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FreedomPop has gained a name within the community of mobile carriers over the last couple of years thanks to their clever decision to buy data wholesale and shave off the savings for customers. The freemium phone plan has been rocketing in terms of subscribers and this has put them on the map in the USA. Now FreedomPop is aiming for a global expansion, as reported by Digital Trends. FreedomPop is an L.A. based start up that has made major waves in the past few years and now it appears that the United Kingdom will be reaping the benefits of one of their first freemium carriers in the country. Let’s take a look at how FreedomPop is planning their first steps into the UK.

CEO Stephen Seras and the rest of the crew at FreedomPop are starting a soft launch into the UK market with a SIM card based alpha testing program. Subscribers that are admitted to the program will be given access to the basic FreedomPop plan: 200 minutes, 200 texts, and 200 MB of data all completely free. These parameters are similar at their core to the most basic paid plans in the country. CEO Stephen Stokols once said that you “can’t beat free” and his words will be put to the test in the notoriously competitive UK marketplace. Right now COO Seras says that FreedomPop is aiming at a full launch with the hope of reaching one million customers within the next 18 months. While these goals are certainly ambitious, they aren’t remotely impossible.

FreedomPop is also launching the Jetsetter program which will be available for usage in 17 countries when completely launched. Jetsetter is an expansion upon the base FreedomPop mobile plan that allows for an additional 100 MB of roaming data. The plan is geared toward those that spent plenty of time on the road and traveling across Europe. The plan would enhance an area of need for people who want to take advantage of the free mobile network.

It isn’t all free plans at the FreedomPop table, however. For those that want to pay to expand to more fully functional plans those will be available. There is a $13 and $18 plan that sharply increases the amount of text, data, and talk as well as a $20 plan that allows users to use unlimited of everything. These numbers are competitive with even the most cost friendly carriers on the market.

(BUSINESS WIRE) Francisco Guerra, also known as Frank and a partner to Mikal Watt was assigned the role of co-lead lawyer for the case file number 27-CV-15-3785. He is to serve as a member of the litigants’ Executive group. The committee is to work and cooperate with the lawsuit brought before the Minnesota courts with the judge handling the case being John W. Lungstrum. The case is taking place at US District Courts in Kansas.

The reason for Guerra’s’ appointment was to handle a lawsuit that involved the defendant Syngenta, whose GMO corn was had impacted negatively on the pricing of other farmer’s corns. This is because the SyngentaCompany that deals with GMOs exported its corn which caused China to cancel all imports involving corn from America. This led to a drop in the price of the corn which caused many farmers irreparable loses.

SuperLawyers tells us that Mikal Watts was born and raised up in Corpus Christi. He attained his undergraduate degree at the University of Texas in the year 1987. In 1989, he graduated from the Texas School of Law. He worked at David L. Perry and Associates and rose to the rank of a partner in 1991. Mr. Mikal built his own firm in 1997 naming it Harris and Watts. In 2009, he joined Guerra resulting in a partnership that has brought a lot of success.

21, 000 people hold complaints against the Syngenta Company. Watt’s company; Watts Guerra LLP, has taken these people as its clients. This came into being after the court gave orders that the group was to represent 92% of the cases involved in the lawsuit.

Mr. Frank Guerra was delighted to represent the citizens as he stated that he understood the impact of the drop of price of corn as he himself had worked on the farm. He pledged to give justice and monetary help to all the people who were affected by Syngenta.

It is not the first time Watts have undertaken such a lawsuit. Mikal Watts who is the partner of Francisco filed an injury and death lawsuit that warranted a $650 million in compensation for all those who were involved. The firm had also represented majority of the plaintiffs. Mikal watts is urging the farmers to file lawsuits against Syngenta.

Needless to say, Mikal Watts and his team have made notable marks in their career because of the many cases they have won. Serving in high positions have always come as a second nature to the group of lawyers.

One of the cases handled which was notable was problematic implants in a case of the plaintiff Helen Rupp against the defendant Sulzer who worked for the Orthopedics, Rezulin drugs and a case of injuries against Firestone.

Finance is a complicated field that takes intricate knowledge of many different facets. Among these include the stock market, forecasting, understanding research and how to read and interpret data. The individuals who work in the field of finance typically hold degrees and have many years experience before forging out on their own to form their own companies.

Brian Bonar has such knowledge and experience. One could say that with the many places he has been and seen that he is a man of the world. He did his undergraduate course of study in mechanical engineering at Strathclyde, Glasgow Scotland. From there he proceeded to Stafford University in England for both his Master’s study and his PhD. These were both in the study of international business. Check out his Dalrada Financial profile.

With the core knowledge needed acquired, Mr Bonar moved on to work at a variety of companies here he picked up on the job experience. Among these companies were Rastek Corp, Bezier Systems, Adaptec Inc, QMS Inc and IBM. Among some of the many positions that he has held include Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Director of Tech sales.

