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Ruminations of a Taco-Obsessed Philly Native

Recently, Chipotle has been in the news, and not in a good way. The famous burrito chain had a serious E.Coli scare complete with an investigation by the CDC. The investigation has not yet been closed but the risk of E.Coli is gone. Patrons seem to be shying away and taking their burrito money elsewhere. The drop in sales can be seen at a corporate level as the Chipotle CEO, Steve Ells, announced an astonishing 44 percent net income decrease.

The company is facing an uphill battle as they will, undoubtedly, call in the PR specialists to regain positive publicity and bring back their customer base. The biggest problem according to PR expert Jon Urbana (Fox Carolina) lies in the investigation of Chipotle’s sanitation practices nationwide due to the CDC expanding their original search into the cause of the food-borne illness. Couple that with plenty of stiff competition and it may spell out an uncertain future for Chipotle. The company can only hope this goes away quickly so that they can begin saving face.

The contemporary world is characterized by grand inequalities. In a recent research by Oxfam, 80 billionaires were said to be controlling most of the world’s wealth. The world should therefore act to urgently save the world’s majority poor from manipulation by the minority. This is precisely what Charles Koch and company aims at with Stand Together initiative that will be officially launched this week. Leaders of the non-profit initiative explain the initiative as one that will seek to address the deep-seated social ills in the American society. Towards the desired goal, efforts will be focused on reducing poverty levels and enhancing the quality of education.

Stand Together has been running for nearly a year on pilot basis but has never made public pronouncement about its existence. In a much publicized launch, the initiative will be popped into actual operations complete with a website launch. Its leaders will come out to broadly share its plans as an annual winter seminar as hundreds of Koch donors are due to open this Saturday near Palm Springs, Calif.
According to Evan Feinberg, the group’s executive director, the sole purpose of the organization is to make “real difference in real people’s lives by actually solving the problems they have.” Solving inherent problems in a real way means steering further from policy fights. Focus will instead be on partnerships with private entities that work to address social problems such as gang violence and high re-offending rates. The organization will for example team up with Bob Woodson in one of its first ventures, a prominent black conservative who engages in training of grass-roots leaders.
Stand Together aims to raise $15 million in 2016 according to its top officials. This will be engaged in venture philanthropy that will most importantly aim at strengthening the fabric of American society. Woodson envisions receiving grants and coaching help from the organization. Key in implementation of the plan will be Charles Koch.
Charles Koch, an American business mogul is passionate about societal well-being. The Charles Koch Foundation, he supports he research and educational programs focused on improving human well-being, especially for the least fortunate. He believes prosperity can only be attained in a system where people are free to speak, exchange and contract. Stand Together therefore lies squarely within his philanthropic perspective. Koch is unique to the organization to the extent that he remains the only person with money who does not dictate conditions.
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Philanthropist and education advocate Keith Mann of Dynamics Search Partners (DSP) has recently revealed a new scholarship they are calling “The Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement”. This new scholarship is designed to be an award recognizing the upcoming generation of innovation fueled business leaders. Keith and Keely Mann are partnering with Uncommon Schools, which is a not for profit charter management organization located in the city of New York, in order to implement this unique scholarship opportunity. The scholarship will be available to a single graduating senior every year at one of the Uncommon Schools’ Brooklyn-based high schools.

Joe Frick, a counselor at Uncommon Charter High School, had this to say about this new scholarship program, “We are grateful to Keith and Keely Mann for implementing this generous scholarship program at our school. This scholarship will help ensure that one of our students has the means to attend a four-year college.”

How does one qualify for the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship? All serious applicants for the scholarship are instructed to write a 1,000 word essay on the topic of how acquiring a four year college degree will help enable them to achieve their goals and professional aspirations. Keith has long been a big advocate for education and a well known philanthropist. As the Founder of Dynamics Search Partners, Mann is committed to finding strong, solid leaders, and in turn pairing them with companies to help in cultivating their success. The scholarship is open to all graduating seniors who attend Uncommon Charter High School in Brooklyn, New York. Starting now, the application process will be open through February 29th, 2016. One lucky winner will be announced by the end of March 2016, and will receive a generous $5,000 scholarship to be applied towards their college tuition.

Bringing extensive knowledge obtained from working over 15 years in the executive search industry, Keith Mann is a seasoned hedge fund compensation expert, with a great deal of experience in hiring and staffing strategy. Keith Mann currently holds the title of founder and CEO of Dynamics Search Partners, and is in charge of the daily operations and management of the business. Dynamics Search Partners works in collaboration with firms all across the alternative investment industry in America, Asia and Europe, and works to fill in excess of 200 client mandates every year. Follow Keith on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on his philanthropic endeavors.

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Sleep apnea is a disorder that affects thousands of people. In some cases, the precursor to this disorder is snoring. People who have sleep apnea routinely stop breathing while they sleep. Sleep apnea is often due to a blocked airway, which is usually treated through the use of a cpap machine. The machine comes equipped with a mask people place over their nose and mouth before going to sleep. The machine blows a continuous stream of air through the mask to help keep the person’s airways open. Even though there is a travel size for the cpap machine, it is still somewhat awkward and bulky to take along on trips.

