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Jose Borghi, the founder of Borghi Lowe (now known as Mullen Lowe agency). Which is ranked among the advertisers that are the most influential in the Brazilian advertising industry. Mr. Boghi is famed for creating campaigns that created mammoth repercussions. Among these advertisements include the mammals of Parmalat, where children were dressed like stuffed animals as they sang memorable jingles. Another memorable advert is the Sazon that had the hit of Luciano and Zeze di Camargo “it is the love” that is remembered up to now.

Jose Borghi’s Success Trajectory

Jose Borghi’s successful career journey took off with a doubt as he did not know which path to follow. In the course of his junior high school years, he accompanied his sister to watch a certain performance taking place at Castro Neves Theater. The performance, which featured a commercial Vts display of awards in Cannes, helped him choose the right career path to follow. Jose identified his right career but did not know that in future he would be bagging one of the available Cannes Lions.

Jose Borghi’s Early Years

Jose is a native of Presidente Prudente and graduated from the PUC Campinas in the field of Advertising and Propaganda. He then got his first job at Standart Ogilvy agency back in 1989. He stood out in his work delivery and then passed through a number of reputable agencies. These included FCB, Talent, DM9/DDB and Leo Burnett before he opened his agency (BotghiErh) with Erh Ray his partner. Jose recalls that as they started the agency, the duo did not have investors, no godfather and no banks as they started from zero. They worked so hard to make agency successful and this was seen when Mullen Lowe purchased it and it was renamed to Borghi Lowe (December 2006).

Borghi split the presidency of the agency with his partner Erh Ray. The agency continued on its upward growth gaining more of the local and international markets. It has recently merged with other advertising agencies, the Mullen Group and Lowe & Partners. Presently, the agency is referred to as Mullen Lowe Brazil and Borghi is the co-CEO with Andre Gomes. Jose Borghi is famed for his persistence in adverse situations and going after what he wants.


Texas banks are growing every day on the strength of their customer service, and they are providing their customers with service that is difficult to match. There are quite a few people who are coming to local banks for their services, and this article explains how the banks are offering a service that every customer will benefit from. Someone who is searching for a finer bank will find what they need when they come to Nexbank.


#1: Nexbank Was Started In Dallas


Nexbank was started to ensure the local services offered in Dallas would be open to all. The bank is a part of Highland Capital Management, and the company has ensured Nexbank is offering local services where needed. They allow their customers to come through the door for the most-basic services, and they may deposit or take withdrawals where needed.


#2: How Does Nexbank Expand Their Services?


The Nexbank staff allows loans and financial services through their bank, and they are providing customers with services that feel personalized. Someone who wishes to use the bank for local loans or financial services will find what they need in the bank, and they make speak with someone who knows how to manage a new account. Customers may invest if they like, and there are many who will derive all their banking services from the same place.


#3: The Branches Are Open To The Public


There are quite a few people who may walk into branches at any time, and they may make choices for banking that are informed by the staff. There are several services that may be found in the branches.


Each customer who comes to Nexbank will find what they need, and they will enjoy the services that have been created for the local customer. Dallas is a richer city for hosting Nexbank.

Many people today are interested in starting a business and impacting the world in a positive way. Adam Milstein is an example of someone who has actually accomplished this dream. Over the years, he has always worked hard in order to achieve his goals and dreams. If you are ready to invest in a new business, you need to make sure you have a plan for success. Many new companies fail simply due to a lack of planning.


Adam Milstein


When he first started out in the industry, Adam Milstein had little experience. However, he had a passion for success that few people could match. He worked a lot of hours in order to get things squared away as quickly as possible. If you are ready to start working on your dream, he is a great person to be mentored by. He recently had an interview where he talked about some of his tips for overall life success.




In the coming years, there is going to be a lot of change in the economy through technological innovation. This is not something that should be surprising for people wanting to start a business. However, he wanted to challenge people to think beyond the typical thought process of a business owner. He strongly believes in making a positive impact on the world through his work, and he is someone who is ready to take things to the next level as soon as possible. In the coming years, he expects to have a lot of success with his business.



