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Direct selling is a very crucial industry that requires only worthy players. We as Qnet have been in the industry for the last 16 years serving as a direct selling company. We are comparatively a new competitor in an industry flooded and dominated by large direct selling firms. We started off as a group of young friends who had an accordant vision for marketing. Our primary aim was to promote healthy living and better wellness for people. As a successful online marketing firm, we offer a broad range of brands and products all focused on the enhancement of our customer’s living. Our quality products range from Swiss-made watches, fine jewelry, skin care products, wellness products and nutritional products.

During our product selection, we perform rigorous testing to make sure we add only quality products. When evaluating our products, we are keen to look for unique aspects founded on ideality and moral standards. We are committed as a company to support and facilitate a vegetarian lifestyle. As Qnet, we are on a mission of advocating for a vegetarian lifestyle as the healthy way of living. This is evident in all our company’s events where we only serve a healthy vegetarian diet. In all our products and business strategies, these high standards are evidently reflected as we don’t allow any non-vegetarian consumables.

At Qnet, we advocate for safe and harmless testing to animals, and we use no animals in any of our testings. We have been at the lead in creating awareness on bad eating habits and the risks associated. Some of the diseases we spread awareness on include diabetes, obesity, heart diseases among others. We act as pace-setters by ensuring no sugars, chemicals, and artificial sweeteners are incorporated in any of our online products. By visiting QNET website, you will get quality info on our products online.

As Qnet, we believe in bettering ourselves to better those around us. As the leading direct selling firm in Asia, we enjoy sharing our successes with others through philanthropic activities. This is under our corporate social responsibility that we follow as a company. Through following IBC World News update, you will get an insight of our international humanitarian work.

As young as we are, as Qnet Company, we believe we have greater potential to serve both our local and international communities. We are fully in support and actively participate in essential community programs. In catering for the needy children, we actively and collectively support the Rashid Center together with its programs.

As a young and brilliant company we have an active social media life via different platforms: On Facebook, and follow us on Twitter. We can be accessed on Wikipedia and YouTube Channel.

Superfood for the skin. That’s what some skin specialist call shea butter. Made from the seeds from the fruit off a Karite tree, shea butter is rich in vitamins A,E and F. It is loaded with fatty acid and other nutrients that encourage and stimulate collagen production. Shea butter has many benefits such as moisturizing skin, reducing inflammation, and skin smoothing to name a few. Shea butter can be used in a variety of ways. From reducing under eye wrinkles in lotion form to a lotion bar to use for body moisturizer. It can even help reduce stretch marks. Lip balms and cuticle creams can also be made from shea butter. Raw, unrefined shea butter with a grade A classification is the most beneficial to the skin.

EuGenia is a family run company that speicializes in skin care products made from shea butter founded by Naa-Sakle Akuete. After graduating from Harvard School of Business, she launched her own business. She wanted to empower women in developing countries because of her own family’s personal struggles. EuGenia stands out from other skin care products because it uses 95% shea butter where most products us only 20% shea butter. Naa-Sakle worked with her mother to form EuGenia which works with over 700 women in Ghana which form operatives there. These ladies receive salaries and other benefits for working with EuGenia.

The EuGenia company produces the best shea butter that can be used in a variety of ways to help care for skin. This company is dedicated to rising above oppressive poverty and providing women with the means to make a living while also providing training, counseling, and mentoring programs to ensure their success. While most companies are focused on profits, EuGenia is focused on helping women and families support themselves in a way that enables them to rise above poverty and succeed in life.  Visit their website at

Better Reputation is an online management firm. They help people find out their reputations when other people search for them on search engines such as Google. Better Reputation gives people the opportunity to do a reputation assessment free of charge. This assessment helps people take control of their search results by using the management services of Better Reputation.

In business, it is very important to have a good reputation. It is especially important for job seekers. If your web presence is not positive, it could cost you employment or even lead to you losing your job. That’s why online management firms like Better Reputation are so important, because they can help you stop, fix, and manage problems on the internet. They can also help you promote your brand. These firms can add longevity and visibility to your career.

To get even more specific; these online management firms help with search engine optimization and management. This is important because your content will become more popular in places such as Google. In addition to becoming more accessible, people will find out important information about you. For any negative information out there, your firm can help push it back farther in the list of search results.

The firm will also help with your content development and management. It is important to make sure your website and blog are organized and well written. The firm will also help with making sure that you are posting relevant content. The firm can also help you monitor your different social media platforms.

Each firm is different, so it is important that you choose the best fit. Look at what your needs and goals are. Perhaps you would like advice on how to improve your social networks. Perhaps you are just looking for tips on how to succeed in your chosen professional field.

Be sure to pay attention to certain things. Find out if the firm uses black hat or white hat tactics. White hat tactics are transparent. Black hat tactics are risky and could lead to punishment.

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