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Most women crave clear, even, radiant skin. Blemishes, birthmarks, and other areas of uneven skin tone can greatly distract from the beauty of your natural features. Skin lightening products can help with these and no one knows skin lightening like Makari de Suisse. Makari is the leader in skin lightening creams. Makari carries products that are natural and nourishing for the skin and guarantee their products will produce brighter and hydrated skin.
They offer a wide array of skin care products that offer fast and effective results without damaging the skin in the process. Their line of products include a variety of lightening creams, serums, and soaps that decrease the appearance of scars, dark spots, blemishes, birthmarks, and other natural pigmentation that makes your skin tone appear uneven. These products also hydrate the skin to protect it and prevent future scarring.
There are several varieties of each product, which include: Intense Lightening; Carotonic Lightening; and Multi-Action Lightening for your specific needs. Intense lightening products exfoliate the skin and moisturize it with Shea Butter. These products also have SPF 15, and fade scarring and dark spots. These are perfect for normal to dry skin. Carotonic formulas are enriched with carrot oil extract, which smooths the skin and removes toxic buildups and free radicals. These products also even out the complexion and provide SPF 15 protection and work best with normal to dry skin. Multi-action products provide moisturizers such as Argan and Sweet almond oils, SPF 15 to prevent the production of sebum, and lighten your imperfections at the same time. The multi-action products are best for oily and acne prone skin types.
Makari also offers and exclusive product. Their Lightening Exfoliating Soap provides the best skin lightening results. It exfoliates away dead skin cells and smooths rough spots while hydrating dry skin, leaving your skin soft, smooth, and even in tone. It is the only skin care line to offer Organiclarine which softens the lightening process. It can be used up to three times per week alternating with caviar soap to hydrate the skin. With Makari, you can’t go wrong.

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Ken Goodrich is a famous business person. He is known for having a taste for good opportunities and always turns around the business he controls. In 2012, he purchased Goettl Air Conditioning and was determined to make a turnaround. At the time, the company was not well-placed to beat the competition. In fact, it was not a leader in its market. The competitors were threatening to take legal action against them. Also, the company lacked a vision and did not have the confidence to move from one level to the next. However, he had a vision for the enterprise.

After making the purchase, Ken has made the company better. It has a vision and employees have confidence. The Goettl competitors have been taken care of, and the company is regaining its name. Goodrich has managed to raise the company from $11 million revenue in 2011 to $20 million in 2014. It is a substantial boost for the company, and it has helped to give the employees confidence. In fact, it is said that the employees now believe in what they are doing for they see the results.

Goodrich attests that has bought and sold more than 20 HVAC companies, but this one is different. There is something about the business that attracted him, and he is not willing to resell it. He has created a vision for everyone. Employees are not afraid to trade and are making decisions at their level. It has increased creativity and innovation. When he bought the company, a single customer complaint could halt the whole business. The management had no idea on handling customers. It is one of the ways he has helped the company to come back to business and beat its competitors.

Goettl Air Conditioning was founded in 1939. The company has acquired a large chunk of the market around Phoenix. They specialize in selling, repair and maintaining of air conditioners. Also, they specialize in swamp coolers.

Goettl specializes in a few services that they have experience. From heating and indoor air quality to energy efficiency, the management has ensured that customers understand what they are offering. Also, their customer care is superb. The situation has changed, and customers are satisfied. The cases when clients could cause a stir due to a small hitch are no longer seen. The organization is now structured, and every employee is responsible for a particular duty. Ken has embraced the art of personal responsibility.


Goettl Air Conditioning Celebrates 75th Anniversary

Goettl Air Conditioning Provides Tips for Protecting Pets from the Heat

Dubai experienced its Autism Awareness Month from April 2. Individuals who attended the thrilling Autism Rocks Festival, which was held on April 1 with their families, had to pay only Dh50 per head. They had an opportunity to watch live performances from top American rappers Tyga and Flo Rida. The aim of the concert was to enlighten people about autism and raise funds to support autism research.

Making a tangible difference

Autism Rocks is a creation of Usha and Sanjay Shah Denmark, a couple based in Dubai. The main agenda of the organization is to change how the society perceives and deals with people who have neurodevelopmental disorders. According to Usha, their desire to make a tangible difference was triggered by personal commitment.

Usha statements

Usha and her husband desired to do something special for their son who had an autistic condition as well as those suffering from similar conditions. They felt that enough support for special need kids was not available. Usha and Shah wanted to understand why people are suffering from autistic conditions and strategies for dealing with them. Therefore, they came up with an idea of creating Autism Rocks to raise autism awareness and funds for research. Since being founded, the organization has raised more than £600,000 by throwing concerts. This year, Tyga and Flo Rida were chosen to perform due to their young vibe and ability to relate with the youths. The official DJs were BFG and Fever.

