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Michael Lacey is famed for his numerous accomplishments in mathematics. The renowned businessman has been in the limelight for coming with the extensive topic of probability. Thanks to his knowledge in the difficult department, Michael had the opportunity to serve in some of the largest institutions in the world.

While working as a mathematician, Michael Lacey has introduced the concept of Harmonic Analysis and Ergodic Theory. Very few individuals in the world have managed to contribute to the subject like him. Learn more about Michael Lacey: http://people.math.gatech.edu/~lacey/ and https://www.math.gatech.edu/people/michael-lacey

Michael Lacey knew that he was a bright student many years ago when he was still in school. Lacey was born in the late fifties. His parents were fortunate because their child was very bright in school. After passing in his high school education, the businessman went to study for his higher education at some of the famous schools in the world. Due to his passion for the subject, Lacey studied until he acquired his Ph.D. Read more: Michael Lacey | Mathalliance and Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

Michael has a doctorate which he acquired from the Illinois University. In a recent interview, the mathematician says that he has been successful because he was guided by one of the best mathematics professors in the entire world, Walter Philip.

After completing his education, Michael decided to work with higher learning institution so that he could teach the subject. Some of the universities he has worked with include Louisiana University and the University of Northern Carolina.

While serving in these institutions, Lacey worked with other professors so that they could introduce the concept of Central Limit. In his career life, Michael Lacey has received numerous awards due to his contributions on the complex subject.

Many people respect him because he understands mathematics well, and he is working hard to make sure that he introduces more theories in the field. His expertise has been influential in his career.

For more than 10 years now, the two journalists Larkin and Lacey have been battling in and out of courts for various reasons. Learn more about Lacey and Larkin: http://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/blogs/az-aclu-honors-new-times-founders-jim-larkin-and-mike-lacey-as-civil-libertarians-of-the-year-6500737

They have found themselves on the wrong side of the law because of their stand. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have had an encounter that changed their entire lives. They were engaged in a very serious legal issue that almost affected their whole life.

Their immigrant status is the one that made them face several challenges in their life. They had a very powerful stand and have always been on the frontline fighting for the rights of the immigrants across the entire globe. They have always committed their lives to the success of all those undocumented immigrants who stood for what they fought for.

For a period of not less than ten years, Larkin and Lacey have always been regular court visitors trying to push for what they thought was their right. They finally received a settlement of $3.75 million. They did not benefit from this money and they decided to use the money for the benefits of the people who were being mistreated. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

They worked so hard in order to help the immigrant residents who lived in Arizona. The city was the hot point of these people because it was in the American- Mexican border. Majority of these immigrants are from the Spanish speaking world and they seem not to have been recognized by law.

Larkin and Lacey decided to form a fund that would help find movements that were pushing the agendas of the immigrants forward. His mission has always been to achieve in life and have made tremendous changes in life for his commitment.

Larkin and Lacey had been kidnapped from the houses by policemen who had been sent by County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio. Maricopa County leadership led by the aforementioned Sheriff were known for mistreating journalists and also people who advocated for the rights of the immigrants. The two journalists were taken to different cells all of which were under the jurisdiction of Maricopa County.

They were believed to have published an article at Village Voice Media that touched on the privacy of the company. They were being forced to disclose some information regarding their online readers. This situation was also a great threat to their long-term careers and they didn’t know what to do next.

Larkin and Lacey have always committed their lives to the success of their careers and they have always dedicated their time and skills to the betterment of their lives. They have always had the courage to move on with their promising careers very comfortably.

The last time I was sitting in my office and wondering how I could motivate my team better, I realized that I lacked the inspiration to complete a new project. I didn’t feel that same level of drive or commitment to reach its conclusion. The truth is that I could not expect my employees to achieve more if I wasn’t doing the same. It is up to the leader to set an example and provide employees with enough resources to succeed. When leaders can’t find resources, they are honest, but they do the best they can. In this post, I discuss how we can invest more in employees to help them feel increased motivation (even when we’re expecting them to complete goals harder than they’ve ever received before as a member of our organization).

What HBR Says

As a business leader, I think that it’s important to use research to back up the insights that I share with readers. A new survey from the Harvard Business Review found that the top 3 qualities that 195 leaders in 15 countries thought were important were: having high ethical and moral standards, providing goals and objectives with loose guidance, and clearly communicating expectations. When you stop and think about it, these are something that leaders of every organization should have in their job description. However, once leaders get settled into their positions, they tend to “get away with” some things because they have a reputation that gives them a certain level of power. Their co-workers can accept some flaws because they’re generally happy with their performance as leaders.

Be a Company Leader

If you think about being a person with high moral and ethical standards, this is something that’s easy to believe you are. It’s harder to live up to because one major mistake could compromise a reputation that you’ve built over many years in the business world. I try to set higher goals for myself than I expect of my employees. Some of the things that help me do this are as follows:


  1. Have a vision that precedes any goal setting. If you write a set of goals for a project, they will not mean anything if they are not linked to a central purpose.


  1. Allow enough time for employees to understand the expectations that you have for their specific performance goals on a project. Even setting high expectations is not enough. Employees need to know what implementation will look like and how you will gauge their achievement.


  1. Provide opportunities for employees to make mistakes. If you’re starting out leading a project that is untrodden territory for your team, they will need time to find their way. They will need support as they try things that they think will work and then adopt new approaches when they don’t succeed.


  1. Don’t abandon employees as they work on their particular goals. It’s tempting to give your mental focus to upcoming projects, but the current ones you’re overseeing could suffer, especially when you consider the last stage of implementation of a project, if you don’t monitor their progress and offer guidance when you see weaknesses in performance.

Talos Energy LLC is a Houston based company that is working with the Sierra Oil & Gas company of Mexico. This marks the first time in eight decades that Mexico has allowed foreign private company to drill for oil in its market. Previously, all oil drilling operations were run by Petroleos Mexicanos since nationalizing its oil industry in 1938.

The drilling location is Zama-1, which holds an estimated half billion barrels of crude oil. This operation should take approximately three months to complete. Allowing Talos Energy to compete and drill for oil was a move made by the Mexico to fix its ailing oil industry through outside, private investments. Mexico is sure to keep a keen eye on the operations, since it is part of their energy reform process that can lift the country’s struggling economy. Industry watchdogs feel the joint process has a high degree of success.

Talos has a high stake in the projects as well. They own 35 percent of the process, and will split 40 percent and 25 percent of the take with two other companies. Talos Energy is a successful oil and gas enterprise that places much of its offshore resources into energy exploration and oil production. The company acquires a large portion of its holdings in the Mexican Gulf, and the Gulf Coast. Talos Energy’s three main areas of business include exploration, asset optimization, and exploration.

Talos energy is on track to continually grow its production and reserve capabilities. Their employees are highly experienced and talented. The company also boasts an extensive seismic library. With its proven technical capabilities in the industry, Talos Energy is sure to make world wide impact and remain a major industry player for decades to come. They have the know-how, talent, and an aggressive approach in developing worldwide energy resources.

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