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Dr. Jennifer Walden is a native Texan. She was born and raised in Austin Texas where she was a high school overachiever as well as an all-star soccer player. She attended the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology. Dr. Walden the went on to receive her Medical Doctorate with Highest Honors and graduating as the Salutatorian at the University of Texas Medical Branch. Dr. Walden has always been interested in aesthetic surgery so she moved from Texas to New York where she competed for and won the highly competitive world-renowned fellowship at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. During her residency, she learned and perfected her craft. Dr. Walden has been able to incorporate all of the latest advancements in medicine with her own unique vision and skills to become one of the leading aesthetic surgeons of her generation.

After a serving as Program Director of the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship Dr. Walden moved back to her home state of Texas where she could raise her two children in her home state as well as give back to Texas with her specialized knowledge. Dr. Walden is recognized in the United States, and internationally, for her skills and is sought after by news affiliates as an expert in cosmetic surgery. She is also known as the “cosmetic surgeon-to-the-stars.” for her skill and discretion. To say that Texas is a better place to have Dr. Jennifer Walden as a resident is an understatement, to say the least.

Securus Technologies has come up with a new technological innovation that is blowing everybody away in the criminal justice system. A software program is capable of picking apart a person’s voice. The program analyzes the voice to pick out speech patterns, words and phrases, and a vocal fingerprint. This ability to pick out a vocal fingerprint inside a person’s voice is so powerful that this technology is admissible in court.


What is truly amazing about this technology is that it can match a person’s voice to a recorded phone call buried deep within a hard drive filled with terabytes of recorded phone calls. It is an incredibly powerful weapon in law enforcement fight against crime.


Securus Technologies is a well-regarded telephone company of sorts. This incredibly nimble company secures government contracts to be the telephone and telecommunications service provider to prisons and jails. Every time a prisoner makes a phone call to the outside world they must use this company to make the connection. This is how the company collects all this digital information. They simply record each and every telephone call made by a prisoner and they store these digital recordings on a massive hard drive.


I don’t think there is any better way to collect information about criminal activities than from the criminals themselves. The technology is not only capable of searching for a prisoner’s voice, it can also lock onto a voice calling into the prison. This can allow law enforcement officers to see who is talking to who. This may allow them to establish new connections in the criminal world. It also allows law enforcement officers to understand how criminal activity is planned, ordered and executed. This powerful weapon has already proven its capability of preventing crimes that take place inside of prisons as well as the outside world.


Avi Weisfogel is a young entrepreneur who opened his own dental office in Old Bridge, New Jersey in 1999. Old Bridge Dental Care has been successfully helping their patients with all their dental needs from cavities to braces. For several years, Old Bridge received the honor of being awarded the “Best Dentist in Old Bridge” because Dr. Weisfogel and his team offer special care and exceptional dental skills to every patient. They offer a comfortable experience for every office visit because they know that dental work is not fun, so they diligently work to make your office visit pleasant.


Dr.Avi Weisfogel graduated from Rutgers University with a BA in biology and psychology, and he received his DDS from New York University College of Dentistry. Old Bridge Dentist Care was the first business, and he managed it for over 15 years, and during that time, he began exploring how dentists and physicians could help those suffering from sleep disorders. He was extremely interested in sleep disorders, so he also began researching treatment of them.


In 2010, Dr. Avi established his second business called Healthy Heart Sleep. He spoke at different venues, but primarily he assisted physicians worldwide advising them on creating and managing their own sleep labs. Dr. Avi used the knowledge he had acquired to help thousands of physicians treat their patients.


Millions of people in the U.S. have sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea, with nowhere to turn for solutions. In 2014, Dr. Weisfogel and his wife founded Dental Sleep Masters to assist dentists in using oral appliances to correct sleep disorders.


Dr. Weisfogel was aware that by instructing other physicians, many more patients with sleep disorders could be treated Dr. Weisfogel has opened three successful businesses and is continually looking forward to new and evolving ways to treat his patients.


Equities First is a company that specializes in helping people get the money they need for the business dream they want to create. This company is known worldwide, but it has some deep roots in South Africa. There are many financial institutions that would deny people lending in South Africa. This could be due to income, not enough credit, or a number of other reasons.Equities First actually talks to people and looks into their personality. The first thing Equities First does is connect the borrower with a business lending partner that understands the type of business in question. Equities First has people from all areas of the business world. This can be in the food industry, clothing industry, or even religious industry.

The Equities First professional will sit down with the borrower and create a business plan. This plan will be formed through the use of graphs and charts. However, the borrower will understand everything in the simplest terms. This plan will show how the borrower plans to pay back the money and in what time period. If the plan looks like it will fail, the Equities First professional will not hesitate to cancel the plan. The borrower and the professional will brainstorm a number of ways to attack the business plan so that a sure profit will be made in the quickest amount of time.

