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Cameron Clokie has built an unmatched reputation in Toronto, Ontario, as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. His expertise in the bone reconstruction and regeneration field of medicine has been evidenced over the years by his many patients. This success can be attributed to his extensive training at McGill University. He earned his Doctor of Dental surgery from the institute I 1985 and a Ph. D in bone regeneration seven years later. He also did a course in oral and maxillofacial surgery which he completed in 1990 earning a Diploma.

Contribution to Medicine

Dr. Cameron Clokie has made major contributions to the healthcare sector in Toronto for over three decades. Until recently, he served as a professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Toronto. He was the head of the department before becoming a professor. Dr. Cameron boasts of numerous publications on the topics of regenerative medicine and bone reconstruction that have been availed locally and internationally.

His inventions that have largely contributed to the growth of bone reconstruction medicine ran far and wide. One of the remarkable inventions is the process of turning adult stem cells to bone tissue through a treatment that involved morphogenetic proteins. The process was first administered to a patient in 2003 at the Toronto General Hospital where a patient had his jaw-length restored after losing it to surgery. This treatment redefined the field of reconstructive surgery and cemented his expertise.

Current Engagements

Dr. Cameron Clokie continues with his work at his practice in Ontario, Toronto, Induce Biologics that he runs as the Chief Executive Officer. He is dedicated to revolutionize and offer solutions in musculoskeletal reconstruction. His practice aims at replacing the conventional method of grafting bones to producing regenerative bio-implants.

His extensive knowledge in medicine has been acknowledged by many firms who have engaged him on their boards. His generosity to help others has also led him to offer scientific advisory services on such boards. This kindness has extended to others across the globe through his many lectures that he offers to different audiences. He has also been able to drive his entrepreneurial skills by partnering with others of like mind to turn his knowledge to profitable businesses.

Most often, companies that have a gender balance are more likely to be ahead of those that don’t. Therefore, the diversity brings more input as the company is flexible to new ideas. In this case, Susan McGalla has been one of the women leaders who has risen through the ranks to become influential people. Aged 53, she is the current Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development at Pittsburgh Steelers.

Equal Treatment

How did she become the leader she is today? Susan McGalla was raised in a family of boys. She had two brothers, and they were all treated equally with no preference on her side. Susan worked for everything she has achieved so far.

Employment History

After graduating in Mount Union College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Marketing, she started off at Joseph Horne Company. Here, she was involved in marketing and managerial positions. Susan worked here from 1986-1994.

Later on, she took up a job at American Eagle Outfitters as a divisional merchandise buyer. Her competence paid off when she finally became the chief merchandising officer and the overall president. She was later on welcomed on the board of directors of HFF Inc. in 2009.

McGalla even opened her own company by the name P3 Executive Consulting. She then found her way to Pittsburgh Steelers holding the Vice President position. Despite being an industry mainly for men, she has still found her way to the top. She has been on the forefront in marketing the company’s brand.

Susan McGalla’s success is attributed to her sheer hard work from the very beginning. One of the biggest contributors is that she never let her gender come in the way of her success. She never felt privileged not even for a second which explains her go-getter persuasive self.

McGalla is married to Stephen McGalla who is a wealth manager. Her impressive work has helped her beat all odds to become one of the most remarkable women in leadership. McGalla’s passion towards her work was one of the contributing factors to her success. Her strong personality led her to push on towards a higher cause which is what has made her a great leader.


For an athlete, performing well during practice is only half of the battle to becoming the best in the game. When you’re off the field you have to fuel your body with nutritious food that will help you build muscle so that you can become bigger, stronger and faster than your opponent. Your output on the field has everything to do with what you input into your body. Because of the busy lifestyles that many athletes live, meal delivery services are becoming more and more popular so that they can save time and get the proper food that their body requires to perform at the highest level. The following 6 meal delivery services are all perfect for the rising athlete:


Underground Prep

  • Underground Prep
  • Paleo Power Meals
  • Ice Age Meals
  • Nutrisystem
  • Trifecta Nutrition
  • Pete’s Paleo



This meal delivery service is perfect for those who want nutritious meals that also taste amazing. The founder of the company is classically trained but gave up the restaurant life to start his own business. Athletes who also enjoy a nice meal every night are sure to enjoy all that this company has to offer so they stay fueled day after day.


Paleo Power Meals


This meal delivery service is perfect for athletes who want to remain true to the Paleo diet that got them to this point in their careers. All of the meats are free of chemicals and antibiotics so the everything is all natural. These high protein meals also can cost as low as just $8 so they won’t break the bank.


Ice Age Meals


Ice Age Meals holds true to its name. This meal delivery service is perfect for athletes who may like to cook some of the time but on other more busy days like to just pop a frozen meal in the microwave to save time. Even though these meals come frozen they are still packed with loads of healthy food so you perform your best.

