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Hussain Sajwani, chairman, CEO and founder of the DAMAC Group is an entrepreneurial visionary and a businessman who has accomplished what few have in their lifetime. DAMAC properties; a luxury residential real estate developer was created in 2002 by Hussain and provides unparalleled living accommodations in Dubai, UAE. As one of the top luxury developers it has projects in the GCC, the Middle East at large, and even the United Kingdom. DAMAC Properties currently develops multi-million square foot golf course communities that include high-rise private apartment towers and unique one-of-a-kind living experiences and operates as well as manages hotel apartments that are serviced and five star hotels.

Hussain Sajwani has partnered with Paramount Hotels & Resorts and Donald Trump to complete some of his projects. Donald Trump referred to Hussain as, “a very, very, very amazing man,” and praised the deals they’ve worked on together. DAMAC and Hussain have also joined up with fashion and lifestyle brands to bring fresh and innovative living ideas to the market. One of his featured partnerships is a Tiger Woods designed golf course which will ultimately be managed by The Trump Organization and includes luxury apartments with Italian fashioned interiors designed by Verdace and Fendi. DAMAC Properties has close to 2,000 employees and has one of the best track records for a luxury property development company. It has unbelievably completed over 16,800 homes by developing over 44,000 units.

As a man of high moral standards and ethics, Hussain Sajwani participates in philanthropic endeavors and has donated millions of dollars to various charitable foundations and organizations. The #UAECompassion campaign, which supports thousands of refugees in Jordan and Lebanon who were hit by the snowstorm Huda, received AED one million from Hussain and DAMAC. Hussain stated, “It is our humanitarian duty to do whatever we can for our brothers facing an unthinkable freezing cold winter away from their homes.” The ‘Tarahamu’ campaign also received help with a donation to the UAE Red Crescent, who helps those most severely affected by weather.

Hussain Sajwani graduated from the University of Washington, Seattle with a Bachelor’s degree in engineering and economics and lives with his wife and 4 children to this day.http://www.celebfamily.com/entrepreneur/hussain-sajwani-family.html

To close the narrative gap of poverty in America, Doug Levitt decided to take a trip around America by Greyhound Bus. He thought the trip would be a short one, but it lasted more than seven years. The experience turned into a project called “The Greyhound Diaries.” He spoke with various people from different backgrounds who all had one thing in common. The former journalist created a compilation of stories provided by the different people he met along the way.


Doug Levitt was born in Washington, D.C. He is the son of a former DC council member Carol Schwartz and her husband David Schwartz, he died when Levitt was 16. He attended Cornell University. He later attended the London School of Economics on a Fullbright Scholarship. He became a journalist and has reported


The “Greyhound Diaries” is styled after the 1930s federal initiative to record images and stories of poverty around the U.S. Levitt noticed that poverty in the United States was high and the story was not being told. As technology and social media began to link people together, he found that individuals who didn’t have access to these things were being left out. It’s one thing to be aware of poverty statistics, but he wondered what more could be done to understand the nature of the problem plaguing millions of Americans.


To get a closer look, he took the Greyhound and met people of many races and of different circumstances. The final results were an EP that was released in 2007; a book released in 2008; and photos, stories and videos released on the web.He captured over 20,000 images. His digital memoir serves as a bridge in the narrative gap. He has performed live across the U.S., usually for free. Some of his performances were given at homeless shelters and other venues across the U.S.


Doug Levitt put effort into creating a compelling piece of art that tells the great tale of American poverty as it exists today. His journey was over 70,000 miles, and he met people who were so poor, they never imagined buying a home. His adventure is available for others to learn about the impoverished of America.


The Kabbalah Centre focuses on helping learners who attend learn and understand the various Kabbalistic principles. The learning is conducted through online lectures, classes, books and even audio products that are written in a simple language to help learners comprehend what they are studying. The Kabbalah principle is an ancient wisdom that seeks to explain to human beings how the whole universe and life works. The word Kabbalah literal meaning is “to receive,” and the Kabbalah study aims at helping one acquire fulfillment in his life.

