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Dog owners are well aware of the importance of a healthy diet for their pets. Long gone are the days of passing along table scraps to your beloved pooch. In order for them to enjoy a long, healthy and full life, they must be fed a high quality diet with the right dog food. Purina has been a trusted brand of pet food products for over 80 years. Their Beneful line of dog food and treats has the high quality ingredients and great taste that you and your pet are searching for.
Beneful has a wide variety of dog foods to meet your dog’s needs. Beneful offers several versions of their original flavor suitable for puppies, active dogs, small dogs and a formula for weight management. Beneful has twenty eight different dry and wet versions all containing beef, chicken or salmon plus healthy vegetables and grains that will give your dog 100% of their daily nutrition requirements. As a reward for your canine companion, Beneful also has treats that can help improve their oral health and will have your dog begging for more
Beneful is just one more way that Purina is helping you show your dog how much you care.

As a canine owner, it is vital that you purchase the best dog food for your dog. You should focus on purchasing dog food that can help your dog stay healthy. Purchasing dog food that contains poor ingredients can put your dog’s health at risk. Poor ingredients are notorious for causing various canine health issues.

Some dog owners make the mistake of being loyal to a particular brand without examining the ingredients of the food. It is imperative for you to examine the ingredients of dog food before making a final purchase. This simple measure can help you determine if the food contains ingredients that will stimulate and maintain your dog’s vitality.

Beneful is one exceptional option for dog owners that are serious about keeping their canines healthy and happy. Beneful is produced by Purina. Purina has an excellent reputation for producing exceptional dog food over the years. The Beneful brand has the perfect balance of great taste, quality nutrition, and wholesome ingredients.

It is vital that you take precautionary measures when it comes to buying dog food. Some popular commercial brands do not have the essential ingredients that can help your dog live a long and productive life. The Beneful brand has all the ingredients that can keep your canine happy and healthy.

Mobile wireless services provide high-speed internet connection access to their customers from arbitrary locations. Today, services are no longer being offered like they used to a few years back. Technology advancement has played a tremendous role in diversifying service offering platforms to ensure cheaper and more accessible services to the end user. Mobile wireless uses wireless technology to broadcast internet signals everywhere. Contrary to when the technology began operating, nowadays, the connection speed has been increased significantly. Providers have installed high-speed servers in different places to ensure that users do not experience low connection speeds.

In the event that the user is also roaming on a different network, the connectivity has also been improved to an enormous extent. Because of the servers, contrary to before, the connection does not get interrupted when someone enters a building. What has made these services very attractive is the fact that they are even cheaper when compared to traditional services being offered by telecommunication companies. There is nothing as irritating as slow internet to many people, and that is why they will very quickly become loyal to a provider that offers a fast connection. At the end of the day, what we are all after is cheaper and better service.

One company that has brought ripples to traditional giant telecommunication companies is FreedomPop. This company was founded on the precepts that internet connection should be available and affordable to anyone. It offers free wi-fi plans to customers per month while giving them the chance to upgrade to unlimited access for only $5 per month. What has made this start up a phenomenal one is the fact that many people did not think that it would go this far. Many were associating it with the caliber of startups that make a lot of noise about how awesome their services are until they close business.

FreedomPop is not only in America. This company has also spread its wings in the UK. It has started with a sim-card connection service that is giving users free 200 minutes talk time to any network, free 200MB data as well as 200 text messages. Judging by the way things look, it will take a good share of the UK market as well.

FreedomPop does not take fear the big sharks; if anything, it is them who fear this company. Plans are underway to roll out the unlimited wi-fi service to all parts of the country. Talk about bringing affordable, fast internet to every mobile device. Because over 75% of the total web users are mobile device owners, this company has a dazzling future indeed.

Recent research shows that even the biggest number of online shoppers nowadays is mobile device oriented. Being a success so far, FreedomPop can only be expected to grow and offer better services. It has so far put the necessary infrastructure in place to be able to achieve that. The world is also very receptive to services being offered phenomenally nowadays. No one wants to be associated with analog services. Everyone wants to be involved in the best company offering the most phenomenal services.

There is a saying “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Well in this case, Organo Gold was given coffee beans and decided to make coffee. A smart move by their company’s founder, Bernardo Chua, considering that coffee is the second most consumed beverage in the world after water according to the National Coffee Association. The significant rise of brick and mortar coffee stores and the focus on niche coffee products further confirm the fact that coffee is a product that won’t disappear even in tough economic times.

Organo Gold is a Canadian based company that offers a multilevel marketing structure in which individual representatives potentially earn income by selling the company’s product and recruiting others to work as distributors. The structure is the unique aspect to Organo Gold because the product is only offered through individual distributors of Organo Gold who must purchase the product wholesale from the company website. This makes the product a desired commodity since it cannot be found in brick and mortar stores.