After a stint with Dalrada Financial Corp as their director, he then became a chairman of their board. This then led to his appointment as the Chief Executive Officer at Trucept Inc. Brian Bonar presently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of ITEC Industries. At ITEC he has developed color management software that is geared towards helping small to medium sized companies be more effective and efficient. Brian Bonar was written about by Modern Luxury here.

Mr. Bonar has kept his eye on the things he desires out of his career and has been quite successful in acquiring those goals. He believes that in order to succeed, one needs to be willing to be innovative. He also thinks that in order to overcome some of the obstacles that prevent us from reaching our goals we need to reinvent ourselves and our way of doing things.

Dedication and hard work are how Brian Bonar has maintained his focus and reached his goals. His success can be seen through the many financial dealings he has had in his many positions. He can also count his success through the success of his two children. They both work in the financial real and have had many business dealings with their father.

Brian Bonar is also very passionate about his physical well being. Among his many friends are personal trainers that have helped him realize his fitness goals. He also remains in close contact with any of his classmates from Scotland and England. A loyal friend, dedicated father and driven business man, Brian Bonar has written his successes through not only trial and error, but also through hard work.

What makes a business truly successful? When individuals in the business world are asked different answers are given. Some believe that it is the individual employees working as a collective that makes a business a success. It is believed by some that having a great product or service is key. Still others believe that the middle management of a company is what makes it great.

Although all of those answers are good, they are not the correct ones. In the end, a business cannot be a success without a competent person leading. There have been businesses that have gone from being an utter failure to a spectacular success because of the vision and drive of the person at the top. But what makes a successful leader? What are the tangible assets that make superior leadership a reality?

Experience can definitely be a key factor in a leader’s success. Many times, trial by fire can be a great teacher and can show not only potential weaknesses and strengths but demonstrate principles that can propel a business forward when acted upon. When this experience is combined with succinct knowledge in business development and strategies, it is usually a synergetic meeting of business expertise.

Executives that have an acquired knowledge of how businesses run and possess the experience time and time again of using that knowledge in the acquisition, management and growth of the business are a rare breed. Those that have a long and diverse resume in the business world usually possess the skills to make a successful business come to pass.

Successful executives like Brian Bonar have an extensive and successful career in different aspects of business development and management. Brian Bonar was written about by PRNewsWire.

He has been the Chairman and CEO of Trucept, Inc. since its inception in March of 2010. Before that, he served the CEO for several startup firms, including the Amanda Company, Warning Management Services Inc. and served as the President of Allegiant Professional Business Services, Inc. Bonar has used his extensive experience to start these various enterprises and bring them to prominence through his understanding of business management. Brian Bonar is quite the financial genius.

Individuals and executives who possess this talent are few and far between. The businesses that they run are usually prolific in nature and grow under the individual’s tenure through an aggressive growth plan. This allows the business to adequately grow and profit more rapidly than an ordinarily run business structure.

It is not enough to simply have a good idea and believe for the best in the long run. Even the best plans need strong leadership if they are to survive in today’s marketplace. Executives who possess knowledge in not only business management but business growth present the best potential to an ongoing enterprise for future growth.

Eric Pulier has founded 15 computer science corporations. His companies offer a variety of technologically enabled business services to a variety of industries including the aerospace and defense, automotive, chemical, banking, communications, consumer products, energy, financial services, utilities, health care, life sciences, manufacturing, retail, travel, technology, utilities, and public sector industries. Pulier’s business services include application, infrastructure, cyber-security, cloud applications, outsourcing, consulting, analytics and data reporting, industry software, and managed services.

Stemulus, ServiceMesh, Desktone, Media Platform, US Interactive, Digital Evolution, and Akana are some of Eric Pulier’s founding corporations. He invests in many startup companies to help them grow. A large proportion of the start-ups he has helped have become successful and are thriving in the computer science field.

Eric Pulier is now the Chairman of the Board and Executive Director at Service mesh and has helped co-found the company. He also is a Chief Executive Officer of Stemulus, a new technological company. His experience includes founding and working as a Executive Director for the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council.

Mr. Pulier was involved in many government projects to rebuild communities with better technological solutions. He has worked with Bill Clinton and Al Gore to offer more computerized innovations to schools, health care institutions, government buildings, space explorations, and new homes. He has also worked to enable handicapped children to use technological learning modules to learn in new and innovative ways. Eric Pulier was brought up in Teaneck in New Jersey.

XPRIZE is an incentivized competition that seeks to find the best new ideas that people can offer. Eric Pulier is an Innovative Board Member at XPRIZE and enjoys bringing out creativity in participants. Teams are brought together and work in various areas such as literacy uplifts, steam programs encouraging flights for children, and space races. Pulier’s own innovative ideas are leading to new innovations from individuals all around the globe. He helped many people through his own creativity and strives to enable other people to do the same. ( profile)