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Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is a businessman and dental professional who is also the founder of MB2 Dental Solutions. The organization has been extremely well received in the industry owing to the numerous services that they provide. MB2 Dental Solutions has made the lives of dentists a lot easier since they don’t have to focus on doing all the menial tasks at their clinic. Dentists are trained to work on people’s teeth, and that is what they should be doing. Making them do all the other tasks like accounting and human resources takes away from the time spent doing what they love and puts a lot of strain on dentists. Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva too experienced these hurdles when he became a dentist, which is when he got the idea for MB2 Dental Solutions. Being a part of the dental industry himself, he was able to give a dentist’s view on what they would need to make their practice more efficient and smooth sailing.

Since the organization first came into existence, it has provided its services to hundreds of dentists all over the country. MB2 Dental Solutions is currently operational in six states in America and has seventy clinics that are now being run by them. Numerous dentists realize that something like MB2 Dental Solutions can increase the scope of their practice incredibly while giving them the much-needed support.

MB2 Dental Solutions has made Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva a well-known name. He has emerged to be an important person in the dental community owing to the incredible organization that he has founded. He has always been a visionary and believes in working hard to bring his ideas to life. He believes that nothing can happen without hard work and dedication, which is something that has helped him incredibly through the course of his career. He is also someone who is always open to new ideas and thoughts that can help the organization grow and develop. This ability to take in constructive input regularly is something that has contributed to him being the leader that he currently is. He tries to look at the organization and his work as something that he loves doing, rather than an obligation. He holds true to the saying ‘do what you love’ and has helped the entire dental profession in the process. All of this has made Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva a truly remarkable name in the dental industry.


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