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Investment banking is a field of finance that consists of helping businesses find ways to raise capital. In most investment banking deals, two companies will come together to form one new company. This is known as mergers and acquisitions, which is the most common activity that takes place in the industry. As well as providing mergers and acquisitions, investment banking also entails managing capital for clients and also researching markets. As a result, investment banking is a field that uses a number of methods to help various companies get the most out of their capital.

With investment banking, companies will have an opportunity to issue new stock, provide more products, offer more services and expand. In a typical scenario, a company will want to make its stock more valuable. In order to do this , they will often look to partner up with another company that offers other products and services that they can benefit from. As a result, the company will contact an investment banking firm to finalize the deal. An investment banking firm will research the industry, put together a proposal and submit it to the companies. If the proposal is accepted then, the deal will be completed and a new stock will be issued.

While most investment banking activities are done with larger corporations, some smaller firms offer similar services. There is one firm in Florida that is run by Martin Lustgarten. For a number of years, he has been running a boutique investment banking firm that helps businesses get the capital they need in order to reach their goals. Lustgarten offers a number of options such as financing assistance and also small mergers. As a result, companies that are looking to expand and offer more products and services will benefit by working with Martin Lustgarten.

Martin is also experienced in providing assistance to individuals. He often helps offer investment options as well as advice to clients. With this assistance, clients will be in better position to reach their financial goals thanks to Martin Lustgarten. By providing comprehensive services to both businesses and individuals, Martin Lustgarten has established himself as one of the more successful investment bankers in the business community.

For further information please visit https://martinlustgarten.tumblr.com/

Investment banking is a component of banking that deals with raising funds for private entities, governments, or any other prominent organization. Most investments banks are private companies and unlike commercial banks; they do not take deposits. Additionally, they aid in mergers and acquisitions of companies and offers advice to their clients on when and where to invest. Investment banks also work in collaboration with big banks to raise the necessary funds successfully.

A career in investment banking requires more than academic qualification; it needs passion, patience, and excellent research skills. Martin Lustgarten is among the most successful investment bankers of the 21st century. The most reliable and convenient investment banks keep up with the new and trending business ideas to advice their clients promptly.


Martin Lustgarten and investment banking

Martin Lustgarten is an entrepreneur who lives in Florida. He was born on July 9, 1959. He is an investment banker and the chief executive officer of Lustgarten, Martin, an investment firm situated in Florida, Miami. Lustgarten has dual citizenship and uses this to source clients from both Australia and Venezuela. This company has set a record as one of the best investment firms in the United States. Over the years, the Lustgarten, Martin firm has received awards as an acknowledgment of merit mainly due to the incredible leadership by its CEO.

Lustgarten has been offering outstanding services in the investment banking business for a while, and this has enabled him to acquire sufficient experience in the business world. Due to his immense experience, Lustgarten, Martin investment firm has been at the forefront in delivering quality services, thereby, acquiring many clients in the U.S. Lustgarten is known to be great by offering customer service, and he has extended this to his employees who in turn, have improved their skills in customer relations. Lustgarten’s clients include corporations, big companies, business owners, financial sponsors, beginning investors, and financial management firms. He is versed in dealing with the most complex transactions to assist his clients to grow their businesses. Martin Lustgarten is well respected in the investment business due to the top-notch services he renders to his clients and the results that are achieved.

For more information please visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/martinlustgarten

The average human rights campaigner is spending their time out in the field where no one can see them. They might stage protests or try to work with local offices, and they are mostly invisible. These people might want to take a new approach to the way that they do this because they might be able to get more visibility just because they are in the media.

According to Crunchbase, Thor Halvorssen speaks to the media often, and he tries to be sure that he is telling stories that people will be happy to hear. There are a lot of people who are trying to hear stories of how bad oppression is in the world, and Thor Halvorssen tells them often

He is willing to go on any news channel or any show to tell the stories, and he is very visible as compared to other people who do the same work. The plan is to be sure that he can tell as many stories as possible, and he was even brave enough to go on Fox News to explain his view of socialism. He makes sure that he is explaining that for all the American voters who were interested in Bernie Sanders, and he wanted to give an explanation that anyone would be able to understand. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen: https://humanrightsfoundation.org/about/board-and-international-council/thor-halvorssen

He is trying to be sure to get someone to help in all his offices, and he hopes these people will be intrigued with the way that they are doing this work. There are so many people who are struggling around the world that they need to be served by someone who is out in the public sphere. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | The Atlantic

Someone who is trying to work in the human rights field could learn a lot about the field by watching Thor Halvorssen. He is the best model for those who want to help.


hippeas sriracha vegan white cheddar livio bisterzo


You just might be grabbing fistfuls of chickpeas the next time you pick up a coffee at your local Starbucks. If this sounds alarming to you, don’t worry. The chickpeas are actually rather delicious. They are also vegan, kosher, and gluten-free. Called Hippeas, these organic chickpea puffs are the brainchild of Livio Bisterzo and his team at Green Park Brands.


The idea for Hippeas came to Livio Bisterzo when he was searching for the perfect snack for the consumer who is both health and socially conscious. After determining there wasn’t a product yet on the market that met his high standards, he set out to create one.