In the world, there are many things which separate the good and the bad. Moreover, there are also many things which separate innovative ways and non-innovative ways of securing money during a harsh economic world. For this reason, there are also companies which have come up with the best ways of mitigating the effect of the harsh economic crisis where banks and financial companies offering loans using credit as collateral work by increasing their interest rates and lending capabilities to their clients to reduce the number of applicants to have minimal number qualify for the credit-based loans. Equities First Holdings has been treated as one of the best companies to provide a hedge between your problem and the solution they offer to become a better part of the world.

During a harsh economic crisis, many people suffer due to lack of capital to keep on with working for their daily projects and personal needs. This is the reason why they fast work to seek the best options to generate capital which goes a long way to assist them in meeting their daily needs. In an economic environment, there are few companies in the world which have been noted to keep on issuing loans to aid the people in their quest to make life a better place for their projects and companies. Equities First Holdings has a reputation as the only trusted company with the provision of the fast capital in the world. As a matter of fact, Equities First Holdings has become a giant in this great innovation.

Equities First Holdings has its headquarters in Indianapolis. For this reason, it also has more offices in all the continents of the world including London, Perth, Sydney, Bangkok, Singapore, Sydney, and Hong Kong. Equities First Holdings has also completed more than 2,000 transactions.

Technology has changed the way many companies handle day-to-day business operations. The use of technology over the past 20 to 30 years has allowed companies to become more efficient and more productive. With the use of technology, companies have become more dependent on technology operations to handle various aspects of daily business operations.


The dependency on technology by companies has made technology an integral part of the core operations of these companies. Therefore, companies that have technology as a part of its core operations become a partner in the use of the technology. One of the areas where technology has impacted companies significantly concerns customer support and services. Many of the things that companies are able to do regarding technology have either a direct or indirect impact on the companies’ ability to provide services or support to customers.


A key component concerning technology and customer interactions is the Internet. The development and evolution of the Internet has changed the way companies communicate with customers and potential customers. The Internet allows companies to communicate with people through the use of resources on the Internet such as company websites. These resources operate based on technology.


As the business world has turned to technology and the use of technology such as the Internet, the business world has transformed into a digital world where communication with people is done in many cases over the Internet. This method of communication and interaction has created a new type of entrepreneur, which is the digital entrepreneur.


In many ways, the digital entrepreneur is the new generation of entrepreneurs that look to the Internet for new business ideas and concepts to build their companies. The types of companies that digital entrepreneurs look to start are digital companies. One of the companies that helps digital entrepreneurs learned how to start and operate digital companies is the Swiss Startup Factory.


Mike Baur is one of the partners of the Swiss Startup Factory. Along with his two other partners, Mike Baur started the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014. The company provides a variety of ways to help digital entrepreneurs learn how to establish and successfully run digital companies. There are differences in digital companies and traditional companies that entrepreneurs must understand to be successful.


Mike Baur is an integral figure in the training programs, mentorship programs, and consulting services that are provided by the Swiss Startup Factory. He is an experienced business professional with over 20 years of experience in the private banking industry.


Mike Baur has worked behind the scenes to help the Swiss Startup Factory become one of the best startup companies in Switzerland.



When Philip Berg decided to make an esoteric offshoot of Judaism accessible to a wider audience, he could not have imagined how the Kabbalah Centre would grow into a worldwide organization where thousands of men and women would study the universal wisdom in order to find peace. The main draw is that the Kabbalah Centre is not a religious organization; instead, they stress spiritual education and self-improvement in a world where people are unhappy, yet they do not know why they feel this way.

Berg knew that people wanted to reach their full potential; however, they did not have the tools that they needed. Knowing that Kabbalah supplied these tools, Berg decided, with a great deal of help from his wife, that limiting the study of Kabbalah to male Jewish scholars was not the way to make the world a better place through positive change; instead, Berg decided to open his classes to everyone.

Since Berg took all his teachings directly from the Zohar, which is written in Aramaic, he translated them for his students. Today, the Kabbalah Centre carries on Berg’s work by publishing versions of the Zohar in many languages, so that everyone who wants to study the books can do so in person or online. The Centre also publishes a wide variety of Kabbalistic texts and audio products to support students.

Current Co-Directors, Karen and Michael Berg continue Philip Berg’s mission by reaching out to individuals who feel a sense of hollowness and wonder how the spiritual practice of Kabbalah can help them achieve personal growth.