A big number of individuals get to a point where they feel like they have a level of insufficiency. The more they concentrate their energies towards seeking fulfillment, the more drained they get. The Kabbalah principle tries to help one understand that all spheres of our lives are from the root, and to feel life fulfillment one has to start from the core since everything else will depend solely on that fact.

The teachings that Kabbalah principles pass to people apply to people of all religions, races, and ethnic groups. The beauty of embracing the teaching is that one can free his mind and think independently without having to adhere to a particular set code of thinking. The Kabballah principles make one be able to be more assertive and be in a position to avoid religious coercion. Once we understand the Kabbalistic principles, we can connect to the light of our creator and know how and why things happen to us.

Kabbalah Centres teach about the principles that help us to have a broad understanding of what chaos are and to believe that they should not at all be part of our lives. The Book of Formation is very imperative for anyone seeking the Kabbalah knowledge. It has over 5000 years from the time it was written and unlocks all the hidden secrets that the universe has and understanding them makes life very joyous. Two thousand years ago Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai revealed the book of Splendor. All the teachings taught in Kabbalah Centres are sourced from this holy book.

It is common to want to make plenty of profits from the market on streetwisenews.com. However, the market is not always going to be in the condition that makes it easy for people to do so. This is especially true for people who have very little if any experience making investments. For this reason, it is important for people that are new to the market of investment to get as much knowledge as they can about the market so that they can make better choices when they try to invest. VTA Publications will protect them from some major losses down the line as they try to make more money.

One company that people can learn from is VTA Publications. VTA Publications is a type of company offers a lot of different investment strategies that will help people profit from their activities. For one thing, it shows people the many different options that they have in order to make the money that they want. One thing that is certain with VTA Publications is that each potential opportunity for gaining greater amounts of money is always going have some level of risk involved. However, some opportunities are less risky than others. While many do say that it is important for one to step out of his comfort zone, it may not be a good idea with finances.

Other types of investments that one could make include putting money into an account that gains interest over time. It is probably a better idea to look for some of the lower risk opportunities sense the climate is rather terrifying at this point according to VTA Publications. Many people are very anxious about making investments because of Trump. Donald Trump has already shown a lot of eagerness in doing things. The country is changing at a very rapid pace. There are also a ton of controversial issues on ideamensch.com at play that is getting people to want to hold onto their money a bit.

Many inner cities in the United States are struggling to get to a new level. With so little access to education, it is hard for people who live in these areas to make a decent amount of money to support their families. In addition, a lot of people are struggling in terms of real estate. In many city locations, the only place to live is an apartment complex that is run down and not going up in value. Not only are investors starting to come in to these areas, but real estate development projects are starting up as well. Sam Boraie has done a great job leading these projects, and he is passionate about bring urban development to his local area. In the coming years, he is the type of person who can make a positive impact in the community through his work in business.

Sam Boraie

One of the things that Sam Boraie(https://www.crunchbase.com/person/sam-boraie#/entity) is most passionate about in life is making a positive difference in the lives of others. Many people today look up to his life and his career in a number of ways. Not only does he want to grow his business, but he wants to help other people as much as he can. This is something that a lot of people take for granted. Not only can you have a lot of success in this area of your life, but you can also develop urban areas to help them as much as possible. Sam Boraie understand the good work that he can do in these areas, and it is great to see his hard work paying off. New Brunswick(https://local.yahoo.com/info-11014537-boraie-realty-new-brunswick) is a city with a lot of potential, and he wants to help it in any way that he can. There are a lot of people who are joining with him in these efforts.

Final Thoughts

Sam Boraie is someone who is passionate about real estate, reveals Bloomberg. Not only is he helping others get to the next level in life, but he is wanting to help with urban development. This is a passion of his, and there is a huge need in his local area for this type of work. Many people today are excited about how he is proposing to invest in these areas. Not only will he make a positive difference, but he will get others to the next level in life as well. He is a great person to learn from in business.


