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One of the greatest challenges for retirees is finding the courage to spend their hard-earned savings without feeling guilty. For many retirees, the uncertainties of the future usually inhibit their desire to live a fully enjoyable life. Therefore, they end up spending their savings on the basics that they consider as important. Consequently, they do not achieve their dreams due to fear of the unknown. However, David Giertz believes that seniors can live a fun-filled life by spending their savings wisely.

According to the experienced financial advisor, the key to having a sound retirement plan is having the discipline to follow through with the approach that you have chosen. These approaches are developed according to individual retiree’s preference. Having a retirement plan will ensure that retirees are able to decide how much they spend on various activities, duties and leave for their heirs. Budgeting is a great way of spending without any guilt as long as retirees have the discipline to stick to the budget. Seniors are also encouraged to avoid the temptation of saving all their money without setting aside any cash. Having a cash reserve at hand can go a long way in avoiding the need to sell shares every time financial need arises.

Decades of Excellent Financial Advisory

Over the past three decades, David Giertz has carved out a name for himself as one of the leading financial advisors in the country with specialization retirement planning. Currently serving as the president of Nationwide Financial, Mr. Giertz has evolved professionally to specialized financial services and mutual funds.

David Giertz’s excellent track record and longevity in the industry have been built on solid academic background and constant professional development. He graduated from Millikin University in 1986 with a degree in business administration and management before joining University of Miami – School of Business for a Master of Business Administration degree. Additionally, he taken various exams, which has seen him certified as an investment broker in addition to being a financial advisor.


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