A Better Idea

Avi Weisfogel graduated with his degree in dentistry from New York’s College of Dentistry and opened his own dental practice in 1999. Dr. Weisfogel also holds a bachelors degree in biology and psychology, which he obtained from Rutgers university. Avi Weisfogel spent many years studying the habits of people suffering from sleep disorders. In 2012 he created a program where he gave lectures to fellow dentists in the New Jersey area, on the topic of sleep disorders. During this time Dr. Weisfogel also ran a number of labs where he and his colleagues studied the habits of individuals who suffered from sleep apnea.

The objective of Dr. Weisfogel, was to create a better method for treating the types of sleep apnea caused by obstruction of the air passage. His idea was to use an oral device to help keep the air passage open during periods of sleep. As his work with sleep studies increased, Dr. Weisfogel opened his Dental Sleep Masters clinic, which he owns and operates today. His research into the sleep habits and causes of people with sleep apnea, led to a breakthrough in the type of treatment available today, which now includes a more convenient oral device. Watch Avi’s educational video below!

An Alternative Treatment

People who suffer from sleep apnea no longer have to rely on using a cpap machine during sleep. The alternative oral appliance is made to fit the shape of the person’s mouth, so it helps draw the jaw forward during periods of sleep. This change in the jaw position has been effective at keeping the internal airway open, so people no longer experience periods where they stop breathing during sleep. Just like the cpap machine, the oral device is available by prescription and is generally covered by most health care plans.

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Handy will soon be announcing its progress, and it’s the profit is expected to be huge. This is because the demand for online and even mobile home cleaning and repair booking services is getting better. Many people have started to embrace the idea.

Just two years after it was launched, the cleaning company has hit more than $ 1 million made in bookings every week. According to the operational officer, Mr. Umang Dua, the company has gone all the way from $3 million to $52 million in their run rate.

According to the owners of the company, Hanrahan and Dua, the services provided by Handy are offering good and quality services to the consumers and even the people working in the organization. The company has a brand new mobile app, and the cleaners employed in the company call it an ATM machine in the consumer’s pocket.

Handy treats its consumers and employees very well. Most of the cleaners in the company are professionals, and they are paid a hourly wage of $ 15 to $22. This gives an average of $ 18 every single hour. The services enables its employees a very convenient job because they can choose their working hours and the pay is good too.

Handy and Homejoy are the two major cleaning companies in the country, and the great revenue that has emerged have come after the two companies decided to redefine the businesses by rebranding and introducing the new apps for the mobile devises.

With time, many consumers are adapting to the idea of booking the cleaning services using their mobile phones. There are several mandatory checks done on the professional cleaners in the company, and this assures the consumers of their security. The employees are well vetted in all levels.

According to Hanrahan, the services provided by the company will be like a simple remote control in the consumer’s home. The company looks forward to improve its facilities in the recent months to serve the consumers even better.

Handy and Home joy are both planning to provide better services, and they also want to do more for the consumers. Apart from cleaning, they will be introducing new services, but at the moment, the major revenue is believed to come from home cleaning.

The company is now in over 25 cities at the United States. It is also offering its services in Canada and London too. more countries will soon be enjoying this service.

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James Dondero is a billionaire born American. He studied in the University of Virginia where he was awarded dual majors in accounting and finance with the highest honors by Mclntire School of Commerce. The philanthropist has also obtained certification as a Certified Management Accountant (CMA), Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

Jim’s career path started as an analyst in 1984 with the Morgan Guaranty training program. In 1985, he landed a job with American Express where he initially worked as a corporate analyst and later became a portfolio manager until 1989. Later, he became chief investment officer where he remarkably supported the creation of GIC subsidiary of protective life from founding date to a wealth accumulation of about two billion dollars until 1993.

Dondero later co-founded Highland Capital Management together with Mark Okada in 1993. With his substantial knowledge and experience in finance field, he became the president of Highland Capital Market (HCM). Jim Dondero has over thirty years of experience in the credit and equity markets. The hedge funds mogul has seen the Highland capital market through to be the pioneer in the investments and development of collateralized loan obligation market and developing credit oriented solutions for investors worldwide.

He currently sits on various boards as a director such as American Banknote and MGM Studios, Cornerstone Healthcare, COS medical among others. The philanthropic president has supported educational institutions, religious bodies, and childcare institutions among other supports.

The economy of china has raised eye brows especially from last quarter of 2015. Investors and speculators have had a difficult time due to volatility and unpredictable nature of Chinese Yuan. Chinese economy is experiencing an economic crisis similar to the one experienced by the US in 2008. Being the second largest economic hub after the US, the effects have spilled to other countries. The Chinese economic policy makers made Peoples Bank of China devalue its currency to mitigate the crisis. This was a bid to reduce the debt to gross domestic product ratio which had soared to about two hundred and forty percent.

Several large hedge funds are betting that the Chinese Yuan will lose value against the US dollar. This is due to slowed down economic growth in China, volatile financial markets and persistent capital outflows. Investing gurus have invested substantial amounts in bets against the Yuan and the Hong Kong dollar.

The Chinas policy makers are increasing money in circulation and starve offshore market funds in a bid to curb the crisis. However, this seems to be a knee jerk measure as the crisis still prevails. The cost of borrowing Yuan from Hong Kong has made a remarkable record of an increase. The drained supplies in the market have made borrowing expensive for short trades.

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