Equities First US, formally known as Equities First Holdings, LLC is a financial services business. The company, founded back in 2002, has its headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana and a domestic satellite office located in New York City, New York. The company has a staff of under 50 employees headed up by an experienced team of business professionals.

The People

In over 15 years of operation, the people at Equities First believe they have been lucky to garner a noteworthy team of veterans of the financial industry. They are headed up by the official U.S. team including (but not necessarily limited to) Al Christy Junior, president, Jeff Smith, managing director, Julie LaPoint, operations manager and Joe McCarthy, head trader. Equities First conducts business on a global scale via international offices in Bangkok, Hong Kong, London, Perth, Singapore, and Sydney.

The Business

This privately held company has numerous clients around the world including both businesses and high net-worth individuals desiring non-purpose capital. Equities First Holdings works to provide their numerous clients with efficient solutions to their concerns and to provide personalized financing arrangements custom made for their particular individual borrower needs. The company offers what is known in the industry as “securities based lending services.” The business provides customers with loans based on an evaluation of both the future performance and the risk involved with bonds, stocks and treasuries.

The Specialties

Equities First Holdings’ specialties include alternative finance solutions, capital allocation, and other individualized financial services. They are driven to provide a specific product designed to efficiently supply financial liquidity at acceptable terms through the utilization of a transparent, secure and proven method. On their official website, they add that their team has thus far completed several hundred transactions and they say their particular approach results in their customers receiving better financial terms as well as a lower cost of capital than they would ever get from any of the standard financing options.


AXA is a financial services company that offers retirement savings strategies, investment advice, wealth management and services for financial protection. They provide financial services through AXA Equitable Financial Services and insurance services through AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company. The company has been in business since 1859.

AXA Group is the U.S. subsidiary of the company, which is headquartered in Paris, France. The U.S. division has been headquartered in New York City, since 1859. They have offices in New Jersey, Syracuse, Charlotte and Farmington, Ct. they have 43 branches throughout the U.S. The company has over 4,719 advisors who help clients reach their financial goals. The company has over 103 million clients around the world. AXA has been named the top insurance brand in the world for seven straight years.

AXA is involved with philanthropy programs that promote responsible investing, environmental programs, renewable energy projects and “green loans.” The company is in solid financial standing with more than twice the number of assets required by regulators.

Vincent Parascandola currently serves as the Senior Executive VP of AXA Advisors. He directs sales, management, recruiting and the development of new and experienced advisors. He has more than 25 years of work experience in the industry. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from the Pace University in New York.

Vincent started his career with Prudential in 1987. He worked as an agent and received the title of National Rookie of the Year. In 1990 he moved to MONY Life Insurance Co. He had several managerial positions there. In 2004 he joined AXA Advisors. He served as President of The Advantage Group, a unit of AXA. He continues to work to improve the performance of the company’s advisors under his management.

Mr. Parascandola has been recognized for his leadership skills, with GAMA’s Career Development award and Master Agency Awards. He has spoken at numerous industry conferences, sharing his vast knowledge and expertise. He has served as Chairman of LIMRA’s Field Officers Committee in the past as well.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel, since 2014, has served as one of the most innovative people in the world of dentistry and medicine. He has also been recognized for his numerous contributions to the world of medicine and dentistry. He has developed more than 100 therapies to help treat sleep apnea a one of the dangerous medical conditions among the fat people in the United States. According to a recent study, sleep apnea is one of the medical conditions which are not recognized unless one gets a side effect of the disease. For this reason, it remains a silent killer among the population of the United States.

When he was old enough to develop therapies in the medical platform through experience and innovation, Avi Weisfogel found the Dental Sleep Masters Company based in New Jersey. This is a company which looks forward to achieving a solution to this killer disease through medical platform solutions and innovation. As a matter of fact, he is the only person who works to develop high-end capabilities in the medical world and dentistry. For the company, nothing thrills them than teaching other physicians and health workers in administering the numerous sleep apnea treatments in the world.