The product distinguishes itself from others on the market by the inclusion of an ancient traditional Asian herb known as ganoderma. The inclusion of the mushroom mixed with the gourmet coffee beans offers purchasers of the coffee a unique and flavorful taste that can’t be found anywhere else in mass production. Organo Gold claims that the herb helps control cholesterol levels, has antiviral qualities and ultimately makes their coffee healthier than the average coffee made. The company further extended their product base with the ganoderma herb by infusing it into their green tea, hot chocolate, latte blend, and supplements as well.

The founder of Organo Gold, Bernardo Chua, was inspired with the idea of bringing the ancient Asian herb to the rest of the world in 2008 after already being a successful businessman. Using what he learned at the University of the East Manila and his past experience as a businessman, Chua sought to bring his idea today to life. He partnered with Shane Morand who is known for his ability to motivate and develop leaders into some of Organo Gold’s top distributors ultimately supporting the structure of the company. The co-founders complement each other nicely in their business acumen to help Organo Gold because the company it is today.

Since its humble beginnings in Canada, Organo Gold has grown into an international company that offers its products and sales system in the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, the Philippines, Jamaica and Peru along with Canada. The company has been estimated to produce revenues that are approximately $35 million worldwide with its top producers earning anywhere from $350,000 to $4 million per year according to Business for Home.

It’s essential for us to stay active at any age, for it isn’t until you stop moving that your body starts to protest with more aches and pains than you deserve.

It’s easy to get the kids moving, there are always nearby playgrounds built just for them. If you have older members in your family or organization there’s no denying that they like to play too. In fact, handy exercise and movement is just as important in old age as it is when you’re a child.

Spain has started a trend building Senior Playgrounds, and they are also present in the UK, Germany, Asia, and Finland. Seniors are loving perusing the playground equipment made just for them while socializing and making new friends. Gone are the days where grandma and grandpa sit by and watch the kids play, now they get to join in on the fun. The playgrounds are catching on and hopefully will be more common in the U.S. in the coming years. One has recently opened in Sanford, FL and is a KaBOOM project at the Midway Safe Harbor Center.

Some of the equipment includes:

  • Stationary bikes
  • Cross trainers
  • Sit up machines
  • Treadmills
  • Flexibility equipment

Interested? Spread the word and you may see a playground pop up in your neck of the woods.

Brad Reifler was saying that Americans can get even lazier when it comes to getting their fast food fix, and Reuters reports that more and more restaurants are toying with the idea of delivery. Taco Bell is the latest company currently testing delivery. They would be joining other companies such as Chipotle, Panera, and Starbucks that have recently entered the at home delivery game. Previously people could generally only get pizza or Chinese food brought to their doorstep, for a nominal fee plus tip, Now thanks to new food services that will literally bring you food from almost any restaurant that is a thing of the past.

Rather than letting those services take their businesses, restaurants are stepping in to keep up with the times and boost their profits. If Taco Bell is successful in their limited test market of 200 stores then the rest of the America will get to enjoy quesadillas, burritos, and tacos with ease.

Pizza is a food enjoyed by Americans on a regular basis. We all have our favorites, thin crust, deep dish, stuffed crust, pepperoni, sausage, onions, extra cheese, you name it. American pizza is always built beginning with a crust and a sauce. ChicagoBooth.com says then the variations begin. We build them with cheeses and lots of toppings. The one thing we don’t do is vary from the realm of normalcy.

In Sweden, one pizza maker has decided to do just that, vary from the norm. They’ve created a monstrous concoction that they have the nerve to call pizza. It even has a name. They call it the ‘Vulkan’.

The Vulkan is a ring of bread with an open center topped with calzones stuffed with cheese, bacon and prosciutto. That’s bread topped with more bread, a diabetic’s nightmare. That’s just the beginning of the abomination. They also top it with a salad. That’s right a ‘salad’ with lettuce, cucumber and tomato. But, it doesn’t stop there, they throw in French fries, banana peppers and add tzatziki sauce; completely ruining the pizza experience for the American traveler hoping to get a taste of home.

After glimpsing this pizza, most people would be happy to avoid this Swedish version of an American favorite. You would be overwhelmed with trepidation just figuring out how to eat it. Do you use your hands like eating an American pizza or should you use utensils? Even attempting to eat that pizza is just too confusing!

Any waiter or waitress can attest to the fact that working at a restaurant, though sometimes can be rewarding, can be quite unstable. Low wages often bring an unstable lifestyle especially to those that have a family to think about or need to pay bills. What people working in this industry rely on the most are the tips. One girl in particular, working 5 years since she was 17 knows the struggle of making ends meet. That is until she met a couple that gave her a $1000 tip for a $29 meal.

A 22-year old waitress working in a restaurant in Florida encountered a couple who requested two sodas along with bottomless wings and blue cheese. Nothing seemed odd about this couple except for the fact that they did seem very curious about her personal life. This couple even hinted to the waitress that they have left large tips as much as $500 before. Sure enough, when the waitress went back to collect the bill, there was not a $500 tip but instead there was a $1,000 tip.

What the waitress told the couple was that she has a 2-year old son and they live in a studio apartment with her boyfriend. LinkedIn says that thanks to this generous tip, the family will now be using the money to move into a larger and more suitable apartment that will be perfect for the 22-year old and her family.