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SahmAdrangi surprises many by raising $100 Million to short a single stock on an upcoming public company set to be launched in mid-May. Adrangi, the founder, and CIO of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC together with Shane Wilson, Kerrisdale analyst, established a strategy to ensure the campaign was a success. The duo did reports, videos, and website info to let everyone understand their motive towards the investment.

Investment shorts

Founded in April 2009, Kerrisdale has previously placed bets against companies among them being Sage Therapeutics and Zafgen. The firm manages approximately $500 million with an average of 28% returns over the past five years. Adrangi began betting after becoming the talk of Securities and Exchange Commission by shorting on prominent Chinese companies.

Bio and previous employment

The 33-year-old Canadian born studied Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Yale. He has skills in Investments, hedge funds, investment banking, equities among others. Adrangi began his career in a leveraged finance group of Deutsche Bank where he helped structure and syndicate high yielding bonds and non-investment grade bank debt. He later moved to Chanin Capital Partnership where he advised creditors and performed bankruptcy restructuring acting on behalf of bank debtors, bankrupt companies, distressed creditors, bondholders and preferred equity committees. Before founding Kerrisdale, Adrangi moved to Longrace Fund Management as an investment analyst for equity and credit fund. It was until 2009 that he launched Kerrisdale which has a portfolio value of $108, 672, 000 investing in technology, financial, services and other sectors.Adrangi began hedge fund investment by acting anonymously in the dodgy Chinese dealers. He later swept out corrupt foreign companies from the New York stock exchanges by exposing them, and this act tripled his investment earnings. In three years, Adrangi managed to grow his hedge fund from just $1 million to $200 million investment house. The investment move is driving hedge fund into the social media era.


SahmAdrangi is the CIO and founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC. The 33-year-old Canadian born hedge fund investor holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Yale University. Prior to founding Kerrisdale, Adrangi worked in various investment firms among them being Deutsche bank and Longrace funds management. Adrangi helped clean up the New York stock exchange commission by exposing corrupt Chinese investors. He has earned significantly from his anonymous act and managed to grow his hedge fund from $1 million to $200 million in just three years. The company as of now manages approximately $500 million. SahmAdrangi’s Raises $100 Million to Short on a Single Stock.


Eric Pulier is a venture capitalist and he provides startup capital to entrepreneurs with an idea, who are looking for funding to start their own companies or other small companies who are looking to expand but do not have the capital to do so. He has been on the front line, in the transformation of some of the best technology used today. As the founder of vAtomic he has helped many entrepreneurs to attain their dreams because he believes that without passion and capital, even the best ideas in the world can fail to be realized.

Eric Pulier is always searching for new ideas to invest in and with his experience, he has become skilled in recognizing which ideas are worth investing in and which entrepreneurs are passionate enough to fully invest their time and energy into growing their businesses. As an optimistic person in nature, he never doubted once, that he would be able to succeed, instead, puller has chosen to learn from his struggles in the management of the business and develop the tough skin needed to navigate the highs and lows of the technology industry. He credits much of his current outlook to the running of this first company The Digital Evolution which he founded at a very young age. The company also taught him the importance of quality customer service and delivering as promised, the two which are still a priority in all of his business affairs today. Other than referrals

Eric Pulier points out that pay per click type of advertising has been the most effective for his business. He advises entrepreneurs to always keep track of returns on their investments with each marketing method, to avoid being caught up in the excitement of new strategies without considering whether they are profitable to the business or not. He points out that his strength lies in the thoroughness of his business process, he completely invests time energy and resources into new ventures and in the development of new ideas.

Eric Pulier is from New Jersey. From a young age, it was evident that he was already a genius and that education was only going to play the role of sharpening him right from a young age he was able to handle programming tasks that were way above his education level. By the time Eric Pulier was finishing high school, he had started his own a database company.

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Global Rights

The organisation has changed the lives of many people across the continent. The group only focuses on helping the marginalized people by capacity building. The marginalized find it hard to cope in a competitive environment.

The main beneficiaries of the organization are the Africans, Asians and the Latin Americans. The organization deals with different agents worldwide. In each continent, the organization has popular activists who can echo the needs of the people to the government.