While he was an active member in the medical industry, he was extended an invitation to join the American Medical Academy for developing solutions for the Dental Sleep Medicine as a diplomat. He has worked through this position to mobilize the union of the medical practitioners to get training in the various treatment ways of the disease. For more than 25 years, the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine has worked hard to develop high-end solutions to this disease through numerous ways of solution achievement in this industry.Sleep apnea presents in many ways including snoring. This is the most common way of the medical condition. However, it manifests itself in the lives of human beings through their illnesses including objective management, disorder planning, and active management portfolio scheduling. The American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine held its 25th anniversary also to recognize the efforts made by the Dental Sleep Masters Company in the fight against the sleep apnea killer disease.



Accessing quality health care services is a basic necessity. For a very long time, only the wealthy had the advantage off accessing the best health providers. Besides, insurance companies charged an unfathomable amount if you wanted services from the premier providers. Then the government intervened and came up with an insurance plan, Medicare Advantage, which was affordable and would help even the lower class access quality services.

InnovaCare is a carrier for the Medicare Advantage plans. They operate through a network of over 75,000 providers, providing managed health care services. This healthcare facility uses advanced and state-of-the-art technologies in order to enhance service quality. Other than that, InnovaCare are constantly looking for new ways to make their services affordable. Perhaps the reason why they adapted the Health and Human Services newest model, in order to reform their pricing.

InnovaCare has grown to have over 200,000 subscribers in a very short time. This is courtesy of strategic growth plans that are innovated by its leaders. Rick Shinto ad Penelope Kokkinides are the major contributors of this growth.

About Rick Shinto
Rick Shinto is currently the president and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare. He has been working here since he left Aveta Inc. after it was sold. Overall, Shinto has over 3 decades of experience in the medical industry. He even has some patented article on clinical medicine.

Shinto’s career began back in Southern California as an internist for a pulmonologist. Shinto is extremely talented and has been instrumental in the success of various companies within this industry on innovacarewellness.com. His leadership journey can be traced back to Cal Optima Health Plan where he was the Chief Medical Officer. He was then made the Corporate Vice President of MedPatner’s Medical Management. Shinto has also worked for the California based, NAMM, as their Chief Medical Officer. He also served in the same capacity at Medical Pathways on danielestraus.org.

About Penelope Kokkinides
Penelope Kokinides has been Rick Shinto’s great professional friend. Their history goes beyond Innova Care. Kokkinides used to work under Rick Shinto when he was the CEO of Aveta. She was then the Vice President of the company. So Shinto knows her and her capabilities really well. It was therefore no surprise when he decided to add her to the leadership of InnovaCare. At InnovaCare, Kokkinides works as the Chief Administrative Officer. This is after she was promoted from Chief Operations Officer, a position she held since joining InnovaCare.

The Cannes Film Festival has many different ways of honoring those who are seen to be at the very pinnacle of their profession, one of those who has developed his career in such a way that he has become a Cannes favorite is Brazilian advertising executive Alexandre Gama. Not only has Alexandre Gama been awarded a number of impressive awards at Cannes over the course of his career from 1999 onward he has also been given the prestigious honor of giving one of the Cannes Magna Lectures that are only awarded to those seen as able to provide a master class in a chosen specialty.

Both at home in Brazil and abroad Alexandre Gama has achieved an amazing level of success that has seen him offered seats of various boards and industrial groups, such as the Brazilian Association of Advertising Agencies; Gama has taken a major role in this association and has dedicated himself to protecting the communications and advertising industry in the country and promoting Brazilian talent abroad. Alexandre Gama has spent much of his career seeking to further the cause of the Brazilian advertising industry through his major roles with his own Neogama ad agency and during its partnership with BBH.

The awards and recognition provided for Alexandre Gama by a number of different global bodies have extended to his position on a number of jury’s and boards, such as the British D & AD International Film Jury in 2004 that reflected his global success at Cannes and other film festivals. After much of his recent career was spent exploring a number of partnerships for his Neogama group, Alexandre Gama was invited to become the first and only Brazilian advertising professional to join the Global Creative Board of Publicis Groupe that forms the direction of the holding companies six agencies for the future.

Source: https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexandre_Gama_(publicit%C3%A1rio)