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There are many beautiful churches based in Minnesota that trace their architecture from various historical and modern influences. Some of the most magnificent churches in the area that are just a fantastic sight to visit are the Hennepin Ave United Methodist Church, the Church of St. Mary’s in New Trier and the St. Andrew’s Church in St. Paul.

1. Hennepin Ave United Methodist Church, Minneapolis
The Hennepin Ave Church retains to be one of Minnesota’s impressive architectural gems that display an awesome sight of pointed decals in the form of spires and a steeple that finds its roots in the iconic church in Cambridge, England. The church was built in 1916 and features the fundamental English Rural Gothic elements that are famous in the standard gothic architecture of the past. The pointed spire of the church gives the church the reputation for being the 2nd tallest infrastructure that people can see in Minneapolis.

2. The Church of St. Mary’s
This church is at the top of a hill in a tiny town of Minnesota called New Trier, which is just a few meters way from the Cannon Falls. The church’s builders established the church way back in 1909 and right now it is in the database of the National Register of Historic Places as one of the most historically relevant religious sites built in Minnesota. Tourists of the church can also delight in the French Beaux-Arts architecture that’s integrated into the entire design plan of the church.

3. Hopperstad Stave Church, Moorhead
This church structure is a mirror image of the Stave church in Norway built in 1998. The location of the church takes pride in being located at a lush and green bank near the Red River in Minnesota and features a wonderfully inspired detailed interior carved with intricated wood decors.

Another beautiful church in Minnesota is the Mighty Fortress Church. People on the FAQ page of the Mighty Fortress Church ask many questions, including about what it feels like attending the church’s service.

The answer to that, according to Bishop Thomas Williams, the church’s Senior Pastor, is that the church has a fun, welcoming vibe who sees that everyone has a lot to offer to Christ. Bishop Williams is also the active founder of Mighty Fortress International Church and Ministries, which he has served for more than 30 years.

Bishop Williams also said that people who are looking for answers with the help of God are also welcome to attend the mass at Mighty Fortress.

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