Nutrisystem For Men


This plan focuses mostly on spanning your meals out throughout the day. Most days involve you eating upwards of five times per day. This gives athletes the continued energy they need throughout the day during long practices or competitions. Their focus is on high protein foods that help you build or maintain the muscle you need to be at your very best.  Read more about Nutrisystem’s specific diet for men on


Trifecta Nutrition


Trifecta Nutrition is the perfect meal plan for those who want to stick to a specific kind of diet. They offer meal plans that are exclusively vegetarian or vegan as well as Paleo or clean eating. This meal service meets a variety of needs with great food.


Pete’s Paleo


This meal delivery service is again for those who wish to follow the Paleo diet. The major difference here is their ability to provide a huge variety of delivered foods. Because the food is all local, they are able to source what’s in season so you’ll never get tired of eating the same thing week after week.


No matter what your diet of choice is there is almost certainly a meal delivery plan for you. After a long day of workouts and practice there’s nothing better than knowing that all of your dietary needs are already taken care of. Meal delivery services allow you to reach your full potential as an athlete.

George Soros is a famous hedge fund manager recognized for philanthropic initiatives all over the world. He has also played critical role of funding Democratic Party in the United States. Most recently, Soros donated $18 billion to Open Society Foundations, an organization he established in his Native country, Hungary back in 1984. This transfer is among the largest ever made to a single organization by a private donor as reported on New York Times. The report further indicates that Open Society is now the second largest philanthropic institution in the U.S.

About Open Society Foundations

The organization was founded by George Soros more than three decades ago. Open Society has presence in over 100 nations and its main areas of focus is human rights and democracy. In the United States, the organization has invested in programs that reduce police brutality and also protecting the rights of gays and lesbians. In 2014, Open Society played vital role of funding treatment centers during the outbreak of Ebola. Furthermore, after the 2016 in the U.S., the organization protected people against hate crimes that rocked some parts of the country. Mr. Soros personally pledged $10 million to prevent such incidents.Under the leadership of Mr. Soros, Open Society Foundations has helped several organizations and individuals in different parts of the world. They have focused on ensuring that governments are accountable, the freedom of expression is upheld, and that there is equality and justice in the society. The organization has also been sponsoring the education of thousands of young people by paying their school and college fees.  Some of the groups that have been funded consistently by Open Society are Europe’s Roma people, sex workers, drug addicts and LGBTI people.

George Soros’ History

According to information found on Open Society Foundations website, George Soros was born in 1930 in Hungary. Between 1944 and 1945, Soros survived the Nazi occupation which resulted in the killing of more than half a million Hungarian Jews. He left Hungary in 1947 for the United Kingdom, where he worked at a night-club and also as a railway porter in order to fund his education at the London School of Economics. Mr. Soros moved to the United States in 1956 and ventured into finance and investment industries.In 1970, Soros Fund Management was launched. The hedge fund later became very successful, enabling Mr. Soros to make his fortune in the world of investment. He used his fortune to launch Open Society Foundations, a group of partners, foundations and projects present in many countries globally. He started by providing scholarships to South Africans students during the apartheid rule. Through his philanthropic initiatives, George Soros has funded organizations like the International Crisis Group, Institute for New Economic Thinking, Global Witness and others. He has taken keen interest in the work of Open Society Foundations.

Nick Vertucci created NV Real Estate Academy (NVREA). It is based on a system created for the success of every student who applies the principles he teaches. His proven system has allowed him to make millions in real estate. As a participant in the academy, you will learn everything needed to face the day-to-day challenges of managing a real estate investment business. You’ll be taught every detail you need to know to find homes, renovate and repair the property and prepare it for resale on the market.

Nick Vertucci insures you’ll learn how to make wholesale purchases and flip the properties. You’ll grasp how to rehab and flip properties. You’ll master the concept of making profitable commercial investments. You’ll be taught how to leverage your IRA’s and 401K’s for investment capital. You’ll also be taught the nuances of asset protection so you can shelter your earnings.

The primary goal of Nick Vertucci at NVREA is to teach you how to create enormous wealth and develop a plan for long term freedom that you can enjoy well into you old age. To learn more, attend one of Nick’s free live workshops. To attend, you won’t need any real estate experience, nor any cash reserves nor any formal training. Call at 1-800-328-6418 or go to and find out when he’ll be at a city near you, then register and don’t forget to attend. It will be well worth your time. It could be the beginning of the rest of your very wealthy life.

