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One of the common divides in life is between business and spirituality. As a matter of fact, business and spirituality seem to be treated as if they are mutually exclusive and yet they don’t have to be. There are people who build their finances while being spiritual. The people that try to separate the two often stifle their growth considering that they are interested in growing spiritually in the first place. Fortunately, the people who have grown spiritually with their business can offer advice to people who are willing to do the same. Among the people that have managed this is Vijay Eswaran, the owner of QI Group.

Vijay has plenty of methods for growing spiritually while growing professionally. One way that he has done it was by looking for a way to make money doing what he enjoys. Given that he has taken an interest in spiritual activities, this has become the one method for spiritual growth to him. He has taken the time to start his company and handle the marketing in a way that is best suited to his spirituality. He has promoted concepts like service, mindfulness and fulfillment as a part of his business. He has promoted them in a way to bring about growth in his company.

Vijay Eswaran has run plenty of promotions in his business that is geared towards improving the lives of others. Among the promotions he has run was getting people to help with the distribution of clean water to different communities that are struggling. He has also reached out to women entrepreneurs with an opportunity that they can take part in. One thing that has inspired him about women who became entrepreneurs is that they have taken it upon themselves in order to try to improve their own lives and not wait on someone to rescue them.

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