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Making considerable returns from the investments in stock markets from across the globe is not an easy task. It is risky and needs a lot of strategic planning to make significant returns out of it. However, it is also important to note that stock markets have a lot of potential as an investment tool and people continue to make big money out of it.

Igor Cornelsen, who has served in the banking industry of Brazil for long is now a stock market and investment consultant. He is hopeful about the stock market investments in Brazil as it is a fast-growing economy and has a lot of potential.

Even as the country witnessed some hustle in the last few years under the previous government of Dilma Rousseff, it has now stabilized, and the political, as well as financial situation in the country, is getting better. Read more: Igor Cornelsen gives you the basics on Brazilian banking

According to iCrowdNewsWire, Igor has some advice for the investors who are considering adding Brazilian stocks to their portfolio. Igor says that it is essential for the people to know that the Brazilian economy is highly reliant on its banks, and the moves made by the bank must be followed to understand which way the market would move.

He says that the investors must acquaint themselves with the banking basics of Brazil to make smart investments that help them get considerable returns in the future. Igor currently stays in the United States in South Carolina and heads a firm by the name of Bainbridge Inc, which provides investment and financial consultancy, primarily focusing on damaged stocks investment.

Igor Cornelsen also added to his advisory about investment in Brazil that the investors should strictly follow what the trading partners of Brazil are doing and how their economies are faring.

China is highly relevant in this context as it is the most significant trading partner of Brazil, and its growth would automatically trickle down on Brazil as well.

Igor says that once the currency of Brazil can get out of its overvalued mode and attain its real value, the world market would become a level playing field for the exporters and manufacturers in Brazil.

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