After attending the two hour free event, Nick Vertucci hopes you’ll sign up to attend the 3 day class, which cost approximately $1700 as of 2017. Prices may vary going forward. In the 3 day course you will be exposed to much more comprehensive real estate investment information. You’ll be taught the finer steps in wholesaling properties, rehabbing properties and flipping them. You’ll discover the in’s and out’s of obtaining properties for reduced prices, so you can make an enormous profit in any market. After you’ve made your fortune, how do you grow your assets? Nick’s team will walk you through the steps to protect your wealth and to grow it even larger quantities by renting or holding the property and flipping it.

You’ll leave the three day class ready for your first excursion into the real estate investing world. Enjoy your first real estate conquest via the education and personal guidance you receive from the telephone support of the staff at NVREA.

Felipe Montoro Jens is the chief executive officer at Energia Captacao S.A., he also serve as the chair at Concessionaria do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal S.A. Felipe is exclusively talented in personal and corporate financial strategies and operations. Earlier in his career, Felipe worked at Santo Antonio Energia as a director, he now has over 5 years of experience. Felipe has spent much of his career offering solutions to economic waste for large corporations and governments. Through these competitive roles, Felipe has sustained high margins of financial responsibility and client profitability.

Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens successfully deliberated on public markets, child hospital, and public lightings. The primary concern of CGP is on government structure and active transparency. Similarly, it guarantees public oversights on PPPs and concession structured projects. Conselho’s role in the process of planning and executing das Concessões e Parcerias Público-Privadas was eventually confirmed by Felipe. Conselho has already demonstrated sufficient authority in all the proceedings and deliberations.

Felipe acquired permanent membership at CGP because of his pioneering leadership skills particularly in public service. He has equally participated in various funding forums besides his active membership roles in Parcerias Program.

Felipe is overly committed to modernize public management through CGP partnerships, which has been identified as a governance organ. He serves the role of an Attorney General of the Municipality. According to Felipe, partnership program management board members are not allowed to engage in discussions because of conflicting persona interests.

Infrastructural project expert, Felipe Montoro Jens identified major projects such as Guaiba Water Park, public clocks, Public Market, and sanitation projects. He also decided to prioritize on setting up new Hospital Materno Infantil Presidente Vargas headquarters to ease service delivery. In a meeting with Rio Grande do Sul capital mayor, Felipe helped the team to reinstate projects for prompt development. Felipe is both visionary leader with special abilities and talents.

Ricardo Tosto is one of the best lawyers in the Brazil. He started law practice when he was 26 years, he has served in the legal field for many years since then. As a leading lawyer in the country, he usually handled high profile cases that no ordinary lawyer can handle. He has experience and mastery of the law that is needed to handle high profile cases. He is normally hired by big corporations in the country and outside the country. He has also been hired by politicians in the country to represent them in cases of elections. Apart from being a commercial lawyer, he handles issues of election law.

Ricardo Tosto is one of the best people to handle cases of business litigation that one might be having. He assures his clients of doing his best to achieve a good ruling for them. He takes time to study each case and make a detailed judgment depending on individual cases. He is a dedicated lawyer who takes his time to handle all the issues that his clients have. He is listening and that is why he is able to attract many clients to his law firm. Ricardo Tosto also offers clients the benefit of being able to represent them in English. In Brazil, the primary language is Portuguese. Many lawyers in the country, therefore, cannot handle cases in English.

Ricardo Tosto has been recognized by a number of bodies in the region for his ability to represent clients. He has been nominated by the Who’s Who, a lawyers’ body in Latin America. He was nominated him as one of the best commercial lawyers in the region. Ricardo Tosto has also been featured in magazines and legal publications. He is a force to reckon with in the legal fraternity. Ricardo Tosto has one more achievement to his name; he is the lawyer who introduced mass litigation technique in Brazil.

Ricardo Tosto @

When the two modeling agencies that were once independent came together to start working as The Brown Agency, they knew they would have to do different things to help make them the best in the industry. They also knew they would have to try their best to show models they were an important part of any agency. There was no other agency that had ever treated models in the way The Brown Agency treats them. It has helped them to grow and helped them to stand out in an industry that is normally very boring for people who are a part of it. The Brown Agency is different because they know they can help models instead of just relying on them for what the models can do for the agency. They also know there are certain things that will make them among the best of the best in the industry. It gives them the skills they need to survive all the different modeling opportunities.

Models who work in the runway department of The Brown Agency know they are going to be able to make things better for their models. They also know they can show their models what will be special about the options they have. The Brown Agency has done a lot with the modeling agency so they can help their models get the best runway jobs in the industry. By doing this, they are giving their models the value they deserve and the job options they need in the industry.