Currently, the organization is based in countries where there is a hard stance on certain emerging laws. The laws against gays, lesbians and the other minority groups are affecting the normal lives of the people.

The Human Rights Watch

The main focus of the human rights watch is fair treatment of every individual in the whole world. One major thing that led to the formation of the organization is discrimination against humanity. In the United States, there are certain states where racism is almost legal. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

The people who should be protecting the minority are the same ones who are oppressing them. Secondly, capital punishment had become the order of the day. People of different races can receive completely different punishments for the same crime. Usually, one punishment surpasses the other by far. Such are the injustices which the groups sought to correct.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey influence

People who had suffered human rights discrimination in the past preferred to be silent about it. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey could not stand the impunity of the influential people in the state. After being compensated for the case they won against Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the two journalists used the entire funds from compensation to fund different human rights activities.

Other than just the financial support the move by the duo was received with excitement from other people who had experienced such injustices came out to support the works of human rights organizations.

The Red Cross international committee

The operation of the Red Cross International Committee works differently from all the other organizations. First, the Red Cross is impartial and neutral. It does not seek to solve the cause of the calamities but focuses on the victims.

The services are humanitarian. Red Cross gets most of its support from the public. Most of the work that the organization does is supported by volunteers who are pained with the consequences of these calamities. The organization is majorly funded by the Soldiers organizations of the United States.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:


Beneful is a brand that puts out a variety of products for pets, and their wet foods are something that pet owners can feel good about offering to their dogs. The Beneful wet dog foods are made with wholesome ingredients that affect the health of a dog positively. The wet dog food from Beneful is made with real meat and vegetables. Every food that Beneful puts out is made with care and uses the best ingredients. The Beneful brand cares about the pets that will be consuming the food that it puts out, and every one of their wet dog food products is something that is healthy for a dog.


Greg Secker is a prominent trader in the financial markets. That is the stock and currency trading. He is the founder of Learn to Trade, which is a company that teaches people on how to profitably trade the financial market. Greg Secker started his career in the financial sector at the Thomas Cook Financial Services. Here he was the trader technologist for the firm. He later moved to foreign exchange trading and started his new business called the “Virtual Trading Desk”. Commonly known as VTD, the trading platform was the first online based to hit the market by then. The trading platform gave traders access to real time quotes for all foreign exchange transactions. Greg Secker career gained momentum very fast due to the fact that he has so much passion for this job. He went on to become the Vice President of Mellon Financial Corporation. Mellon Corporation was a big fortune 500 investment bank in the US at the time. At Mellon he got a chance to interact with the best traders there was in the world. He learned so much while at the same time implementing all this knowledge in creating trading strategies. After some time at the Mellon, Greg personal trading account had accumulated so much that he no longer wanted to work. He quit employment and joined started his own trading floor at home.

After three years of trading from home, Greg Secker started what is known today as Learn to Trade. Learn to Trade has benefitted so many people through seminars and workshops that are held in various cities across the world. He teaches his students on how to trade and generate income from financial markets either as apart time or full time trading.

In the 2010 London Excellence Awards Greg emerged a finalist. Also his company Learn to trade was number 49 in the “2010 Sunday Times Fast Track 100 Awards.” According to the World Finance Magazine, Learn to Trade was the best educator for two consecutive years. Other rewards that Learn to Trade has received include: ‘Best Forex Educator in Global Banking & Finance Review’, Best Trading Education Product from Wealth and Finance Awards and Best for Forex Trading Training.