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The year 2017 is just beginning, so it’s important to mention that 2016 was a very successful year for Magnises because it brought in a whole lot of new members. Hopefully, 2017 will see even more members joining. Many people are learning more about Magnises, especially if they live in New York City, but with Magnises being available in other cities as well, it’s all starting to catch on. Some may have heard about the Magnises membership, others may have only heard snippets about the benefits and may want to know some more information.

Well, here’s some of the best information about Magnises. If you’re one who lives to have a membership to any type of fun, then a Magnises membership is for you. Your membership will give you fun trips to restaurants, stores, bars, events, movies and more. You may be wondering to yourself how can you possibly have fun at the movies, well, what about if you went to a movie premiere, instead of going to a standard movie? Wouldn’t you like to meet the stars of the movie and get to ask questions? shows some visual delights for you.

Even going to concerts has its perks when you’re a Magnises member because there are may also be special meet and greets with private concerts. Many love Magnises because of everything that the membership offers, especially when it comes to partying. Magnises is known for being such a party lifestyle that they’ve even added a lifestyle perk called a ClubPass to their membership, which can be purchased by anyone who wants to frequent any nightclub.

The purpose of the ClubPass is to allow Magnises members to gain entrance to a club of their choice, without being told that they can’t get in for one reason or another. Getting a ClubPass on the Magnises membership is no problem, and it’s paid for on a monthly basis, separate from the $250 annual fee that’s charged for the membership. You will pay a reasonable price for the ClubPass, but you’ll have surety whenever you go to a club and will know that you’re always going to get through the doors as long as you have your Magnises card and your ID.

Goettl Air Conditioning announced a merged with two other HVAC companies, Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air. The merger expands Goettl by 20 employees and 15 trucks. Las Vegas Air primarily serves residential customers. Paradise Air brings with it a foothold in the condo, townhome and rental markets. Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air bring a sizable portfolio with them that will help increase the company’s market share in Arizona.


Goettl owner Ken Goodrich said that the merger brings together two family-run businesses that should complement one another. Goodrich stated that the company’s mission to provide quality service with integrity would be furthered by the merger and would act as a boon for its customers in the Las Vegas Valley.


Stephen Gamst, of Las Vegas Air, stated the merger with Goettl allowed for synergies and cost savings that benefited Las Vegas Air’s employees. Goodrich and Gamst have a long association. Gamst remembered Goodrich and his father coming into a local parts, while Gamst was shopping with his own father. Gamst said that both men grew up around the family businesses and had HVAC in their DNA.


Goettl Air Conditioning was founded in Arizona in 1939. Goodrich bought the company in 2013 and moved the business to Las Vegas in 2016. Through a series of mergers, Goettl has recorded 500 percent growth since 2015. Goettl also bought The Sunny Plumber to expand their service offering to customers. The new Goettl has been able to expand from residential services to light commercial, including multi-family residences and strip malls.


Goettl Air Conditioning provides professional HVAC services for both residential and commercial customers, offering expertise in heating and cooling systems, air cleaners and humidifiers, and geothermal technology.


Goettl’s Central and Northern Arizona offices and mobile vehicles provide heating and cooling services and geothermal heating and cooling solutions to customers throughout Arizona. They offer in-home evaluations to determine the best heating and cooling systems for each homeowner.

Keith Mann is a committed New Yorker who has plans to serve the city in a new way, and he has ideas that give back as much as possible. This article explains how Keith plans to help the city come together, and he is doing so in two unique ways for investment. He is willing to reach out to both sides of the aisle, and he is investing in kids where possible.

#1: What Does Keith Do For Schools?

Keith has committed quite a lot of time to helping Uncommon Schools raise money, and he has started a scholarship to help kids make their way to college. He is reaching out to children as he knows their education is important, and he wants to see kids dreaming of college. The $5000 award is one that will help a child cut into their college education, and their schools are improving as he ensures they are raising as much money as possible.

#2: Keith Wants To Support The Police

There is a news story about Keith sending lunch to his local precinct. It is a poignant story about the community reaching out to the police, and Keith Mann believes more people should do the same. He wants the city to respect the police and believe they are doing all they can to help. The connection between the people and the police is one that Keith has quite a lot of faith in, and he will continue to promote it as much as possible.

