help anybody wanting to get their product seen by the masses.
Overall Newswatch provides a great service for anybody company wanting to showcase what they have to offer. You don’t when a silver Telly award for nothing. In the future we can bet that many more products will receive massive success through this venue. The company known as SteelSeries can attest to that.

Malcolm CasSelle is an entrepreneur, the chief investment officer of OPSkins, and the current president of worldwide asset exchange also known as WAX. Prior to being the president of the worldwide asset exchange, he served as the chief technology officer of new ventures. He has led numerous startups in the digital industry including roles in the rise of two prominent digital companies Groupon and MediaPass.

He graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of technology with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and went on to earn his master’s degree in the same field from Stanford University. Over time he has worked for numerous digital technology companies, but his latest venture proves to be the most promising. As chief investment officer for the current global leader of in-game virtual asset sales, OPSkins, Malcolm CasSelle has developed a following of users around the world who utilize the company to make cross-border micro-payments. This has put Malcolm Casselle in a unique position to utilize the new technologies based on blockchain which allows for decentralization of asset exchange.

This has led to the creation of a new blockchain platform for virtual asset trading titled a worldwide asset exchange. This is a peer-to-peer marketplace that allows for the training of virtual assets utilizing the foundational technologies of blockchain and decentralized smart contracts. By limiting these technologies, Malcolm hopes to solve two of the most prominent issues found in digital asset exchanges those of fragmentation and fraud. But the implementation of blockchain technologies we can eliminate these issues and allow users to sell virtual goods without ever leaving their game. By creating a revolutionary new platform for digital asset exchange, they hope to innovate a frictionless market that allows the efficient tokenization of digital assets in a fraud-proof format. Users will be able to instantaneously trade gaming assets without ever leaving the game utilizing the simple blockchain widget. This technology helps to solve fragmentation and geography by eliminating the need for foreign exchange between different types of native currency.

Not only will this allow for the efficient transmission of value between individuals it will help to eliminate fraud as the decentralize platform is publicly accessible.

People always want to know WHAT the current trends are in fashion or anything else. As far as the currency market, what are the current trends?

As far as Australian Dollar to the US dollar, it last closed at 0.7845 with a change of +.77%. The major and minor trends say that it is going to continue to go up. The outlook for the future currently is bullish.

If you looked at the Euro to US dollar, you would see that it closed at 1.2304 at a change of -.05%. The minor and major trends show it is going to go down in the future. The future is going to be bearish.

When it comes to the British Pound to US Dollar, it closed at 1.3845 with a change of +.25%. The minor and major trends say that it is going to go down. Like the euro, the outlook is bearish.

The US dollar to the Canadian dollar is 1.2809 with negative change of .67%. The trends for these currencies is down. The future is going to be bearish.

The last state trend of the US dollar to the Swiss Franc is that it was .9508 with it going down .03. The trends predict that it actually going to go up and the outlook is bullish.

The US dollar to the Japanese Yen was last at 106.803 with a change of .57%. The trends are that it is going to continue to go up and the future is bullish.

If you were going to ask a person about what is happening in the Forex market, it would be good to ask Jordan Lindsey, the founder of JCL Capital.

Lindsey grew up in New York and as a child, he loved to compete. He also had the mind of an entrepreneur. He always wanted to make new businesses and see how he could make things better.

Today he is a veteran trader and has experience in the technology and financial services industries. He taught himself to be a computer programmer and systems architecture designer. He is a graduate of Mount Angel Seminary and St. Joseph’s College.

He has traveled extensively, He lived in Argentina, Mexico, and Bosnia-Herzegovina. While he was in Bosnia, he met his wife while he volunteering at a small village called Medjugorje.

Lindsey has the experience to help a person navigate the currency markets.

Millions of people are struggling with their well-being. One of the best ways to improve your well-being is to eat a healthy diet. Eating fresh foods that have plenty of vitamins and nutrients provides  fuel for your body. Additionally, it is important to live an active lifestyle. Exercising frequently during the week can go a long way to improving health.

Over the past few years, the overall cost of medical care has increased dramatically. Numerous people cannot afford quality healthcare, and as a result of high costs, many people have little choice but to neglect their personal well-being.

Start of the Company

Elysium Health is a consumer  health company that wants to help people live healthier, longer. Elysium Health was co-founded in 2014 by Dr. Leonard Guarente, who serves as its chief scientist, as well as the director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for Biology of Aging at MIT.

Elysium Health works together with world-renowned scientists and clinicians from universities such as Harvard, Yale,, and Stanford that guide the direction of the company and its research..


Cellular health is a vital part of living a healthy lifestyle, but not many people actively work  to improve their cellular health. Basis is a supplement created by Elysium Health that is designed to support your cellular health. It works by increasing levels of the coenzyme NAD+ in our cells. Levels of NAD+ decline in our cells as we age and the functions for which this coenzyme is essential to break down. Basis is clinically proven to increase levels of NAD+ by an average of 40 percent.

Basis is available for purchase on Elysium Health’s website. The cost for an individual jar that contains 30 days’ worth of supplement is $60. Monthly subscriptions to Basis bring that cost down to between $40 and $50.

Equities First Holdings London (UK) was formed in 2013. The main reason of establishment was to offer stock-based loans for Investors form United Kingdom and other neighbouring countries. The reason behind the establishment of this subsidiary was due to the increase in number of individuals who were seeking stock-based loans. Over the years, Equities First Holdings Indianapolis, IN, United States was gaining so much traffic and individuals who were seeking security-based loans in their premises. Thus, they decided to establish additional subsidiaries so that they could serves as many investors as possible.