The Centers enhance the utilization of technology in the identification and provision of remedies to the existing symptoms. It is through the consideration of a comprehensive assessment as well as a distinct brain map that the firm sets up a program that is not only safe but also personalized alongside brain training.
In regards to brain Diagnostics, one’s comprehensive assessment entails the utilization of qEEG technology, the analysis of the heart rate and that of breathing in line with brainwave analysis. Such add up to the rest of the diagnostic tests that are clinically validated. The objective, in this case, is the creation of a clear picture of the ongoing occurrences within the brain.
With the customized program, the distinct brain turns out to give direction alongside the designation of a modified initiative. It is via constant and positive reinforcement that the neurofeedback sessions make the brain work better more efficiently.
The objective of the program is to offer enduring results. It is for this reason that the brain acts as the area of focus as it is the basis of the challenge. It is worth acknowledging that the strategies that Neurocore uses often result in lasting solutions.
Additionally, there is a way in which Neurocore’s program operates. That is, Neurocore has a neurofeedback initiative which utilizes the auditory as well as the visual feedback that is offered via a movie with the intention of training the brain. In the course of one’s session, qEEG sensors are often put on the scalp to facilitate the monitor role of the brainwaves. The movie often pauses for a moment whenever the brainwaves are unbalanced. On gaining balance, the movie resumes playing thus aiding the brain.
Neurofeedback utilizes the qEEG technology of brainwave mapping together with the software which enhances the supervision of the brainwave frequencies and gives the appropriate feedback in the right time. The aim is to ensure that the brainwaves function in the maximal ranges without fail. That brings down the additional symptoms and facilitates improvement in certain areas as such as attention, focus and stress management. There exist many neurofeedback procedures that enhance the provision of the feedback.

The onset of crisis in the real estate industry has greatly affected America with masses moving to New Jersey, posing a threat to the residents. Being densely populated, this area is surging in a rebound of housing. Zillow, a real estate tracking device indicates that New Jersey has the highest shares of mortgages that are currently facing the risk of foreclosure across the state. Consequently, real estate businesses have significantly scaled back in the country. Although the foreclosure rates have tremendously trickled down, there are consequences that come with stringent policies in real estate. Basic fundamentals like the generation of households, high employment rates as well as home prices continue to be affected by the crisis. The future, however, holds a lot of positivity with the market trends shifting to bridging the gap between shortages. According to Philly Purge, the real estate industry is taking a new dimension towards growth.

 The Future

In Lawrence Yun’s opinion, the future of real estate in America could take a negative toll faced with high risks of housing emergency because of an impending shortage. With the progressive growth of demand and a low supply, housing permits are on the lower side when it comes to accessibility. It therefore, means that more new properties are hitting the market for sales. New Jersey is likely to move from the current situation to a worse scenario. Reports from Bloomberg continue to indicate that houses prices will shoot up within three years. New Jersey is not exempted from these effects.

Boraie Development

To solve the housing crisis, many new house developers have come up. One of these realtors is Boraie Development. Based in New Jersey, the firm has been gracing real estate with well architecture property. Having a track record of excellent performance for over twenty years, Boraie Development has accomplished so much in real estate. Perhaps, its real success story lies in the New Brunswick, a project that Omar Boraie worked to achieve lovely homes for the people of New Jersey. According to the leadership skills that have been exuded in the organization, Boraie Development is set to make tremendous steps in real estate development. This company works with all teams to ensure that the supply suits the initial demand of a client. With Omar in charge, the company has made tremendous progress. Boraie works with the best financial advisors, architectures, project managers, real estate advisors and agents. By creating strong relationships at work, Boraie Development has managed to win the hearts of many clients.


A cardiologist is a doctor whose proficiency is in dealing with issues related to the cardiovascular system. They diagnose and treat heart-related conditions, and also issues involving blood vessels. There are various concerns that one should make when looking for a cardiologist in New York. Among the important considerations, is the level of experience and professionalism. One would not wish to be treated by an unspecialized doctor with less experience. However, this specialization becomes more sophisticated when you get to understand cardiology in depth.

Since cardiology is a vast and complex area of expertise, cardiologists often specialize on certain different areas. A cardiologist may decide to deal with cardiovascular procedures for children, and another may choose to major in adult cardiology.

The world today has faced a major transition which has pushed many individuals towards the path of ignorance. As much as it may not be what they wanted, it is happening, and rarely does one’s health come first. Putting other interests before health is usually inevitable because of the busy world we are living in, where you will want to do one more task or see one more person before the day ends. However, to ensure no health issues take you by surprise, it is advisable to visit specialists regularly, to check your body condition. It is a common happening for people to get unexpected serious health problems, which would have been prevented were they discovered earlier.

Why it is important, therefore, to see a cardiologist regularly is to acquaint oneself with what-to for a better heart health. It is also important to learn about risk factors for heart diseases. A majority of individuals do not necessarily ignore their health. Rather, they are in the dark about the risks they face. People will often need to be enlightened about their health; what their bodies need and what they do not. Therefore, it is not good to go by the habit of only seeing the doctor when sick. Instead, see a cardiologist regularly as the importance of doing this is paramount.