In addition to working in the runway part of the industry, The Brown Agency also works with models who work exclusively for print. They want these models to know they have the same value as those who are on the runway. They do not treat them any differently because they know the models need the best options possible to find jobs and get paid. By doing this, The Brown Agency is setting themselves apart from the other opportunities that traditional agencies have and don’t take advantage of for one reason or another. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Since The Brown Agency is a different type of agency, the market sees them as a disruptor. They have changed the modeling industry for the better and made it something models can feel good about being a part of. They have done all of this so they will have a chance to make the industry the best it can be. Even when The Brown Agency first started out, they knew they wanted to do things differently and offer more options to the models who they worked with. They believed it was part of what made them the best and part of what gave them excellent opportunities for success.

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Everybody loves an inspirational story about how a company is built by someone who turns it into more than just a money-making machine into something bigger that touches the community and cares for people. That’s what the Global Vision Academy is about and why they awarded the Global Visionary recognition to Sheldon Lavin, the longtime CEO of OSI Industries. Lavin has certainly worked hard to build OSI Group into one of the world’s top-ranked meat companies, but he’s also upheld the values of family and putting people above profits at the company. What’s even more impressive is that Lavin hasn’t slowed down his work even though he’s now past 80 years old.

Sheldon Lavin began in investment banking and then opened his own financial advisory company. He had planned to stay with this company for the foreseeable future, but he had an encounter with a family-owned meat wholesale company that changed his direction. That company was Otto & Sons which had been founded by Otto Kolschowsky and was now a big supplier for the growing popular McDonald’s fast food restaurant. Lavin had been asked to help the company invest in more production plants and raise funds, but McDonald’s and its bank also wanted Lavin to become a partner in the company. After much consideration and even turning down the offer at first, Lavin consented and became CEO and eventually fully owned the company. About more for Sheldon Lavin, Chairman And CEO Of OSI Group, LLC.

Lavin decided to make international sales a huge part of the company’s objectives, and in the 1980s OSI Industries started opening some plants in Europe and Asia. Today the company has 55 facilities in 16 countries, though some companies have been bought and still hold their original brand names since Lavin believes in maintaining recognition for already established companies. But Lavin also has made retaining jobs a priority at each company OSI has bought, and he’s helped foster a culture within OSI that’s led to many employees staying with the company for the long-term. Lavin was also once recognized at the North American Meat Institute with the Edward Jones Community Service award for his involvement in philanthropy which includes supporting the Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago, the Chicago Inner City Foundation and Ronald McDonald House Charities.

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How important are crowdsourced reviews for brand purchases? Most customers trust what they read online just as much as a friend’s recommendation about a product or service they bought. That is why many name brands are leveraging the power of crowdsourced reviews to influence customer purchases.


Fabletics Crowd Sourcing Strategy


Fabletics, Kate Hudson’s active fashion wear brand, has been using the power of customer reviews to catapult itself to over $235 million in revenue since 2013.


The company began leveraging the crowd since its inception and in so doing became one of the leaders in its industry for customer purchase, customer loyalty, and customer retention because of this strategy.


Crowdsourcing Statistics


The ever increasing busy lifestyle of today has left most people with very little time to shop around offline. This is one of the main reasons people look to the internet for customer reviews when gauging whether or not to purchase a product or service.


Old marketing techniques have basically taken a backseat to customer reviews. People just don’t trust a company unless the crowd has given it a thumbs up.


Just how much do people trust the crowd? In a recent survey, 84% of online purchasers said they trusted customer reviews as much as recommendations from their friends, families, and acquaintances.


According to the survey, over 50 percent of online customers stated that they read reviews and those reviews influence their decision whether or not to do business with a particular company.


What is more, 60 percent of those same customers said that negative reviews definitively influenced their decision not to do business with a particular company.


How Fabletics Uses Customer Feedback


The company truly believes that the customer runs the show. Through customer feedback and reviews, Fabletics creates and revamp its product line to suit customer needs and desires.

By doing so, customers are all too happy to leave a positive review. The more positive reviews the company gets the more customers it obtains and retains, helping to increase business now and well into the future.


Fabletics believes that listening to your customers is the only way to satisfy them. Leveraging the crowd has allowed Fabletics to gather and analyze data as well as use an effective marketing strategy.


The Face of Fabletics


Everyone in Fabletics agrees that Kate Hudson is the perfect representative of the brand. Her warm heart and active lifestyle depict the company’s image to a T.


Kate is not just a representative of the company either, but an integral partner who stays involved with nearly every aspect of the business. Whether it is working with designers, crunching sales numbers, or plotting out social media marketing campaigns, Kate keeps the business active and fresh just like her.


What really emphasizes Kate’s views about the Fabletics activewear line is that she actually wears them and uses them nearly every day. There is no better endorsement for a brand than to be an actual customer. This is perhaps one of the greatest customer reviews anyone can give and Kate gives hers on a daily basis.