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The Unicorn Line of hair dye from Lime Crime is a gorgeous array of colors. The original release featured bright colors such as Bunny a bright pink and Dilute a light purple. If you’re a chick with a darker natural hair color you may envy lighter haired girls for the dye choices available to them. If you see a gorgeous blonde with purple tips, that’s understandable. Thanks to Lime Crime and the magic of unicorns you can now have those purple tips.

Formerly the Unicorn Line only had bright colors more suited for girls with lighter hair, but these four new shades are specifically for the dark brunettes. The colors include a green called Sea Witch, a gorgeous gray called Charcoal, a maroon color called Chestnut, and the coveted purple called Squid. These are all semi-permanent vegan hair dyes that are easy to use and look great on anyone willing to be a little adventurous with their hair color.

Their choices of bright highlighters, lips colors, and eyeshadows are sure to help you feel even more magical. The lip colors in the Diamond Crushers collection are sure to match your new hair perfectly. Lime Crime is a well regarded company that creates unique products that are 100% vegan and cruelty free. In a world full of ponies, be a unicorn.

Brent Jasmin
March 26, 2018

You can call it goth, call it dim enchantment, call it popular, and everybody will call it marvelous. You can likewise get your unicorn soul on with the Unicorn Queen line additionally from Lime Crime. That is why superior essay writers review could have it handed to them on the platter of gold and still do nothing about it for a long time.

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