Sanjay Shah

Sanjay Shah is a talented investor and prominent philanthropist. He started out in the medical field but opted to establish a professional career in the financial service and investment industry. Upon graduating, Shah became an employee of several investment banks such as Credit Suisse, Morgan Lynch, and Merrill Lynch. After the global recession of 2007/2008, Shah decided to venture into private business, and he established Solo Capital in 2011.

He founded Solo Group Holdings, Aesa S.a.r.l and over 30 other firms across London, Dubai, British Virgin Islands, Malta, Luxembourg, and The Cayman Islands. After medical experts had confirmed that his son had a neurodevelopment disorder, Shah moved swiftly and established Autism Rocks, a charitable organization that organizes concerts to create awareness about autism and raise money to finance research. Autism Rocks held its first invitation-only concert in 2014 with the performance from the late superstar, Prince. Other concerts that have been held since then have featured the likes of Drake, Michael Buble, popular DJs, Lenny Kravitz, and Snoop Dogg.


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In a December 11, 2015 press release by PR Newswire, the US District court of Nevada issued a temporary restraining order against the investment firm Laidlaw. In an attempt to take over their former client, Relmada, Laidlaw’s principals, Mathew Eitner and James Ahern, who have a documented history of violating U.S. financial regulations, purposefully circulated materially false and misleading information to stockholders. Siting as evidence the negative impact of the NASDAQ uplisting engineered by Laidlaw and Company, Relmada’s CEO, Sergio Traversa, stated that the larger body of stockholders would be ill-served by a Laidlaw takeover of their firm. The court found that Relmada and its stockholders would suffer “irreparable harm” if the actions of Eitner and Ahern were not curtailed.

U.S. Federal Court Issues Temporary Restraining Order Against Laidlaw & Company And Its Principals Matthew Eitner And James Ahern

Though Laidlaw has a reasonably impressive portfolio, the shady tactics of Eitner and Ahern are unsettling. Like many powerful men before them, they act as if they are wearing Plato’s Ring of Gyges, which rendered its wearer invisible. Cloaked in this perceived invisibility, these men broke rules, misrepresented the truth, and caused harm to their former clients. Relmada was not the only company or investor to make such allegations against Laidlaw in the past decade. Laidlaw will have its day in court, let’s hope the legal system will see them for what they are.

People love eating out. A nice meal is a wonderful way to bond with loved ones and to enjoy some of the best cuisines. New York City has one of the biggest restaurant scenes in the world, and recently Goop investigated the restaurants throughout New York City. They wanted their readers to know which restaurants offer the best possible private rooms, so you can hold amazing events for your friends and family.

American Cut is an amazing restaurant located right in Tribeca. The restaurant aims to be a steakhouse style restaurant just like the ones you would see on Mad Men. This restaurant offers a beautiful private room and an amazing menu. Their oysters, steaks, salads, and crab cakes are absolutely amazing. People that want a stylish steakhouse experience are sure to appreciate American Cut.

Red Farm is a farm fresh restaurant located in the Upper West Side. Chef Joe Ng opened the restaurant because he wanted a place that offered the freshest possible food in his neighborhood. The entire menu is built around fresh produce, beautiful fish, and other incredibly fresh products. Visitors are sure to enjoy the dim sum, shrimp dumplings, and other beautiful dishes. The beautiful private room is the ideal place to host family and friends over a delicious meal.

Goop reviewed numerous restaurants, but they missed one amazing up and coming restaurant. Taralluci e Vino is a beautiful private event space located in the heart of New York City. Taralluci is located in Union Square and has two private event spaces. These spaces are ideal for any event. Taralluci is an ideal place to hold an event because unlike a traditional restaurant, Taralluci will craft a menu for you. Chef Riccardo Bilotta is an expert chef, and he loves making menus that incorporate traditional Italian cuisine and modern techniques. The chef is confident in every menu he crafts and he regularly receives rave reviews.

Taralluci e Vino offers two amazing venues. The Mezzanine is ideal for small gatherings. The venue has room for thirty people eating a meal or sixty people at a cocktail party. The venue is designed to be warm and sophisticated so everyone feels comfortable. The venue even includes a state of the house wine cellar.

The 6th Floor Loft is another amazing venue. The Loft is perfect for any event. They have hosted everything from fifty people parties and large 120 guest parties. The venue includes a bar, custom-made tables, a lounge area, and amazing antique mirrors. This beautiful venue is sure to amaze your guests.

People throughout New York are constantly looking for a place to host amazing parties and events. There are numerous restaurants with private venues, but few of them compare to Taralluci e Vino. Taralluci has a chef on their team that will craft the ideal menu for your party and they are happy to have you in their space. You should host your next party at Taralluci e Vino, so you can impress all your guests.