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I recently read in Q Buzz the online magazine for Qnet, that the Be The Rhythm Foundation initiative will be donating home pure red units for improving water purity in Tirana, Malaysia, and Rashad’s Center UAE. The way the project works is that for every 1000 positive comments left on their site, they will donate one Homepure red unit. This contest is occurring on their Facebook page. I saw that if they get an additional 500 comments during phase 2, they will donate a unit to the Rashad’s center for the disabled in UAE. If they get 500 comments in the first two weeks, they will donate a unit to Taarana their school for children with special needs. I see that only three posts maximum allowed per person. I feel like this is a great way to help children get the clean water that they need. If you share the project, you can help spread the word and get more comments to help these kids.

Qnet is a direct selling company located in Asia. It encourages entrepreneurship and help people 2 obtain solutions to enhance their lifestyles. Do not believe in helping the everyday person enable themselves and create a profitable business with hard work. Qnet gives individuals and families the opportunity to achieve the dream of financial independence with their unique business model, and philosophy 2 help others. Qnet is deeply inspired by the teachings of Gandhi. Qnet believes in service and Leadership and instills that into the culture of their business. I can tell from what I’ve read about the company that they cared deeply about helping the community and their Associates to live a better life and strive to achieve. Qnet believes in cultural diversity and the celebration of ethnicity. They have employees from 30 different countries and customers in over 100 countries. Qnet is a member of the United Nations of network marketing.

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Wikipedia is and always will be a great resource for those seeking information. Opportunity is created on the site for those looking to boost their online marketing potential. In business, steps have to be taken to maximize all public relations, publicity, and marketing tools. Biographical and informational content published on the site when you create a Wikipedia page helps serve these purposes.

Wikipedia, however, does not have a definitive screening process in place for contributors and others. Sometimes, unhelpful or malicious contributions find their way into the online encyclopedia and remain in place until other Wikipedia editors detect the problem.

Author Eric Hill and his fans learned about the hard way.

During his career, Eric Hill wrote a number of engaging children’s books about Spot the Dog. The Wikipedia page creation that is dedicated to the series, like other Wikipedia pages, is allowed to be edited by members of the Wikipedia community. Someone with a prankish sense of humor has taken things a bit too far. The prankster has edited the page to credit Ernest Hemingway as the author.

On the surface, this type of prank seems harmless. The prank should be taken as a serious issue on the part of those who do not want to see any disastrously false content be written into a Wikipedia entry. Fans of Eric Hill quickly picked up on the silliness of putting Hemingway’s name into the text. Those who are not as well known as Hill are not going to have the benefit of fans making helpful Wikipedia revisions to correct content.

This is why it may be best to hire Wikipedia editors. Professional Wikipedia writers do more than just create original content. They also may be called upon to edit a Wikipedia page. Get Your Wiki is a top source of great Wikipedia writing and editing. If anything goes wrong with a page, a client can alert someone at Get Your Wiki to help make improvements. To avoid disaster scenarios, Get Your Wiki may be hired for its monitoring tasks.

With monitoring, editors from this Wikipedia writing company can be assigned to stay on top of a client’s page. Spamming or other malicious activities will be addressed immediately by the editor. Hence, little harm ends up being done.

The other added benefit is the writing service is able to make sure the finished page really makes its subject look good in the eyes of readers. Polished and well-written text definitely deliver on such results.

According to George Soros, the current economy of China is largely dependent on debt. This situation on http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-04-20/soros-says-china-s-debt-fueled-economy-resembles-u-s-in-2007-08 makes it resemble the United States crisis of 2007/2008. Soros asserts that credit-growth figures are a clear warning sign. Soros believes that in China, hand landing is unavoidable. However, the Chinese government believes that the economy is stable. In addition, George Soros believes that the Chinese banking systems holds more loans compared to deposits. This situation makes China susceptible to have problems with both their asset and liabilities sides.

Soros added that there have been lending between banks and this situation on bloomberg.com is an indication of uncertainty and instability. According to Soros, China has been deferring its problem from one to the next, thus the situation is growing at a faster rate. With the Chinese real estate in trouble on twitter.com, the bubble may not stay for long before it bursts. Asia Pacific Sovereigns head at Fitch Ratings, Andrew Colquhuon, is concerned about China’s addition of more debt to an already debt-driven economy. Andrew added that it would be prudent for China to slow down on its debt, as there are little signs of any commitment by the government on structural reforms.