Throughout South Africa, thousands of people have left reviews all over the web regarding Equities First. All of these reviews are positive, and they keep coming by the day. There were many people in South Africa that had no money and no life. Equities First gave these people a chance. Today, many of these individuals are successful business owners. They credit their success to the generosity and hope that Equities First displays on a daily basis.


There’s good news for Brazilian law students and recent graduates who want to leverage their studies and credentials into a new career. Two organizations, FundaçãoEstudar (Study Foundation) and Na Prática (In Practice) are organizing their second annual conference for the legal industry. The conference will take place in October in Sao Paulo.

The event is geared to law students and attorneys and connects young lawyers with law firms and businesses, as well as introducing the future of the legal profession to new markets and practice areas, including consulting, bankruptcy, mergers and acquisition, litigation, taxation, and corporate law. Around 30 firms and companies will be present at the event.

350 students will be selected based on their resumes and academic record to participate in special coaching sessions and panels on different practice areas, as well as presentations by a number of leaders in the profession. In addition, these scholars will have face-to-face access to recruiters from top law firms click here.

Ricardo Tosto is a preeminent attorney based in Sao Paulo with interests in a variety of fields, including civil litigation and electoral law. Although his firm, Ricardo Tosto & Associates, is highly specialized in litigation and dispute resolution, it has a solid reputation as a full-service law firm, with offices in Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro.

Ricardo Tosto’s law firm also practices corporate law as well as mergers and acquisition. During his career, Ricardo Tosto has represented well-known clients in a number of well-publicized cases. Throughout his Twitter, Ricardo Tosto has shown a commitment to customer service, thorough research, and top-notch representation. In addition to his interests in the legal field, he is also a published author and a noted speaker.

Being able to sustain success is the ultimate goal once a person has so-called “made it” in life. It’s wonderful to get to such a high point, but if you can’t maintain the position then you’ll certainly become just another statistic. We are living in the “digital age” and this era is full of innovation. Some of the most modern inventions have come during this time frame and many of the inventions have made life much more enjoyable and fulfilling. One of the guys who’ve done many good deeds for society is known as Eric Pulier. He has a knack for finding solutions for the biggest of issues especially when it comes to the technology field.


With such an extensive educational background, Pulier has been able to parlay that knowledge into a successful career. He attended Harvard University between 1984-1988 where he majored in English/American Literature. At this time he also was an editor and a writer for the Harvard Crimson publication. Though he had a full schedule, Pulier always found time to get things done. MIT was another as well that Pulier sharpened his skills, but who knew that those skills would pay off in such huge dividends. Being so business savvy, Pulier has founded or co-founded 15 companies. That’s right! He actually sold one of his last companies for an estimated $350 Million. Check out the list below:


  • Akana Software
  • U.S. Interactive
  • Desktone
  • FLY
  • Service Mesh Inc
  • And many more


Venture Capital Funds are another way Pulier has wisely invested his money. These (VCFs) include eCompanies, Trident Capital, and Monitor Ventures. He’s literally touched just about every industry at least once, but it goes to show that this remarkable has found time to help others who may be in need. Eric Pulier is a true American hero.

The Greyhound Diaries is a result of the brain-mind of Dough Levitt. Greyhound Diaries makes use of music to vividly describe the incredible stories of travelers who are always struggling.


The impact of Greyhound Project


The Greyhound Diaries project has lasted for more than ten years. The project involves traveling more than one hundred thousand miles using the Greyhound bus. It has turned out to be a huge success with the majority of songs being written and sang, pictures of travelers being taken and several stories being written.


This project drew an excellent portrait of how America looks like. Up to date, thanks to the project, two records have been released. A one-man stand show also resulted. Numerous writings have been published, photo exhibitions and web series have been hosted.


Dough Levitt’s personal life


Dough Levitt is an American singer and songwriter. He was born in the year 1972 in Washington D.C to Carol and Davis Schwartz. Before he embarked on his Greyhound Project, Mr. Levitt used to work as an international correspondent to top media houses such as NBC and ABC. In his family, he is the youngest child. His mother was a mayoral candidate and a city council member.


Dough Levitt’s strong educational background


Levitt attended public schools in Washington District of Columbia. He later proceeded to Woodrow Wilson High School. His education prowess saw Levitt get admission into the leading Cornell University. Due to his exceptional performance in academics, Dough Levitt was awarded the Fulbright Scholarship.


He proceeded to pursue his master’s degree from London School of Economics where he specialized in international relations.


The career successes of Dough Levitt


It was while in London that Dough Levitt made a bold step in shifting jobs. He quit his job as an international correspondent to concentrate his efforts on writing and singing songs. He worked hand in hand with David Henry who was a successful records producer. The two would later form a strong collaboration while working on Greyhound Diaries. Dough Levitt has showcased his amazing works in many centers and homeless shelters all over America.