He related, “We started working with chickpeas as the hero ingredient and worked very hard to get the right shape, taste, bite and texture,” said Bisterzo. He also explained how the goal was not make a product that steered too far away from what people were accustomed to eating. The result happily fulfilled all of those objectives.


These organic chickpea puffs aren’t bland either. You can find Hippeas in the flavors of Vegan White Cheddar and Far Out Fajita. Both flavors have only 100 calories per pack, and both flavors provide you with a good source of fiber. Both flavors will be available at any one of the 7,500 Starbucks locations in America.


People are already raving about Hippeas. Bisterzo claims to have received thousands of positive comments regarding the new snack. People claim Hippeas are their new snack of choice. The taste is fantastic, and the dietary qualities of the snack simply can’t be beat.


Naturally, this positive response pleases Bisterzo. It also motivates him in his quest to create a product that is both healthy for the body and healthy for society. For example, Bisterzo has already partnered with Farm Africa. Through Farm Africa, a portion of the profits from each pack of Hippeas will be redirected back to chickpea farmers in Africa. Bisterzo says, “The recognition the brand is getting, the opportunities coming our way and the ability to give back are incredible. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.” In other words, it looks like this latest snack is tasting great and changing lives.


Take a moment to check out your local Starbucks sometime soon. Once inside, go try Hippeas for the first time. Like thousands of others, you just might fall in love with this new snack!


Communication is very significant in the running of our day to day activities. Some of us may be away from home for various reasons including being in police custody due to criminal reasons. Being away from our friends sand family members for whatsoever reason, we must communicate, that is why Securus Technology Inc comes in to fill the gap.

Securus Technology Inc is a leader organization in the provision of civil and criminal justice technology, it offers resolution for public safety, investigations, monitoring, and correction. Over the years we have experienced an incredible growth that was brought about by our dedicated team of employees. Our ever devoted workers were recently awarded an international certificate that has added another layer of expertise to our customers.

As an organization we are committed to give the best services to our clients world over and for this reason, we have cooperated with Building Industry Consulting Services International (BICS) to meet our training needs and technology requirements that is growing each day. BICS is a professional association that is responsible for the support of the ICT industry. BICS training to our staff members will ensure that we give high standards services to all the correctional facilities that we serve.

Securus Technology Inc. has been serving more than 3500 correctional facilities and over 1200000 across the Northern part of America. With our headquarters in Dallas Texas, we are entrusted to serve and unite by basically providing emergency response, public information, incidence management, communication, biometric analysis, inmate self service and observing products and services with the aim of making the world a better place to live.

Securus International was founded in 1986 with our regional offices located in Ellen, Atlanta Georgia, and Carrollton, Texas. We offer employment to more than 1000 people and we contract with over 26000 correctional facilities in the United States. We not only serve in the United States but we have spread our services to Canada where we serve more than 2200 correctional facilities. We are the number one company that provides telephone services to inmates.


“To keep the body in good health is a duty…” that many of us take for granted. Everywhere you look you see the vestiges of obesity and lifestyles that are riddled with illness and disease. Healthy living like unhealthy living can be a habit that is life changing. “He who has health has the promise of a long satisfying life.”


There are many things that can be done to achieve the promise of a long life. One traditional method that has lately gained a new lease on life is the body cleanse or detoxification. Detoxing is the process of ridding the body, especially the blood, of unhealthy substances. Your body can do this naturally by neutralizing and transforming the unwanted materials or toxins it’s trying to remove. If, however, a lack of exercise and a poor diet have made the natural method sluggish or impossible you might want to look into some of the popular detox methods that are available. One thing is guaranteed, according to Yelp reviewers experiences; detoxing will improve your health, increase your energy and vitality, and even make you look and feel younger.


According to CrunchBase, Dherbs.com is a privately owned African American herbal distribution company headquartered in Los Angeles that has found a place of prominence the healthy body cleanse industry. Founded in 2004 by A.D. Dolphin, the company hold’s firm to the belief that “the body can heal itself with the right fuel.” Dherbs.com has a multi-faceted mission that is designed to help people reclaim their birthright of vibrant optimal health by helping them take responsibility for their own health with a return to nature.



The Dherbs.com Full Body Cleanse is an excellent way to help your body deal with an excess amount of foreign substances while helping you achieve a balanced ph level. With thirty full body cleanses in their store, that range from anti-viral, lung, colon, circulatory, hair, skin, and nails. The cleanse and vitamin formulation alongside of a diet of raw fruits and vegetables yield the best results.


Exposure to toxins in our food and our environment make detoxing a necessity not a luxury. Detoxing helps you achieve a healthy inside that reflects on the outside.  The Facebook users all seem to agree, that Dherbs has done something really revolutionary for gut health.

In a recent video fitness and health expert, Markus Rothkranz explains that being thin does not necessarily mean that they are healthy. Even thin people can be incredibly unfit on the inside. He goes on the explain that the modern diet of processed foods has no real nutritional value. Although you may be acquiring your daily amount of recommended calories, they are in fact empty calories and your body will be starving for nutrition. Even those individuals that claim they are eating mostly raw diets are in fact in some aspect cheating by ingesting some sort of food that is incredibly unhealthy.