The establishment of Equities First Holdings London turned into a great success. The branch was able to attract a lot of clients just three years after their initiation. The subsidiary has done numerous transactions and has offered stock-based loans to large investments projects. In addition, they have managed to disburse over 100 million Euros to their clients, and resume them.

Radical Islam has long hated the west, western freedoms, and western values. Adherents to radical Islam execute homosexuals, and oppress women. They should be, and were, traditional enemies of the extreme political left, but the times are changing. Radical Islam, long allied with right-wing radicals, are forming new alliances with politically extreme left-wing activists due to a common hatred of modern influences, including freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and general tolerance among ethnic groups. Radical fundamentalists are coordinating actions and reinforcing anti-Semitic movements across the political continuum.

In today’s world, anti-Jewish and anti-Israel actions and literature has flooded the west due to the new alliance of Muslim extremists with political extremists of the left and right. The new political correctness views Muslims worldwide as small children being oppressed and discriminated against, especially by Jews.

This anti-Semitic leftist alliance has spread to universities. Students at exclusive Tufts University printed and distributed a “Disorientation Guide.” In it they assailed the university’s chapter of the Jewish organization Hillel and repeated referred to Israel as a “white supremacist” power and a colonial state.

One of the outspoken critics warning of the anti-Semitic threat is Adam Milstein. A former Israeli soldier and former managing partner of the multimillion dollar commercial property management firm Hager Pacific Properties, Adam Milstein repeatedly sounds the alarm on established and emerging anti-Jewish threats.

Adam Milstein and his wife Gila formed the Adam Milstein Family Foundation, which offers support to specific types of organizations:

** University Organizations offers pro-Jewish view to counter anti-Semitic campus activities

** Groups forming and strengthening ties between Israel and Non-Israeli Americans

** Organizations providing community services, including medical and educational services supporting Israeli and non-Israeli Jews

** Non-profit organizations offering information tracking of media outlets and monitoring of anti-Semitic organizations

** Non-Governmental Organizations supporting the state of Israel as the Jewish homeland and offering young people the chance to discover and reinforce their Jewish identities.

Dr. Mark McKenna is a renowned businessman and surgeon, after attending Tulane University medical school and attaining his bachelor’s degree. He practiced medicine with his father, but over time Mark grew a passion for business, he became interested in real estate, and this led to the development of McKenna ventures. Unfortunately, his company was destroyed by a hurricane, and though he tried to build back the business, he moved to Atlanta where he ventured into another business the shapeMed medical practice. And after ten years in business Dr. Mark decided to elevate healthcare by introducing OVME.

As an entrepreneur Mark has so much knowledge to offer to new entrepreneurs as well as upcoming ones. An up close with Mark reveals some of his greatest secrets to success and the motivation behind OVME.

When Dr. Mark McKenna was still working in the medical aesthetics sector, he improved his skills in the field and also learned a lot in his years as an employee. It is at this time that OVME idea came to be. Mark wanted to start a project that could change things and become a numerous success globally.

OVME main aim is to provide a new and vibrant look for their clients with minimal procedures. These procedures will not only help improve the outward appearance but also improve people’s perception of life and boost self-confidence.

To be a successful businessman, it is essential to remain productive. Dr. Mark McKenna believes that setting goals and having a positive outlook on life helps enormously in achieving your dreams. Another interesting attribute that keeps McKenna productive is meditation, this helps free his mind, and it makes it easier for him to organize his thoughts and bring his ideas to life. Another habit that has helped improve Dr. Mark’s productivity is reading, books are a source of knowledge, and the more a person learns the more they become productive by reading Mark believes one’s options are limitless.

To achieve success our surroundings play a huge part and Dr. Mark McKenna says that one strategy that has helped him expand his business is associating and been surrounded by smart people. Having people who challenge you helps one grow.

Jordan Lindsey is the founder of JCL capital. He grew up in New York. He knew that he wanted to become an entrepreneur and change the world with a company that he would create. The first time that Jordan Lindsey visited San Francisco, he immediately found a love for the place, and what was going on around the area.


Today Jordan Lindsey is experienced in founding companies in the technology and the financial service industry. He self-taught himself to program. He has lived in Argentina, Mexico, and Bosnia-Herzegovina. He met his wife in Bosnia as a volunteer.

There are over five trillion dollars a day that are being traded between countries, central banks, commercial banks, and other corporations. To make the algorithm even more successful, Jordan Lindsey did something extraordinary.

He decided to create his own cryptocurrency, and the currency appreciated because of supply and demand. He sold the tokens on the Waves platform in the third quarter of 2017. The site framework is being prepared for launch.


The key to the success of Jordan Lindsey is following through on what he says he is going to do.


There is an upward move in of the EUR/USD towards a fifty percent Fibonacci level of 1.1065. The currency pair is currently trading just below this level. The analysts say that this is because of short-term volatility. A target of 1.1125 can be set to the reversal of this trend. Setting a stop loss at 1.1145 may benefit investors in the short term. Selling the currency below 1.1125 may benefit short-term currency traders.


This upward trend is good for investors around the world, as they can take advantage of compound interest and can make a lot of money over the long-term bull market in foreign exchange trading.