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How important are crowdsourced reviews for brand purchases? Most customers trust what they read online just as much as a friend’s recommendation about a product or service they bought. That is why many name brands are leveraging the power of crowdsourced reviews to influence customer purchases.


Fabletics Crowd Sourcing Strategy


Fabletics, Kate Hudson’s active fashion wear brand, has been using the power of customer reviews to catapult itself to over $235 million in revenue since 2013.


The company began leveraging the crowd since its inception and in so doing became one of the leaders in its industry for customer purchase, customer loyalty, and customer retention because of this strategy.


Crowdsourcing Statistics


The ever increasing busy lifestyle of today has left most people with very little time to shop around offline. This is one of the main reasons people look to the internet for customer reviews when gauging whether or not to purchase a product or service.


Old marketing techniques have basically taken a backseat to customer reviews. People just don’t trust a company unless the crowd has given it a thumbs up.


Just how much do people trust the crowd? In a recent survey, 84% of online purchasers said they trusted customer reviews as much as recommendations from their friends, families, and acquaintances.


According to the survey, over 50 percent of online customers stated that they read reviews and those reviews influence their decision whether or not to do business with a particular company.


What is more, 60 percent of those same customers said that negative reviews definitively influenced their decision not to do business with a particular company.


How Fabletics Uses Customer Feedback


The company truly believes that the customer runs the show. Through customer feedback and reviews, Fabletics creates and revamp its product line to suit customer needs and desires.

By doing so, customers are all too happy to leave a positive review. The more positive reviews the company gets the more customers it obtains and retains, helping to increase business now and well into the future.


Fabletics believes that listening to your customers is the only way to satisfy them. Leveraging the crowd has allowed Fabletics to gather and analyze data as well as use an effective marketing strategy.


The Face of Fabletics


Everyone in Fabletics agrees that Kate Hudson is the perfect representative of the brand. Her warm heart and active lifestyle depict the company’s image to a T.


Kate is not just a representative of the company either, but an integral partner who stays involved with nearly every aspect of the business. Whether it is working with designers, crunching sales numbers, or plotting out social media marketing campaigns, Kate keeps the business active and fresh just like her.


What really emphasizes Kate’s views about the Fabletics activewear line is that she actually wears them and uses them nearly every day. There is no better endorsement for a brand than to be an actual customer. This is perhaps one of the greatest customer reviews anyone can give and Kate gives hers on a daily basis.


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