#3: How Does Keith Manage His Businesses?

He is happy to offer quite a lot of information about how he manages his businesses in interviews and articles. The interviews that are given by Keith have meant a lot to young business people in the city, and he continues to offer information that he believes will help companies grow.Keith Mann is one of the scions of New York who gives something back to the community with every new article or piece of information. He wants to ensure everyone in the city knows how to run a business, support their community and work together.


The Goettl Air-Conditioning Company merged, latterly, with Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air. The merger added twenty employees and over fifteen trucks to their operations. Las Vegas Air provides service, mainly to the residential community, while Paradise Air provides services to the rental home marketplace and to multi-family units.


Ken Goodrich, Owner of Goettl Air Conditioning, optimistically, embraced the merger. Goodrich mentioned that the addition of Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air was a good fit, due to their respective Southwest locations. Goodrich further conveyed that Goettl was excited about the integration of the other two companies—stating that the merger—stood to benefit Goettl’s consumers. He stated that with regard to the merger, two second generations of heating and air-conditioning families, joined forces; complementing one another’s strengths. Goodrich added that the merger was relevant to Goettl’s continual objective of providing top-notch service to its customer-base, with the attribute of integrity attached, within the Las Vegas Valley area.


Stephen Gamst is a partner at Las Vegas Air. He mentioned that what drew him to the Goettl team was the fact that he wished to take better care of his personnel and his heating and air-conditioning customers. He said that he felt the Goettl Air-Conditioning Company and Las Vegas Air was a terrific mixture of qualities and unique strengths—and that it just made sense to integrate. He said too that he saw Ken Goodrich, while growing up, at the parts store with his Dad. Stephen intimated that he and Ken were both raised with the same value system. He elaborated, saying that both of them had HVAC in their respective DNAs. He further said that he knew the combination of their combined forces, could prove successful.


The Goettl Air Conditioning Company was established in 1939, in the state of Arizona. Ken Goodrich acquired the company in 2013 and brought the Goettl Air-Conditioning Company to his hometown—that being, Las Vegas—in April of 2016. Goettl, since 2015, has recorded a growth of five-hundred percent—per annum.


The merger between Goettl Air-Conditioning, Las Vegas Air, Paradise Air and The Sunny Plumber has brought about several offerings, according to Goodrich. Prior to the merger, The Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air Service Offerings were limited. The two entities were only able to supply their customers with heating, ventilation and air conditioning services; however, now their customer-base is supplied with quality plumbing services, too. The Goettl Air-Conditioning Company was limited to that of residential customer service. The merger, has proved effective, in this regard, according to Goodrich, in expanding services into the commercial sector, inclusive of strip malls and multi-family style properties.

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Notes Regarding Goettl Air-Conditioning:


Goettl has served as a leader in the way of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning services for decades. The company provides its consumers with the best in HVAC services, within the Southwest portion of the United States. Goettl makes it their commitment to provide its specialized market with the best in reliable air-conditioning, ventilation, and heating services. Historically, the Goettl Air-Conditioning Company began its journey, in 1926, in Mansfield, Ohio. The company was originally established by the Goettl Brothers. The brothers—Adam, John and Bill– moved to Phoenix, AZ, in order to seek new opportunities. The era of the move was during the Great Depression. Accordingly, the Goettl Air-Conditioning Company was born in the Southwest. It continued its evolution by becoming a mass producer of evaporative coolers and manufactured a number of other heating and cooling products. Today, Goettl continues its time-honored service by supplying its customers with the best in service and current technologies.


Goettl is in the position of providing many practical heating and air-conditioning services to its Southwest clientele. It can install and repair a consumer’s home air-conditioning system or heating unit. Too: if a customer requires repair of a heat pump, the service can easily be performed. An A/C repair presents no problem, either. The service offered by Goettl Air Conditioning is almost always on the same day when the customer requests it. The Goettl Company performs repair jobs on holidays and weekends, too. Preventative maintenance plans are offered, as well, in order to assure A/C units and heating systems continue to work properly. It is this commitment of service and reliability that allows Goettl to stand apart from the competition.