Ruminations of a Taco-Obsessed Philly Native

Adam Goldenberg is entrepreneur from the word go. He built his first company, Gamers Alliance, at the age of 15 and sold it three years later to a major Internet company, Intermix Media. Goldenberg then dropped out of high school and made the move to sign on with Intermix as the Vice President of Strategic Planning. At age 20 Goldenberg was elevated to Chief Operating Officer (COO) and was the youngest person in that position of a publicly traded company.

At Intermix, Goldenberg met Don Ressler, who also sold a company to Intermix Media. Mr. Ressler was a branding specialist who logged more than $1 billion in sales and raised more than $100 million in capital for a variety of Internet companies. Adam and Don became great friends and business buddies. When New Corporation acquired Intermix, Goldenberg and Ressler decided to hit the road and start their own company. They built an e-commerce brand called Intelligent Beauty on and quickly became leaders in the health and beauty industry. The two men set upon a course to develop an online personalized shopping experience that was fun, social and engaging.

The result was the merger of cutting edge fashion and social interaction and JustFab was born. Adam Goldenberg was not up on the latest fashion, but he could identify trends and saw this type of e-commerce business as an untapped opportunity with incredible potential.

Adam Goldenberg was part of the team that developed a platform that was personal and worked with fashion stylists and consultants. A subscription model was built and for a monthly fee members would receive a selection of handbags, shoes and accessories. The selections at were tailored to each member’s taste in fashion. JustFab provided style boards to demonstrate how to wear each piece, as well as style tips from leaders in the fashion industry.

As subscriptions grew, the service was a huge hit with members. To help keep pace with the tremendous growth, Adam Goldenberg sought out venture partners could scale as projected. JustFab partnered with Matrix and they found a partner that fit like a glove. The team at Matrix had the right personality and business culture that paired well with JustFab.

To add to their repertoire of fashion, JustFab acquired Shoe Dazzle and launched Fabletics. Goldenberg’s experience has served him well. He has learned to adapt business practices as the economy and fashion world fluctuates. He will do a hard core fix if something is not working rather than apply a band aid and hopes the problem fixes itself.

Mr. Goldenberg believes in full transparency and sharing the good, the bad and the ugly with the staff helps to keep the JustFab team motivated and focused. When everyone understands the tactical changes and why they are needed, it keeps the team invested in the success of the company.


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