Ruminations of a Taco-Obsessed Philly Native

Paul Mathieson says that popular fast food chain Taco Bell offers Southwestern style foods in outlets across the country. For years, people have been happily enjoying the many kinds of meals that Taco Bell provides for their customers. This includes items such as tacos, enchiladas, burritos and nachos. A typically meal at Taco Bell will include a main dish, toppings customized to the user’s taste and a drink on the side. The chain has also experimented with providing their customers all kinds of new tastes in addition to their old favorites. Over the years, they have offered customers many new and unexpected tastes.

The chain has recently announced it will continue with this tradition by offering a new taco shell for customers to sample. Customers dining at Taco Bell will now be able to enjoy taco shells made from Fritos. Fritos are a highly popular snack that many Americans enjoy. These crisp chips are consumed by those looking for a quick snack during the day. The new tacos at Taco Bell will offer customers the chance to enjoy a taco that has a crust that is made from fritos. Taco Bell officials expect that customers will embrace this new taste sensation as an opportunity to combine two of their favorite foods in a single package.

Maybe it is time that 12 year olds get more credit than they do. A group of sixth graders applied for an energy grant and were awarded almost 100k in funds to install solar panels on the roofs of their school. The electricity bills for the school will be cut by an estimated 70 percent and save a huge amount of money over time. The young class responsible for this amazing feat learned about the way our carbon footprints have a impact on the environment, and they decided to do something to help. They even called out others saying they should stop being lazy and questioning why more people aren’t doing the same thing. Alexei Beltyukov (CrunchBase) thinks these kids might be on to something. If sixth graders are capable of writing a detailed grant well enough for it to be approved, than so can other people. The energy and resources saved by solar panels are significant.

Never thought the day would come when the bars of New Orleans would no longer be smoky, but that day has come. As of Wednesday, bar patrons are allowed to take their alcoholic beverages out the doors and into the streets, but smoking patrons are not allowed to light up inside the bar.

Bars are not the only places in New Orleans where smoking is no longer allowed. A smoker can’t light up in restaurants, on the fairgrounds or in the casinos. The smoking ban took place at the stroke of midnight on Tuesday. It was reported that Harrah’s casino took pity on their smoking customers who had to put their cigarettes out and offered them free tootsie pops. Sporting arenas and stadiums have restricted smoking, but not completely banned it.

Yahoo! Finance report that bar and restaurant owners are now hoping that patrons who quit coming to their smoky establishments because they had kicked the habit will now return. The impact the smoking ban will have on bars and eateries remains to be seen.

It remains unclear how exactly the Blue Bell Ice Cream production facilities became contaminated but that is not stopping Blue Bell from taking immediate and decisive action to protect the health of its customers. After the dangerous listeria bacteria was traced back to the company’s home production facility in Brenham, Texas and previously at another on in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma Blue Bell has issued a 100% recall of every product and is offering a refund for any ice cream product that customers have in their freezers currently. This is the first recall ever by Blue Bell which has been producing ice cream and selling it commercially for 108 years and it will have an effect on a variety of convenience and grocery stores across 23 states and some international locations.

Listeria primarily affects pregnant women and their newborns. However, older adults and people with immune systems that have been somehow weakened by cancer, cancer treatments, or other serious conditions. Blue Bell is keeping both the Brenham and Broken Arrow plants closed until the source and cause of the bacteria is found and the facilities have been completely sanitized. As for the other distribution and production facilities…once the recall is complete the company will test every product before either sending them back out to be sold or are destroyed. Currently, Boraie Development says the company is increasing its training program to its employees and their bacteria testing by sending daily samples off to be examined at a microbiology testing facility.

Someone recently shattered an eating record. They ate 3 72 ounce steaks and the sides in twenty minutes flat. This must be some big man with an appetite to devour all that beef right? Wrong. The champion is none other than Molly Schuyler who weighs in at about 120 lbs.

Molly Schuyler is a mother of four who has found her niche in competitive eating. She has the record at The Big Texan now, which according to them, they have never seen before. The Big Texan staff reports that they have been holding the steak eating contest since the 1960’s, and they have never before seen anyone attempt to eat that many steaks, let alone the steaks AND sides.

For winning this contest, Molly received $5,000. WSJ suggested if there ever was a dream one would want to live out, it would be eating meat for massive bucks. Molly’s success does not only relate to The Big Texan, she has had recent success with chicken wings, bacon and mushrooms. This one isn’t just a one hit wonder, she does it all.

It can be difficult for an established and successful franchise to come up with new and inventive ways to reach their target audience. But that does not necessarily stop the good ones from at least trying. Well at least trying things that have worked for some but maybe not for others. It is with this in mind that Taco Bell has decided to try reaching and expanding their customer base through starting a delivery service. What remains unclear is where or when the delivery of Taco Bell favorites will become a reality but it has people imagining what they would want to order from their favorite quasi-Mexican fast food place.

By doing this the company will finally be able to compete with pizza delivery companies that have the market virtually all to themselves when it comes to home delivery. Well them and the Chinese food delivery guys in some areas. Gianfrancesco Genoso tells us that but really, think about the last large gathering of people. Let’s say it was Super Bowl Sunday, what was being delivered…Pizza. Well as this catches on for Taco Bell we could be deciding on how many fiesta tacos or burritos we want delivered. As a final thought, it would be really cool if the company created a light in the shape of the Chi Wawa dog that was used in the Yo-Quero taco bell commercials. Instead of just using something similar to a pizza delivery service would use.

If you’re looking for a great spot for Mexican food and you live or work in the Bed-Stuy area, look no further. Chilo’s has authentic fare that will keep you coming back for more.

Flavio Maluf suggests that the restaurant is partially a Mexican dive bar and part food truck, since the kitchen is in a permanently parked food truck. Taco offerings include chicken mole, shrimp, fish and chorizo. If you’re in the mood for a tostada, torta or tamale, Chilo’s has you covered. There’s even an extensive tequila selection, and several frozen tropical margarita flavors for you to choose from if you like a cocktail with your favorite Mexican meal.


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