In the recent past, George Soros has made warnings over 2008-like catastrophes. He contends that there is concern over China’s capital outflows as caused by the anti-corruption campaign, which makes people, pull their money out because of being nervous. George Soros cites that the nation’s capital controls have seen companies such as Anbang Insurance Company withdraw from a takeover by Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide. The takeover would cost $14 billion. However, George Soros praised China’s foreign-exchange policy. He argued that linking the Yuan to other currencies inclusive of the dollar was healthy because it would reduce the effects of competitive devaluation. The US-China cooperation was instrumental in calming the markets after the crisis that was experienced as the year began. Soros is of the opinion that the service industry is being productive through at a slower rate compared to the manufacturing industry.

There have been worries about stability of China’s economy. Central bank research bureau’s chief economist, Ma Jun, asserts that all different sectors of the economy have registered impressive growth as opposed to forecasts forwarded by some economists. China Securities Regulatory Commission’s former vice chairman, Gao Xiqing, argues that the trend of stabilization is not giving much confidence to the investors. This information was originally reported on Bloomberg.

About George Soros
George Soros is the founder of the Open Society Foundations and Soros Fund Management. He is a graduate of the London School of Economics. Born in 1930, Soros fled Hungary for England before settling in the United States. Through the International investment fund, Soros was able to accumulate a fortune. Soros is a philanthropist. He is an author of many books. His essays, which discuss much about politics, economics and society, find their way to major magazines and newspapers around the globe.

When Spring rolls around most people see it as the perfect opportunity to give their home a good thorough cleaning. There are a few places that, if you tackle them right this Spring, you won’t have to do a deep clean again until next year.

Here are three areas in your home you should deep clean this Spring:


Cabinets can accumulate quite a bit of scum over time. Especially if you are the type of person who never uses the exhaust hood when cooking. To cut through the dirt and grim, invest in a good cabinet cream. A good cabinet cream will remove the dirt and leave the wood nice and moisturized.


When most people clean their windows they focus on the inside only. However, during Spring cleaning you want to clean the outside of the windows as well. This will remove the spots you usually don’t have time to tackle.

A quick pro tip is to clean the outside of your windows on a cloudy day. This way the sun won’t dry the cleaner before you get to wipe it down.


This is an appliance most homeowners completely overlook. The dishwasher is easily one of the hardest working appliances in your home. And in order for it to continue doing its job properly, it must be thoroughly cleaned every once in a while. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to give it a little TLC.

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All professionals have undergone an in depth background check and are fully insured. You simply set your appointment and the app will take care of the rest. The Handy team will confirm your appointment and securely process your payment.

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The POP Channel’s got a hot list of shows, including the latest reality series Queens of Drama where six former soap actresses join forces to try and get a new dramatic series picked up by top television executives in the industry. The cast is followed during the course of their daily lives, and are filmed during the making of the show. Soap divas Hunter Tylo ( All My Children), Chrystee Pharris (Passions), Crystal Hunt ( One Life to Live), Lindsay Hartley (Passions), Vanessa Marcil (General Hospital ) and Donna Mills (Knott’s Landing) make up the cast.

A brief rundown is that the former soap stars write a dramatic series for television, and film the show during the script writing and rehearsal process, all the way to pitching stage. Crystal Hunt is the creator and producer of the show. Hunt was formerly the steamy character Stacy Morasco on the soap, One Life to Live. You probably remember her as Gigi’s sister from Vegas who followed her to Llandview. Morasco’s occupation on the show was a stripper and she was smitten with the ruggedly handsome Rex Balsom. During the course of her stay in Llandview, Stacey became pregnant with another man’s child (Oliver Fish), but wasn’t interested in him. The young woman instead, pretended to be carrying Balsom’s baby, but later the pregnancy ended in miscarriage anyway.

TV.com says talented actress Crystal Hunt began gained the confidence that it took to get into acting, through her days performing in beauty pageants. She was a commercial actress before she landed her breakout role in Problem Child 2. As a teen she was cast in a more prominent part as Jill Overton, romantic interest of Zac Efron, in the movie The Derby Stallion. Another stint on the silver screen included her role as Dinky alongside Amanda Bynes in the movie Sydney White. Hunt’s expanded her repertoire as she grew her on-set presence, and she was offered the part of Lizzie Spaulding on the daytime TV soap Guiding Light. Later she was asked to play Stacy Morasco on the show One Life to Live.

Outside of the Queens of Drama show, her Facebook makes it known Crystal is a philanthropist and volunteers her time to raise awareness for animal rights and pet adoption. Hunt helps coordinate fundraising events for the Animal Haven Shelter in Soho to try to get families and individuals to adopt formerly abused animals.  Crystal has been known to pursue photography, and has landed her first major film role in Magic Mike XXL.