Dr. Edward Honig is an exceptional cardiologist. He practices at Glen Cove Hospital, New York, and has attained a board certification in internal medicine. Board certification is an official recognition to doctors who have achieved some specifics of national medical specialty boards, USA. This certification is necessary when looking for a cardiologist because it points you right to the expert doctor.

Edward Honig has also attained the Healthgrades Honor Roll. It is awarded to doctors who are board certified and have no malpractices or suspensions. This backs up the fact that he is a skilled cardiologist, whose professionalism is undoubted. With his expertise in the cardiovascular system, he can diagnose and treat heart conditions and diseases, and also issues to do with blood vessels.

Cardiologists in New York may be various, but the cardiologist you want may be waiting for your visit. Finding the right doctor for yourself is important. Also, remember that you should not wait to be referred to a cardiologist before you see one.

Find out more about Edward Honig: http://frenchtribune.com/teneur/25359-dr-edward-honig-assesses-what-french-paradox-could-mean-your-heart

Julia Jackson was born in 1988 in San Francisco, California to the family of Mr. Jess Jackson and Mrs. Barbara Banke. The Jackson family has a long history of winemaking business. Julia was brought up in her family’s wine fields where she slowly started developing an interest in the wine business.

She attended Scripps College where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art and then proceeded to pursue an executive certificate in General Management from Stanford Graduate School. After graduation, she had the opportunity to work in the Jackson family wineries where she developed a strong bond with a French-speaking daughter of one of the Jackson Family Wines employees. This relationship enabled her to travel to Bordeaux in one of her summer holidays where she learned her French.

As the spokesperson of the Jackson Family Wines, she has proven herself to be a very successful person in the family business level as well as her personal level. She is a strong and resilient woman who has sailed through the odds to become the best wine proprietor, a business greatly deemed as a men’s affair and learn more about Jackson.

She is passionate about empowering women in the society. In relation to this, Julia founded a non-profit organization, the Cambria Seeds Empowerment which honors resilient women who have withstood all the adversities of life to make it through life and inspire other women in the society.

As a believer of quality wines, Julie and her family work hard in investing in quality wines. The Jackson Family Wines owns more than 44 wineries worldwide which produce around five million cases per year and Julia’s lacrosse camp.

Julia’s mastery of French has been a big plus to the success of the business. She uses her French for creating new markets and distribution channels for the Jackson Family Wines across many French-speaking regions. According to Julia, their Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wine brands are not only the sweetest and affordable brands but are also the best in the whole of Sonoma.

In most private and public schools, parents have no say on who educates their children. A group of charter schools under Rocketship Education is helping change that. At schools under Rocketship Education, parents are part of the process that selects teachers, months before classes start. Every teacher must be interviewed by a group parents before they get a job from a school under Rocketship Education. Feedback from the parents is taken into account before a school can offer the teacher a contract. All parents take this role seriously as it allows them to choose individuals who will have a positive impact on their children’s lives.

Rocketship Education, is a California Based charter school operator. The group operates only kindergartens and elementary schools. It was started in 2006 and started it first elementary school in 2007. Rocketship is known for blended learning approach and strong test scores. The blended learning approach combines computer assisted teaching with a traditional teaching approach to help keep administrative costs low.

In 2013, DC’s Charter School Board voted to give Rocketship permission to operate as many as eight schools in the School district. Rocketship has built its first school in Ward 8. Rocketship’s regional director, Jacque Patterson, has stated the school will operate as a neighborhood school. The school will accept students from any DC child but its main focus will be on enrolling students form Ward 8 neighborhood. The school will start with 350 students in kindergarten up to second grade. There are plans to expand up to fourth grade once the school is up and running.

The school’s structure reflects Rocketship’s aim of involving parents in their children’s education. The school has a room that can be used by parents while they wait to pick their children or during school functions. Many parents welcome the school as it is the first time they will have a proactive role in their children’s education. Instead of holding parent teacher meetings on school premises, Rocketship ensures that school official’s make a home visit during the academic year. Additionally, the school hosts numerous events that parents can attend during the academic year.