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Ruminations of a Taco-Obsessed Philly Native

Atlantic City Restaurant Week is March 6 to 13. During that week, according to NJ.com is a wonderful week to dine out. During the Week, diners can order a three course meal from over 70 Atlantic City restaurants. Some fine dining establishments will only be participating in the dinner portion of the event. The event will be sponsored by Devco, who you may remember from the Press of Atlantic City’s troubling Devco investigation.

One of the restaurants that diners can try is Carmine’s, where every meal is served like an Italian wedding feast with scrumptious food arriving in large bowls. No one will walk away hungry because the portions at this restaurant are huge.
Another participating restaurant is Capriccio where only the finest ingredients are used to prepare mouthwatering Italian cuisine. This restaurant has won numerous awards for its cooking, service and cleanliness.

Diners can also sample Guy Fieri’s Chophouse during the week. This restaurant on the Broadwalk features top cuts of meat, a raw bar and over 20 craft beers. If the weather cooperates their outside seating is a beautiful place to people watch.
Regardless of the restaurant that you choose, enjoy participating in restaurant week.

For a while, Taco Bell was coming up with new and exciting creations. It seemed like they had a way of combining different ingredients and having it be a success. The popular trend for a while was the fact that Taco Bell was putting Fritos in a lot of different menu items. They’d end up in burritos, tacos, and crunch wraps.

Before Fritos, it was Doritos! Taco Bell had flavored shells that tasted just like the popular chips. It seems that Taco Bell really got creative when it came to transforming its menu with bagged snacks. With a patent filed by Dan Newlin, representing the company in this matter, it seems like Newlin is helping them do whatever it takes to protect their intellectual property. That trend doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon.

There is now good news for all those who love Cheetos out there. According to GrubStreet, Taco Bell now has a crunch wrap that is filled with the cheesy little snacks. It has left some people disappointed, however. There are those who have complained that there’s not enough Cheetos and they just seem to be tossed into a crunch wrap.

Taco Bell might be on to something, however. Many people do love Cheetos and they love crunch wraps so why not combined the two? Right now, this crunch wrap is only available in Canada. If it becomes popular, however, things might change. This could also just be the beginning. Maybe tacos that have a Cheetos flavored shell will be the next rage? Time will only be able to tell if this crunch wrap expands.