Fat manifests itself when we eat food that cannot be used and is stored in the body. We also gain weight during times of stress when we eat as a comfort mechanism.During periods of stress, our bodies produce Cortisol which is what creates unwanted fat in our bodies. It can be a vicious cycle that can lead to serious health problems. Another serious issue with our modern way of living is the damage that we do to our thyroid. Many of our daily activities in addition to stress affect the thyroid which regulates our hormones.

Some of Markus’s biggest tips include getting enough sleep and not eating three to four hours before going to bed. When we don’t get enough sleep we produce Cortisol and that can also cause added stress. When we eat we use up much of the body’s energy digesting food. When refraining from eating before bed we have a more healthy sleep process.

He recommends that individuals refrain from consuming sugar which can come in many forms. It can be in fruit juice or in pasta and bread. According to Markus, most serious diseases in the country can be linked to sugar consumption. He recommends getting his recipe book and creating healthy sugar-free meals that taste great. He also makes a point to suggest interval training which is the best way to loose weight and feel great when combined with a healthy diet. He has supplements that you can take throughout the day to promote health and well-being when paired with a healthy lifestyle.

Goettl Air conditioning, a Las Vegas-based company, has come up with strategies to keep pets safe from the summer heat. Below are some of what it considers the best ways to keep pets safe this summer.
1. Paws off the Pavement
According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, hot surfaces can burn a pet’s paw. The best way to tell if the sidewalk is too hot for your pet to walk on is to place the back of your hand on it for 10 seconds. If you feel that the sidewalk is hot, do not let your pet walk on it.

2. It’s Screen time
In Goettl’s opinion, sunscreen can prevent sunburns to pets. The trick is to apply a pet safe sunscreen to the nose and ears of your pet approximately thirty minutes before going outdoors.
3. Get Groomed
According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, you can save your pet from the intense heat by keeping it well groomed. Proper grooming of your pet enhances circulation and temperature relation. An experienced veterinarian can advise you on the best cut for your pet.
4. Make Way for Water
In Humane Society’s of the United States opinion, pets would not suffer under the heat if given access to water and kept in shady areas. Pets do not sweat as humans do thus it is difficult for them to keep cool hence the need for shade and water.
5. Splish-Splash
You can opt for doggie pools to keep your pets cool. Not only do they present the pet with the opportunity to play with water, but they also save them from the heat.
6. Garage Dangers
Examples of garage dangers would be car leaks, garden products and fertilizers. The summer heat causes all sorts of leaks in cars that end up forming puddles that seem tasty to pets. These puddles are a health risk to your pet especially if it licks them
About Goettl Air Conditioning
Goettl is a firm that has built a name for itself in heating and air conditioning installation and service since inception. The company’s founders are Gust and Adam Goettl and it has been in existence since 1939. Goettl has several service centers and they are spread out through the greater Tucson metropolitan areas and Phoenix. Its management team is experienced and its technicians highly trained. The technicians have a reputation for providing excellent customer service. For this and more information about Goettl visit http://www.goettl.com/

Adam Goldenberg is known as being a successful and technical entrepreneur. He got started at a very young age, creating his first bulletin service online at the age of 13. A few years later down the road, he created a company for himself known as the Gamer’s Alliance. Not long after this, his company was noticed by Brett Brewer, the founder for Intermix. Brett wanted to buy Adam’s company, and because of the exceptional work he had done, he also wanted to hire him. At just 19, Adam was hired by Brett to work at Intermix on bloomberg.com
and he became the youngest COO to work at the company.

News Corporation ended up acquiring Intermix in 2005. Adam, along with a fellow coworker from Intermix, Don Ressler, ended up creating and launching their own company, known as Intelligent Beauty, an e-commerce platform. It was through this platform that Adam and Don were able to build up a reputation in the health and beauty markets. Over some time and after gaining more experience, the pair learned the perks of the online market and how they could expand on digitalexperience.nrf.com. They wanted to merge their fashion and beauty products with social interaction, which is what spawned the idea for JustFab.

Today, JustFab is a community online where people can become a member for $40 dollars a month and then receive different fashion pieces every month. With an overall goal to inspire more women to get into fashion and help provide tips on style, the company grew quickly and raised an impressive number of subscriptions on wikipedia.org. This is when they decided to expand further and through some networking and the help of other investors, they created Fabletics, an athleisure wear company, which has the face of Kate Hudson behind it.

JustFab has managed to grow into a large enterprise with millions of different customers, which continues to grow on a daily basis. The company does its utmost to provide the very best quality products along with a good subscription model for people to use. Because of Adam Goldenberg’s passion for providing good quality products that appeal to everyone, the company and its teams have been able to reach their goals for success. Because of his early start and the amount of success he achieved since his teen years, he has become an inspiration to the youth of the nation, showing that anyone can be successful and age is no limiting factor. Source: http://www.builtinla.com/2014/01/18/3-la-ceos-you-need-know-now-adam-goldenberg-justfab