Technology is influencing nearly every sector in human life. Every industry is rapidly evolving to keep up with changing technological trends. Like its peers, the fashion industry is adapting to the changes. Designers are fusing technology into their brilliant ideas. The incorporation of technology has seen the production of previously unimaginable apparels. Captivating innovations such as a drink-making dress and a self-painting dress have been realized.


The tech-fashion mash-up has seen the development of protective apparels. Things that seemed impossible, like bicycles airbags, have been made. The device straps around the neck and the airbag pop out in the event of an impact to protect the cyclist’s head. As opposed to a conventional helmet, the airbag does not limit the field of view. Another defensive mechanism created are the Frontline Gloves, which were made for firefighters. These gloves simplify communication among firefighters when they are at work.


Furthermore, waste materials are recycled to create innovative designs. T-shirts are being made from bicycle wheel tubes, while the copper wire is making gowns.


With the blending of technology into fashion, electricity producing outfits are conceivable. Stylists are harnessing the kinetic energy generated by the body’s movements to generate electric power. A shoe capable of charging phones is in the works.


While the mixing up of the two fields is gaining popularity, there are some challenges faced. For instance, wearable tech, like Google Glass, may fascinate a nerd, but an ordinary person may shy off due to the stigma of wearing spectacles. In other cases, prospective clients may not be able to afford the products. Similarly, some parties may like the tech behind it, but not the gadget itself.


It is apparent that fashion and technology rely on each other. Style brings aesthetics to technology, while technology contributes to making functional fashion. To realize the full benefits of the tech-fashion blending, the two industries must work hand-in-hand.


About Chris Burch


Christopher Burch’s birthplace is Miami, Florida. He is the mind behind Burch Creative Capital. Moreover, Chris is an investor and actively contributed to the inauguration of Tory Burch, a luxury cloth line. Chris has an impetus for branding and presently applies his passion in apparel, hospitality, financial services, among other industries.


With over four decades of experience, Chris BUrch has had a hand in the development of more than 50 companies. He has utilized his deep understanding of consumer behavior incorporated with sourcing experience to build a respectable track record. Some of the firms in his service portfolio include Chubbies Shorts, Rappi, Hooch, among many others.

Read more about Chris Burch:







Andrea McWilliams is a lobbyist and political fundraiser working in both the private and public sector. Her fast paced career started at a young age and has been on the move ever since. Andrea McWilliams career and the awards she and one that speaks volumes about her work ethic and capabilities.


Andrea McWilliams has won multiple awards for her career and work ethic.Her career flourished at the young age of 21 when she was named Chief of Staff. Since then she has been able to establish her own firm that she has built with her husband. There they offer full-service help for governmental affairs. Her patience and persistence have led her to be able to create an established and full career.


Her achievements from a young age have not gone unnoticed. Since then she has been publicly recognized for her work. She was put on the Glossy 8 list by The Austine American-Statesman. She has also been recognized by the Girl Scouts of Central Texas with the “Woman of Distinction” award. In 2012 Adrea McWilliams was bestowed with the “Austin Under 40” award. Andrea McWilliams has more awards under her belt that add to support her work ethic and capabilities.


Andrea McWilliams is a publicly recognized figure in the political fundraising and lobbyist world. She started her career young and ever since she has been on the fast track in her career. From awards to honors to public recognition, Andrea McWiliams has built a strong career. Through hard work and dedication, Andrea McWilliams has been able to become a sought after political fundraiser and lobbyist.


Patty Rocklage is a woman who knows the importance of a good marriage. A professionally licensed family and marriage therapist, Patty has been helping families and couples for over 20 years. The path to success for Patty started with her graduation from the University of Southern California. It was here that Patty began to devote her life to helping others. Currently, Patty helps people with family and relationship struggles out of her office in Sudbury, Massachusetts.


To only consider Patty Rocklage to be a great psychotherapist would be a vast understatement. In addition to therapy, Patty still has time to excel at other areas, especially giving back to her community. In 2016, along with her husband, Dr. Scott Rocklage, they both presented the gift of helping to renovate lab space in the nanochemistry and nanotechnology wing of MIT. A special plaque was even created to help honor the generosity of the Rocklage family.


This same generosity was further evidenced when the Rocklage family needed renovations done to their home. Facing concerns from the city about the scope of their renovations, it was stated that more recyclable materials would needed to be used to construct their new driveway. Never one to shy away from helping out, not just fellow human beings, but the enviornment, the Rocklage family welcomed a chance to reduce their environmental footprint.


Patty Rocklage continues to help couples and families out of her office location. However, looking back on her accomplishments, it is easy to see that she has done her part to make the world a much better place.